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Best 8 Reliable Discord Bot Hosting Platforms

Discord Bot Hosting Platforms

Best 8 Reliable Discord Bot Hosting Platforms will be described in this article. Businesses today look for sophisticated and stylish solutions to improve their communication, collaboration, and workflow. And one example of a technical breakthrough that has made life easier for both individuals and organizations is chatbots.

Best 8 Reliable Discord Bot Hosting Platforms

In this article, you can know about Discord Bot Hosting Platforms here are the details below;

Through texts, the chatbots embody conversational design with a human touch. To improve user experience, they can offer a wide range of services, such as moderating discussions, integrating games, gathering data, and much more.

Nevertheless, Discord’s features make it a great option to assist you with a variety of worthwhile activities. So, let’s first clarify a few points regarding it.

What is Discord Bot?

An effective tool that can carry out a variety of helpful functions directly on your server is a Discord bot. By gathering important data, setting up events, sending notifications, regulating content or chats, welcoming new team members, and much more, it may help you get the most out of your server’s productivity.

Its commands can even be used to add content to your server, such as games, memes, and music. Everyone can use it to their advantage, from team members looking to engage in creative communication to administrators wanting to oversee their server.

MEE6, Apollo, Dank Memer, Trello Talk, and other bots are a few of the well-known Discord users.

Therefore, whether you’ve chosen to utilize a Discord bot for personal or professional purposes, hosting on a dependable platform is crucial.

However, why?

Why host the discord Bot on a reliable hosting platform?

You can be sure that a reputable hosting company, such as PlexHost or PebbleHost, will give you greater control and flexibility to accommodate your expanding requirements.

Dedicated resources and enhanced performance

You can get exclusive server resources for CPU, RAM, disk space, and other things with a hosting company. Forget about your work or games being compromised by other sites using up server resources.

Higher server availability is ensured by a trustworthy Discord bot hosting company, so you won’t experience frequent lags or outages.

For increased stability and performance, they provide robust and cutting-edge solutions for SSDs, CPUs, MongoDB databases, and other components.

More Security

The host makes sure your server is secured so that malicious files or viruses cannot be injected by unscrupulous participants. Numerous offer secure file transfer with FTP enabling SSL, firewalls, compliance, and defense against DDoS attacks.


You don’t have to suffer because of a lack of resources. Your resources can always be scaled up or down to suit your demands at any time. Your server may be tailored to your preferred RAM, CPU, storage, etc. Just let them know, and they’ll simplify the procedure with a few mouse clicks.

Flexible Pricing

There are numerous hosts who offer hourly or monthly plans for their services. One option is to pay for the resources you really utilize, which will result in a substantial return on investment. Additionally, you have the option to alter it at any time if you’re not happy with their service.


To transfer your data, you can take use of migration services, which many servers offer at no cost. Additionally, you may always seek for assistance from their round-the-clock customer service if you are stuck. If necessary, they might also provide data backups and recoveries.

You now understand how important it is to select a Discord bot hosting service from a reputable provider.

Let’s now examine a few hosting companies, their features, and costs so you can choose the one that best meets your requirements.

1. Sparked Host

Are you looking for a reliable provider of Discord Bot Hosting? Don’t worry, though, because Sparked Host does an excellent job of handling things by offering an inexpensive, budget-friendly hosting package with incredible features and a convincing free trial.

We’re guessing that in addition to seeking for the greatest deal, you’re also hoping to save a few bucks when browsing for a sweet price. How about asking, “Why not have both?”Sparked Host offers an incredible value, starting at just $1.00 per month, while yet providing everything you need! This assures you of the outstanding hardware they list as well as the soon-to-be-famous, incredible features.

In relation to incredible features, Sparked Host undoubtedly wins this bracket as well! Their extensive feature set, which includes DDoS protection and basic SFTP access, will help you with your Discord Bot hosting endeavors in addition to being reasonably priced. Examine the following features:

It can be difficult to know for sure if we’ve chosen the correct provider at times, however Sparked Host is providing an amazing price and they fully understand this problem! They are providing a simple one-time 24-hour free trial as part of their offer. You may test out Sparked Host’s services during this trial period and decide if their Discord Bot Hosting is indeed the best option for you.

What we consider to be the simple part is determining if Sparked Host is the best option for you. What should you consider if you require any of the previously mentioned topics—such as reasonably priced hosting, features that live up to expectations, and a free trial for practical experience? Make the bold decision to give Sparked Host a try! Also check Hotpot Alternatives

2. XGamingServer

Discord bot py, js, java, go, and discord JMusicBot hosting are provided by XGamingServer to facilitate communication with friends, family, and communities. It automatically conducts backup scans and stores your data in Amazon S3 cloud storage to protect it from deletion.

Simply download the backups whenever you need to recover the files. A better file manager featuring a one-click SFTP launch option is also included. All you have to do is install an SFTP client, such WinSCP or Filezilla.

