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How To Download Instagram Videos In 2024

How To Download Instagram Videos will be discussed in this article. Do you find yourself wanting to watch incredible videos on Instagram repeatedly? What happens, though, if you don’t have internet access? Yes, it is frustrating.

How To Download Instagram Videos In 2024

In this article, you can know about How To Download Instagram Videos here are the details below;

You can have a library of your preferred material close at hand, even when you’re not online, by saving Instagram videos to your Mac or iPhone. No limitations or disruptions anymore.

You’ll find multiple methods to download Instagram videos in this article.

we’ll show you how to download Instagram videos in various ways

Do you need to save videos or stories on Instagram?

All you need to do is drag and drop the movie into Pulltube to do the task quickly. It’s simple and safe! accessible via Setapp.

Instagram videos may be downloaded to your Mac to give you control over your viewing experience, whether you’re on a lengthy journey, lounging in a far-off place, or just want to have a collection of videos for later. It all comes down to having your favorite content available to you whenever you want it.

How do you save Instagram videos on your Mac after downloading them?

Check out Grids, a feature-rich software made especially for Instagram fans. On your Mac, it offers a smooth experience for viewing, uploading, and interacting with Instagram content. Grids allows you to see stories, browse through popular posts, and even publish images and videos straight from your Mac to your Instagram feed.

How to download videos from Instagram and save them on your Mac

The ability to save Instagram videos is one of Grids’ most notable capabilities. You can easily download these videos to Mac with Grids, whether it’s an engrossing highlight, an amazing reel, a post that will stick in your memory, or a captivating story. This implies that you can amass a custom library of Instagram videos that you can view whenever you want, even while you’re not online.

Additionally, Grids has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to browse Instagram content and find new accounts. You may effortlessly go between profiles and maintain contact with your preferred creators thanks to its support for multiple accounts.

Additionally, Grids gives you a lot of customization choices so you can make your Instagram experience uniquely yours. You can change the theme, layout, and even resize the interface of the app to suit your preferences.

As an alternative, we advise you to use the Pulltube app. It is incredibly user-friendly, safe, reputable, and well-reviewed. It is quite useful as an Instagram video downloader as well because it can download any kind of video from the internet!

Here’s how to download Instagram videos and live stories using Pulltube:

  1. Put in and activate the Pulltube.
  2. You can drag and drop the URL onto Pulltube, or copy and paste the link to your Instagram video.
  3. Click “Download video” to adjust the quality or crop the video.

That’s how you download from Instagram effortlessly. Your video is yours to watch whenever you want and to store wherever is most convenient for you.

how you download from Instagram effortlessly. You can view your video any time you like and save it wherever is best for you

Save videos from Instagram to iPhone and iPad

Regretfully, downloading Instagram videos to an iOS device is not possible. Your Instagram Collections, however, is where you may store your best Instagram videos.

It’s easy: Just hit the bookmark symbol beneath the video that you wish to keep. In reels, tap three dots & the then tap the bookmark symbol.

Save videos from Instagram to iPhone and iPad

The video appears on your profile’s Saved page after you hit the icon. To get to it, navigate to your profile page, click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner, and choose Saved.

You can see that downloading videos from your feed or from other people’s Stories is not possible on Instagram.

However, there are a few workarounds available as long as you have permission from the original inventor. Screen recording your screen while the video is playing is one simple method to save Instagram videos.

Users of iPhones can accomplish this in five easy steps:

  1. To access the Control Center, swipe down.
  2. Press and hold the circular Record button.
  3. Before recording, there will be a three-second countdown.
  4. Capture your video.
  5. To end recording, return to the Control Center and press the red circular Record button.
  6. Your Photos app now has access to the video you recorded.

Your video recording is now available in your Photos app

Remember that the quality loss makes it not the ideal method for downloading videos from Instagram. It will also show the Instagram user interface on your video.

What then is an improved method for storing Instagram videos?

As noted above, you can effortlessly download any IG video to your MacBook using tools such as Grids & the Pulltube and then transfer this video to your iOS device with the use of AnyTrans for the iOS, a content manager for the iPhone and iPad.

