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Top 23 Best Discord Game Bots To Use

Discord Game Bots

Gamers love Discord, and they’re always looking for free Discord bots that let them play many games with their friends. Lots of different games can be played on Discord with the help of free game bots. This article will discuss a list of the best Discord game bots. This list will help you select your new favorite sport on the online live platform. That’s why this is your best guide if you want to have fun on Discord with bots.

Top 23 Best Discord Game Bots To Use

The best Discord game bots you can add to your servers are on the next list. These Discord game bots can be added for free. There are so many game bots that it would be impossible to add them all, so we made a list of the best ones to save you time.

1. Tatsu

One of the best Discord game bots is Tatsu. It enables players to acquire more than 100 pets. The player has to use more than a thousand pieces of furniture to build a house. The player’s level goes up every time they finish a job. This game bot can be added to the server and played on any device or platform. It’s one of the best free Discord game bots.

2. Cricket Guru

It’s a great Discord game bot. The Cricket Guru bot enables users to build a team, buy and sell players, and collect prizes. Cricket is regarded as a game for guys. The user plays the game as a team boss; his job is to run the whole team and make sure they make money.

3. TacoShack

One of the best Discord game bots is TacoShack. In real estate strategy games, the player must build a city and run the business. In TacoShack, players must do different things, like hiring workers and building and decorating a shack. To make a lot of money, many businesses need to be opened. The person who made this bot is very busy and often posts changes. It’s a great free bot for Discord games.

4. Wordle

It was bought by the New York Times. Guessing a secret word is the main objective of this web-based game. Every day, the game sends the player a five-letter word and gives them six chances to guess it. After each level, the level of challenge goes up. The Wordle bot can also be added to the Discord server. For this game to work, you must enter the name of the other player you want to play with. Every day, you don’t get extra chances or words.

5. Minesweeper Bot

Most millennials played Minesweeper as kids. It’s an old but popular game. The Minesweeper bot enables the user to play the game the way it was originally intended. The number of bombs and their sizes are up to the player. The player can get friends to join the game with this Discord bot.

6. Virtual Fisher

The Virtual Fisher bot lets players fish from the comfort of their own homes. You don’t have to rent a boat and look for a place to dock. The players can sell the fish they caught that day for points that they can use to improve their gear later on. Players’ performance is displayed on the scoreboard.

7. UltimateRPG

UltimateRPG is a text-based game where the player has to complete tasks and get items. Players receive various tasks in each loot and are rewarded based on their performance. Players can also explore dungeons and trade various items with their friends.

8. Naruto Botto

The Naruto Botto is one of the best Discord game bots. This game bot is perfect for Naruto fans. The bot enables players to build fighters and purchase gear based on their preferences. More than 200 characters can be picked up in the game. The bot helps players keep track of their spending and enter game prizes.

9. Soccer Guru

For soccer fans, the Soccer Guru bot is great because it lets users watch live games worldwide. The players can build their own sports teams and can serve as managers. A fictional business system can use this bot.

10. Trivia Bot

A gaming server called Trivia can be added to the Discord channel for questions and answers. Players can enjoy the game in various ways, including MCQs, True or False. A player only needs to select the right response to use the bot, which is very user-friendly.

11. Karuta

Before we go any further with our discussion of what the GamesRob bot on Discord is, let us talk about a great alternative: the Karuta bot. Kanata is a game where players gather anime characters by putting together trade cards of those characters. The players can improve and change the looks of their characters. Many servers should have the same cards so players can use the same Karuta deck.

12. Dragon Bot Z

It’s one of the best Discord game bots to use. Plus, it adds the text-based RPG Discord to the server. Players can summon the popular Dragon Ball Z series characters in this multi-player game. People can work on their characters, fight other players, and trade items with each other. Fans of Dragon Ball Z will love this bot.

13. IdleRPG

Another text-based game called IdleRPG can be played on Discord servers. Characters can be created using race and rank and then sent for battles and trade. The characters can also talk to gods and join groups.

14. PokeMeow

A well-liked Discord bot called PokeMeow enables players to catch, trade, or use Pokemon in battles. For items and prizes, players have to finish tasks in the game. The bot enables players to compete on a world level. It’s the best Bot for Pokemon fans.

15. Rock Puppy

Classic games like Connect Four, Truth or Dare, Trivia, Russian Roulette, and Would You Rather are built into the Rock Puppy bot. The bot can be used to play old-school board games on the server, which helps the channel owners get to know their members better.

16. Mudae

The Mudae bot enables Discord users to play a character-collecting game where they can claim famous Discord characters and compete against each other. Members can also trade characters with one another. Between gaming server members, the bot facilitates conversation. It’s a Discord games bot called Discord Free.

17. Chess

Using the straightforward Chess bot, the user can play chess on the Discord server. Players can play chess against each other on the server. Players only need to tell the bot what to do to move the pieces. For players to plan their next move, a new image of the board is created after each move. Server members can watch the match because all gaming occurs on the servers.

18. GamesRob

GamesRob is a UNO Discord bot that adds games like Battleship, Hangman, Tic-Tac-Toe, Trivia, and Minesweeper to the Discord server. In a Detective game where players must guess who is on the server as the Assassin, the bot can also add players. GamesRob has holiday events like trick-or-treating that help players enjoy the holidays on the server.

19. GarticBot

One of the best Discord game bots is GarticBot. The Discord bot enables Discord users to play the Gartic Drawing game. The bot draws a picture on the server to start the game. To see who will guess what the image is, players must compete against one another. GarticBot enables players to send pictures of themselves for guessing.

20. Epic RPG

The Epic RPG bot enables users to play text-based RPG games where they can level up. Players can buy and sell guns to other server members. There are more than 15 levels, and you have to beat the bosses in each one to get new orders and features. The players can look at their stockpiles and biographies.

21. Counting

The Counting bot is easy until someone tries it. To a very high level, the counting can go. In an online game, one player sends a number, and the next player has to say the right number. If they fail, the game starts over with zero.

22. Discord Dungeons

You could play the Discord Dungeons. It enables the Discord server to host a role-playing adventure for players. The game can be played on any computer or platform. Players can play the game with their friends and family even though it is single-player. As you play with friends, the game lets you trade and compete with other players.

23. BlackJack

Players who favor card games can use the BlackJack bot. In some games, players can bet with in-game chips. You can win sometimes but don’t worry about it too much. Just have fun. Everyone can get more chips by taking more of them every two hours.

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In this piece, we discuss Discord game bots and list the best Discord game bots. Our picks are Cricket Guru, Wordle, Epic RPG, and Game sRob bot. Tell us about your favorite Discord game bots. Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions or ideas.

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