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Top 5+ E-Prescribing Software To Try

In administrative tasks, doctors also have to do a lot of paperwork. With the help of e-prescribing software, they can spend more time with their patients and less on paperwork. Using a reliable and powerful e-prescription software program, doctors can set up appointments, look at patients’ medical histories in real-time, and get alerts about allergies. As a result, their staff will have more time to interact with patients. Before giving a list of the best e-prescribing programs, this post will focus on the benefits and features of electronic prescribing.

What Is E-Prescription Software?

Electronic prescribing, also called “e-prescribing” is the process of writing prescriptions on an electronic device and sending them to a pharmacy that takes part. E-prescription software is a tool that uses this technology and functions as an electronic reference manual.

How Does An E-Prescriptions Work?

To make an e-prescription, a doctor types the prescription into a platform on an electronic device, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The software then sends the prescription to pharmacies safely by using a transmission network. As soon as the request comes in, the pharmacies start to fill the prescription.

Common E-Prescription Software Features

1 – Prescriptions are easy to make.

2 – Getting prescriptions sent to pharmacies.

3 – A medical history of your health.

4 – There are many ways to customize it.

5 – Personal dashboards for patients, physicians, and pharmacists. 

6 – Tracker for prescription fulfillment. 

7 – People quickly get refills when they ask for them.

8 – Ways to deal with negative interactions.

9 – Therapy administration.

E-Prescription Software For Patients And Doctors Advantages

Immediate Alerts for Allergies and Double-Treatments: E-prescribing software can be used to share alerts about possible drug interactions or allergies. It also has information about pregnancy and other things that may need a doctor’s attention.

Rapidly Retrieve Medical History: Clinicians can quickly get a patient’s medical history before prescribing medicine. It helps them give the right medications based on the patient’s history.

No More Lost Prescriptions: Patients often lose their paper prescriptions, making things harder when they return to the doctor. With e-prescriptions, there is no possibility of losing a prescription.

Save time and money: If doctors and their staff switch to e-prescription systems, they may be able to spend more time with patients and less time writing prescriptions. It is also the smart thing to do from a financial point of view for everyone involved.

Effective Prescribing: Handwritten prescriptions often need to be approved by an individual and can be hard to read. With the help of e-prescriptions, pharmacists can fill many prescriptions at once. So, this effective way to write a prescription has a lower chance of making a mistake.

E-Prescribing Software

E-Prescribing Software is explained here.

1. MDToolbox-Rx

MDToolbox-Rx is electronic prescription software that has won awards and has a lot of features. Users can use it on their own, or they can sync it with other office apps if they need to. With this e-prescribing software, you can choose and research medications. Doctors can look for medications in the drug database by name, generic name, brand name, OTC name, RX name, class name, or indication. So, you can use this app to quickly make prescriptions and send them to the patient in an easy way.

MDToolbox-Rx is not only easy to use but it can also be changed in many ways. Doctors can write new prescriptions and offer refills with just one click. Using its e-refill feature, you can quickly look at and respond to refill requests sent to you electronically. This is an alternative to E-prescribing software. Doctors can set different levels of alarms to check for interactions in real-time drug allergy, drug-drug, and drug diseases). The software eliminates the chance that handwriting problems will be misunderstood or can’t be read.


The RXNT-certified cloud-based solution was created to meet the needs of all sizes of healthcare professionals. This HIPAA-compliant software for e-prescribing is a simple and inexpensive solution to save time and effort. This is an alternative to E-prescribing software. E-prescribing is built in, so doctors can get the prescription and patient history in real-time at the point of care. In addition, it has a patient portal where functions like electronic referrals and patient check-in can be used.

RXNT helps doctors do their jobs better and gives them more time to spend with their patients. It lowers the possibility of mistakes like allergic reactions and helps keep the patients safe. In addition, it makes it possible for prices to be clear and for medication renewals to go smoothly. Any web browser can be used to get to this software. The service also has iOS and Android apps that give users instant data access.

3. Practice Fusion

A cloud-based platform called Practice Fusion gives doctors simple IT solutions. Its easy-to-use e-prescribing solution lets clinicians handle prior authorization, write prescriptions for drugs that aren’t allowed, and get allergy alerts. Using this software, you can also get services like keeping patient records and integrating labs. With Practice Fusion, independent practitioners can handle their daily administrative tasks and patient interactions and manage their workflow more effectively. This is an alternative to E-prescribing software.