Additional capabilities like creating schedules, inviting users, and MySQL databases will be available to you. Since there aren’t any set times, you can test the Discord Bot Hosting servers. After five minutes of activation, when you get your server online, you’ll see an easy-to-use control panel with a ton of functionality.

It also has the strongest DDoS defense because it researches many scenarios and attack methods. A high-performing server will allow you to experience lag-free speed. XgamingServer keeps an eye on each server to make sure a system breakdown doesn’t occur.

There is a 250 Mbps network interface hosting this Discord Bot Hosting server. Discord Bot Hosting game servers have recorded at least 15 Mbps, thus it is sufficient for any game. You receive AMD Ryzen 7 and Intel i7 6700k/7700k hardware for improved performance and quicker response times.

To learn more about the advantages, take advantage of the 2-day free trial and use the server for just $2.58/month.

3. PloxHost

Run your bot smoothly by using PloxHost’s premium Discord bot hosting services. If you want to use your bot for anything other than live chat on your website, music, video games, or other purposes, the hosting package has a ton of high-end capabilities.

Pterodactyl Panel, an open-source control panel for gaming servers, is included with PloxHost. With an isolated Docker container, you may operate your game servers and take use of its lovely and user-friendly interface.

Start fast and efficiently using pre-configured bots. Performance is not a concern because it supports RAID hardware, SSD caching, Cloud Linux, and 100% uptime. You receive GitHub tools, FTP access, and unrestricted server control.

In addition, the hosting service supports a number of programming languages, including Java, JavaScript, Python, and more, along with MySQL, Bot, and Bastion. PloxHost provides DDoS protection, PCI compliance, and excellent support in the event that something goes wrong in terms of security.

Utilize the hosting service without any hassles or additional costs when using upgrades, a 1Gbit connection, and premium bandwidth. To make things easier for you, they also provide a variety of payment options, such as credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and others.

The monthly cost is as low as $1.25.

4. GameServersKings

Everything you need for a flawless hosting experience is available with GameserverKings’ Discord Bot Hosting, from features and performance to cost. It is quite easy to operate with its specially designed control panel. All you have to do is upload the bot and leave the server to them.

Their system manages the bot’s operation and makes sure you have access to sufficient server resources to run it for the duration of the day and week. They use powerful server computers that can manage a lot of internet traffic to run your bot around-the-clock. Also check Onitube Alternatives

Additionally, their personnel keeps an eye on your bot’s performance and availability by monitoring the server infrastructure. Even if you have more users, you won’t have to worry about scaling because they provide simple upgrades to extra resources to keep up with demand.

In addition to these functionalities, they provide add-on services like MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, and Redis to strengthen your bots. With their user-friendly control panel, you may rapidly install the software without having to manually setup it.

They offer regular data backups to safeguard your information and address any problems you may have with bot data loss should something go wrong on your end. To enable it to function exactly as it did previously, they will restore the snapshots of the bot.

With GameserverKings’ Discord bot hosting service, you can quickly deploy and activate any new features you add to your bot by doing:

In the event that your bot detects a bug, their live console makes debugging incredibly simple and allows you to view a preview of its code from any computer. Additionally, they keep track of resource consumption statistics and graphs, such as CPU and RAM usage, to show how well the bot works and what still has to be optimized.

Use their log collection system to capture all of the logs and preserve them for future reference and tracking. They use virtualization and containerization together to keep one bot instance operating independently of the other for security reasons.

Additionally, they shield your bot from hackers’ exploitation and continuously patch your systems with the latest security updates. You can use their pre-built templates to run your own Discord bot without any technical knowledge; they will deploy them for you right away.

Furthermore, a variety of bot kinds are supported by GameserverKings, such as moderating, gameplay, and music bots. Take advantage of their 24-hour “no questions asked” policy if you’re not happy with their service to receive a complete refund.

Each server they offer has several SSDs, a quad-core CPU with a minimum frequency of 3.6GHz, a minimum of 64 GB of RAM, and minimal to nonexistent lag. To transfer all of your files to their server, they also provide a free migration service. The starting monthly price is $2.99.

That concludes our discussion of various hosting options. We’ll now talk about some do-it-yourself options for hosting your Discord bot.

5. PebbleHost

Embed your Discord bot on PebbleHost, and it will run continuously on their nodes. Along with quick Discord support, this hosting service offers a wide range of frameworks and languages, such as Java, Node.js, Python,, Discord.js, and JDA.

One-click bot pre-installs are included to facilitate a speedy start. One of its features is a package manager that allows you to scale it up or down according to your needs. You also receive extra open ports and three MySQL databases for free.

Furthermore, with comprehensive data and an easy-to-understand dashboard, you would be fully aware of how much server resource is being used. You don’t need to be concerned about data loss when using PebbleHost because they offer fully automatic backups that run every seven days.

