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Top 15 BEST Voice Changer Apps for Discord & Gaming 2022

15 Best FREE Voice Changer Apps for Gaming and Calls Voice changer Applications are computer applications that can alter the tone or pitch of a user’s voice. You may use it to capture audio and share it with other people via social networking websites or email accounts.

These applications include a simple UI and a variety of effects that you can apply in real-time to your Android or iPhone.

Individuals can listen to a single voice in various voices with varied effects using voice changers. Users may also share and store their captured sounds with these software tools.
Furthermore, voice changers provide their consumers with capabilities that are simple to use.

When choosing the best voice changer software for your Discord VoIP Software, keep the aforementioned points in mind.

  • Functionalities
  • Provided voice effects
  • Simple to use
  • Integration with third-party software
  • Plugin assistance
  • Additional characteristics
  • Voice morphing in real-time
  • Recorded audio files can be saved and shared.

If you are seeking for a voice changer programme for online gaming, such as Garena Free Fire or Pubg Mobile, then some of these voice changer applications may be of assistance. All voice changer software offers exceptional effects and some great capabilities, such as the ability to modify your voice into an anime character, robots voice, or celebrity voice. You can also use this software on your computer, laptop, android, or iOS smartphone. To prank your pals, use the best Voice Changer software during a phone conversation.

Disclaimer – You may only use these applications for enjoyment purposes; you may not use them for illegal activities such as scams or fraud, in which case you will be solely accountable.

1. Voice Changer Plus App

Voice Changer Plus App is a good programme for changing one’s voice. The programme comes with a variety of voice collections and sound effects. You may use the application to position your reverse voice. The following are some of the app’s most common features:

  • With a simple swipe, you may utilise the app to record your voice.
  • You may listen to the same songs in different voices. To do so, simply choose a new voice and press the play button on your smartphone.
  • It costs nothing to share and store your voice recordings.
  • The programme supports full voice-over and offers a trim control feature for recording purposes.

2. All in One Voice Changer

The All in One Voice Changer programme is the greatest option for voice altering software for Windows. The following are the app’s features:

  • The programme has different platforms to give a variety of possibilities for altering voices.
  • The All in One software makes it simple to test voice-changing effects.
  • The programme immediately synchronises with your device’s existing voice call platform.
  • According to its voice changer on Skype, the software is multipurpose and has clear content.
  • Yahoo, QQ International, and other communication platforms are supported by All in One Voice Editor.
  • Finally, because the voice morphing programme is free, it is freely accessible to everyone.

3. Clownfish Voice Changer

If you want an application that can modify a person’s voice in real-time, download the Clownfish Voice Changer app. You may install it on your system-level and use it with any software that needs a microphone. The app has the following features:

  • This voice changer utility is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • The programme may be synced with Viber, Hangout, and Skype.
  • To utilise the programme, TeamSpeak must be installed.

The Clownfish software supports the VST plugin, which stands for Virtual Studio Technology.
A few voice effects included by the voice-altering programme include robotic voice, mutation, Atari game clone, pitch, and compatibility for VST effects. The programme supports effects such as radio, robot, quiet, and male pitch Clownfish voice changer simplifies sound management by including a built-in sound player with audio control capabilities and better playlists.

4. Voice Changer

VoiceChanger.io is an internet programme that modifies a user’s voice and adds the necessary effects. It adjusts the effects of the human voice based on the user’s preferences.
The free tool lets you to integrate numerous effects to make a sound in the same manner that you would if you were using a real object. The following characteristics are common:

  • You may record your voice with a microphone or on your preferred web browser.
  • You may upload the saved files on your device’s hard drive using Voice Changer online.
  • The software supports a variety of voice effects that you may choose from.
  • You may alter the videos in any pre-recorded clip or record your own voice.