To move downloaded files to an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Link your iPhone to your Mac.
  2. Click the Content Transfer tab (sidebar music symbol).
  3. Select the video you wish tothe download to your phone by clicking Video.
  4. Select The Device.

Choose To Device

It’s just not possible to download an Instagram video straight to an Android phone, much like with iOS devices. Instagram simply doesn’t allow it.

We like AnyDroid better for getting those videos onto an Android smartphone. With the help of this program, any files may be quickly transferred to your Android handset and read any time you wish. Because they’re downloads, you don’t have to the worry about Wi-Fi or cellular signal at all.

 videos onto an Android device

Additionally, using Android makes no modifications to the download procedure. Therefore, to transfer files using AnyTrans for iOS, adhere to the guidelines we have provided.

Tip: Enjoy your favorite Instagram videos big screen & the create a theater-like experience in your living room. All of this is achievable using JustStream.

Enjoy your favorite Instagram videos on the big screen and create a theater-like experience in your living room

Download Instagram video using source code

This is how to download videos from Instagram that will make you feel like a hacker.

On a Mac, you can save an Instagram video from the source code by opening it in your browser:

  1. When the video opens, use the right-click menu to select Inspect element or See the source of the page
  2. In the search bar, type “mp4” by pressing Control + F.
  3. You will be taken to the code segment containing the link.
  4. Next to “=src,” copy the URL.
  5. Copy the link, paste it in the new tab, then select Save video as with a right-click.

Save Instagram video using online solutions

Additionally, you can download Instagram videos online. Though we always strive to promote this option with extreme caution, let’s make it as safe as possible because some people will still use it.

It’s crucial to use only reputable, well-reviewed programs because a lot of the internet video downloaders you come across are infected with viruses. You may attempt websites like We discovered that downloading videos from Instagram was incredibly fast and effective. To get started, simply copy the URL and select “Download.” You can save the video from the new tab that appears when it opens.

Save Instagram video using online solutions

The website is replete with advertisements, some of which may contain dangerous content, so proceed with extreme caution while clicking on them. That is the main drawback.


To block online advertisements, use AdLock. It enhances the security of your online experience and may expedite the loading of webpages. Also check How To Flush DNS Cache On Your Mac

Download videos from Instagram using browser add-ons

An additional useful tool is a browser extension that allows you to store Instagram Reels and Stories. There are a lot of these extensions available online, but we once again advise utilizing only the highly regarded ones. Both the Social Video Downloader and FasSave Chrome add-ons, which are available in the Chrome Web Store, have proven to be dependable in our testing.

Advice: Make careful to uninstall the Instagram plugin as soon as you detect that it is causing your Mac to act strangely or to slow down. Opening CleanMyMac X > Extensions > View all extensions, choosing the extension, and clicking Remove are the quickest ways to get rid of browser add-ons.

Download videos from Instagram using browser add-ons

Is it already to download Instagram videos?

Instagram wants you to be dependent on the app. Serving you advertisements is how it makes money, and it can only do this while you’re using the app. This is the primary cause of the download ban.

However, there are a ton of valid reasons to permit Instagram downloads! Consider attempting to surprise your significant other on their birthday with a videomontage. A wonderful idea to surprise them is to download all of your movies at once. Additionally, it makes editing videos very simple. Videos can be joined, trimmed, and spliced however you see fit.

Note: Unless you have the individual’s express approval, you should not download videos from their profiles.

Find secure Instagram video download tools in Setapp

We adore the methods of using Grids, Pulltube, AnyTrans for iOS, and AnyDroid for Android for downloading and organizing videos. It’s easy to download files, and transferring them to different devices is completely flawless.

Setapp offers a free seven-day trial that includes all of these products as well as AdLock, JustStream, and CleanMyMac X. Setapp is a platform that houses dozens of amazing Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps. After your free week is over, Setapp’s monthly cost is just $9.99. Try it out and see how the Setapp tools can make practically an


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