This program makes it easy to do things like schedule appointments, make charts, and keep track of compliance. It makes it easier to keep track of patients by letting you email them information about their medications and other educational materials. By using this software for e-prescriptions, you’ll follow HIPAA and EPCS and keep the patient’s health information safe and private. In addition, the simple billing and invoicing feature make your task easier. With this software, you can also access the healthcare network with the most links.

4. Rcopia

If you want to use award-winning e-prescribing software, choose Rcopia. This e-prescribing software uses the complete data feed on the market to give clinicians instant access to a patient’s 24-month prescription history. It will make patients safer and make getting their medicines straightened out easier. Rcopia e-prescribing also uses the predictive analytics technology part of the DrFirst SmartSuite. It enables the program to quickly pick up prescription patterns so that doctors can choose medications with fewer mouse clicks.

You can also get a provider-specific list of favorite medications, patient-specific formulary counseling, warnings for drug allergies, duplicate therapies, doses, and drug-drug interactions, on top of the things listed above. Less back-and-forth with the pharmacist was also needed to clarify things. It is an app that runs in the cloud and can be used with web and mobile browsers.

5. DrChrono

E-prescribing is simple to do with DrChrono because it has so many features. It got rid of the need for paper and fax prescriptions by letting them be sent through an EHR or other ways. Our eRx solution checks the patient’s list of prescription medications to see if there are any drug-drug or drug-allergy interactions. Customers can access this platform through the web, an iPhone, or an iPad. You can quickly examine the Surescript network to see all of your patient’s prescription history. This is an alternative to E-prescribing software. Because DrChrono follows DEA, NIST, and Surescripts rules, you can send electronic prescriptions without worrying about security or fraud. The tool also enables you to save a patient’s preferred pharmacies.

6. AdvancedMD

You can eliminate paper prescription pads with AdvancedMD, a user-friendly e-prescribing app. This HIPAA-compliant software is a safe way to keep track of controlled substances and write digital prescriptions for medications. From the same electronic device, prescriptions can be written, signed, and sent to the pharmacy. In addition, you can look at medication histories, previous drug submissions, and drug stops before you start prescribing prescriptions. You can also look up a full list of each patient’s allergies and medications. With AdvancedMD’s mobile apps, doctors can take care of prescription requests even when they are not in the office. In addition, its MPT feature lets you see drug prices and treatment options in real-time.

7. Treat 3

With Treat 3, doctors can now find new ease in e-prescribing. Since the mobile user interface has been updated, this utility can now be used on any device and gives mobile users access to more features. This is an alternative to E-prescribing software. This technology sends notifications about patient ingredients based on known allergies and old prescriptions. You can also examine the prescriptions that patients from all over the country sent to pharmacies over the past year.

With Treat 3, doctors can quickly fill requests for refills from pharmacies. You can also use this forum to check on expected direct costs, alternative medications, coverage information, and how to get your medicine from the pharmacy. It also makes it simple to renew prescriptions, cancel therapy prescriptions, and access the drug reference database.

8. Kareo

Independent medical practitioners were in mind when Kareo, a cloud-based platform, was created. The software simplifies automating tasks like billing, managing the front office, and making payments. With this fully integrated, cloud-based EHR, it should be easy to write prescriptions, code interactions, and manage patients. In addition, the clinical e-prescribing workflow of this tool aims to increase patient safety, improve accuracy, and cut costs.

The software connects a doctor and a pharmacy safely for each of them. When doctors use this tool, there is no way for them to make a mistake with the medicine and amount they prescribe because of how they write. It also lets you keep track of requests for new prescriptions, refills, changes to medicines, and cancellations. During the clinical process, doctors can use the Rx Saver of Kareo to help their patients find the most affordable medications at pharmacies nearby. In turn, this helps keep the cost of the patient’s medications down.

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Wrapping Up: E-Prescribing Software

Well, we hope this post helped you find some good E-Prescribing Software. You should at least try them once. We’ll keep this post about E-Prescribing Software up to date, though. So, let us know if you know of other good E-Prescribing Software.


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