They have robust Xeon CPUs, enterprise-grade SSDs that are unmetered, DDR4 ECC memory, and a 250Mbps uplink, so you can use your server to run your operations without any lag or bother. They offer complete access to bot FTP files together with a cutting-edge, user-friendly panel that makes managing the bot easier.

It provides the greatest Discord hosting experience and is simple to use and stable. The bot is yours to start, stop, and restart whenever you like. Two-factor authentication, a useful API, a live console log, an integrated firewall manager, and sub-user support are all included in the control panel.

The Discord bot hosting plan offered by PebbleHost costs $3 per month.

6. Vultr

A household name in the tech industry, Vultr is renowned for its robust features and products. Its Vultr Compute, which lets you host your Discord bot, is one of those products. High-performance Intel CPUs and 100% local Solid State Drives are highlights of it.

Vultr’s cloud orchestration takes care of the rest and distributes server instances in your chosen data center as soon as a user hits deploy. They offer a variety of OS combinations, including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, Windows, and more. You may also utilize their ISO feature. They have a total of 17 server locations worldwide, spread over four continents.

Don’t let monthly expenses force you to use resources that aren’t enough for your needs; instead, pay for what you use and adjust as needed. Pre-installation programs such as cPanel, Docker, Jitsi, GitLab, Drupal, WordPress, and others can be installed.

7. Amazon EC2

With Vultr, you may deploy clones of your operating server instance in one of their owned data centers after taking photos of it. Additionally, you receive an instance server backup that you can use right away if necessary.

To fulfill the high demands and improve the capabilities of the cloud server, Vultr offers strong add-ons. A firewall, DDoS defense, adaptable networking, and scheduled and automated data backups from the simple control panel are all included. With 100% SLA assured, you receive enterprise-grade speed and stability together with a strong API that lets you swiftly spin up, control, and terminate your instances.

They provide SSDs with lightning-fast read and write speeds and 100% of the newest generation of Intel CPUs. Use public IPv6 protocol and isolated local private networks to secure your apps. With your virtual machines, you get a dedicated IP and full root access. For example, their SSD cloud instances with 10 GB SSD, 1 CPU, 512 MB RAM, and 0.50 TB bandwidth start at $2.50/month or $0.004/hour.

As an alternative, consider utilizing DigitalOcean.

Utilize the scalable and extremely secure computer that Amazon EC2 provides to practically support your workload. Developers may now easily access web-scale cloud computing using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as Amazon EC2.

Additionally, you may measure and configure server capacity easily with the help of this web service. The established computing environment of EC2 gives you complete control over your computational resources. They provide a large selection of buying models, networking, storage systems, operating systems, and CPUs.

Their cloud processors are the quickest, featuring strong GPU instances for machine learning and graphic design, 400Gbps Ethernet networking, and cheaper server instances per inference. There are only 24 regions, 77 server availability zones, and macOS supported by Amazon, the cloud service provider.

Increase capacity in a matter of minutes and take advantage of each EC2 region’s 99.99% SLA guarantee. Reduce the attack surface and safeguard your application resources with the AWS Nitro system. Steer clear of human mistake and interference with the infrastructure of lockdown security that prohibits administrative access.

89 security standards and compliance certifications, such as FedRAMP, HITECH/HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, NIST 800-171, and FIPS-140-2, are supported by AWS. Use AMD-based server instances to save 10% on cost or AWS Graviton2-based server instances to achieve up to 40% greater price-performance.

With Kamatera, create servers and launch them in under a minute.

It’s simple to get started with this service; select your server’s type, CPU, RAM, SSD storage, bandwidth, data center, operating system, and any additional features you may require. You can also choose between a monthly and hourly pricing plan and establish your server straight away.

8. Kamtera

Alternatively, you can choose a basic plan with set resources that starts at $4/month and gives you the freedom to change the OS and data center location. Pay $0.05/GB for extra storage, and $0.01/GB for extra traffic.

To guarantee improved performance and availability, they have 13 data centers located around four continents. Unlimited scaling up and down is made possible by Kamatera, which also supports any version of Linux or Windows and allows load balancers, private networks, and firewalls to be added fast.

They provide lightning-fast Intel Xeon Cascade/Platinum Lake Processors with 2.7GHz to achieve 300% higher power for each CPU and ensure 99.95% uptime. Kamatera provides networking speed of 40 Gbit/s per server.

SSDs allow you to run your databases and apps without latency or I/O bottlenecks. This service can be used for a variety of purposes, including development servers, email servers, database servers, WordPress servers, ERPs, CRMs, VolP servers, websites, apps, and servers for the Internet of Things.

Additionally, they provide 24/7 premium client assistance along with an easy-to-use administration console and API. Don’t worry about the cost; you can try it out for free for 30 days and see if it meets your needs.

In summary

Discord bots are quite beneficial for both individuals and companies in many ways. It can be used for work scheduling, customer interaction, games, music, and more. Therefore, if you would like to use a Discord bot for your purposes, either select the bot hosting service listed above or attempt a do-it-yourself option.

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