5. MasqVox Voice Changer

MasqVox voice changer is one of the real-time voice changers for Skype and chat.
You can utilise the tool without difficulty. The changer app has the following things in common:

  • Discord’s voice modulator includes a number of cartoons and human-based voice effects.
  • MasqVox voice editor is a little tool that allows you to adjust your voice in a variety of ways.
  • The programme works nicely with the Windows operating system.

6. Super Voice Changer

Super Voice Changer is another popular real-time voice change programme. It is compatible with practically all types of audio software. The software may modify the voice to excite either a female or masculine voice. The following are some of the software’s intriguing features:

  • Users do not require any additional settings to change the system voice automatically.
  • You may utilise the programme while chatting with other people.
  • Super Voice Changer Discord is compatible with several versions of the Windows operating system.

7. Voice Master

Choose Voice Master if you want a simple to use and free application. The following are some of the app’s most common features:

The voice-altering programme enables you to modify your voice when making Skype conversations and produce conversions based on your expectations.

Voice Master includes choices for changing your voice. These include features such as starting the system and staying on top, as well as others that are rarely found in other applications.

8. Viscom Voice Changer

Do you desire long-lasting, tried-and-true voice-altering software? You should go with Viscom Voice Changer, which provides a unique multimedia experience and includes a slew of intriguing features:

  • The programme enables users to record sounds from a variety of audio sources, including microphones.
  • The programme alters the individual’s voice to that of a toddler or an elderly man.
  • Using the programme, you may adjust the voice pitch and sample rate in real-time.
  • The voice editing tool may allow you to change the WMA profile and MP3 file bitrate.
  • The waveform colour setting is supported by Viscom Voice Changer, and the result is saved to MP3, WAV, or WMA audio files.

9. Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effects is a mobile device app that is one of the best voice editors.
It increases the quality of your voice and allows you to record your voice in HD quality.
The following are some of the software’s common features:

  • Voice Recorder is handy for recording phone calls and messages.
  • The programme supports a variety of effects, including an old man, a youngster, and a robot.
  • Users may use voice effects to sing and share their creations with their pals.

10. RoboVox Voice Changer

RoboVox Voice Changer is an Android software that allows you to swap out your voice for another, such as a robot or a musical voice. The programme has around 32 different voice types, each with its own pitch settings and modulations. The mobile app keeps your recordings based on your preferences. The following are some of the app’s interesting features:

  • The Android app offers several real-time settings, including the ability to record in real time.
  • It is simple to record one’s voice.
  • Users may share the finished product on Sound Cloud or other online audio distribution sites.
  • WAV files of your work may be saved and sent.
  • The programme generates ringtones based on your preferences.
  • RoboVox Voice Editor also includes a vocoder with real-time FFT-based spectrum analysis.
    This approach collects data from a variety of devices.

11. MorphVox Voice Changer

MorphVox voice changer modifies both the pitch and tone quality of one’s voice in order to improve one’s online experience. The gadget can record any sound that sounds like a guy or a woman. The following are some of the app’s most common features:

  • The programme allows for high-quality voice changes.
  • You can link the software with online gaming and chat apps that are already available.
  • The MorphVox voice changer’s Discord uses a comparatively small amount of CPU.
  • MorphVox voice changer software comes with pre-installed sound effects and voices.
  • Both the joystick and the mouse may be customised.

12. AV Voice Changer

Users who seek a voice changer programme that is entirely compatible with many talking platforms should go with AV Voice Editor. You can accomplish everything with your voice thanks to the app. The following are the software’s features:

  • You may use voice changer software to modify the tone of your voice.
  • You may change your voice to suit your tastes.

13. Voice Candy

Voice Candy is a simple and enjoyable voice changer software. Many people think of it as a microphone photo booth. The reason for this is that it includes at least eight distinct sound effects to experiment with and enjoy. You may also swap between voices and record your chats at the same time using the app.

14. Hero Voicer

Try the Hero Voicer software if you want to talk in the voices of various online gaming characters or replicate your voice on Skype. The app has the following features:

  • The voice editor online alters the users’ voices so that they can speak in the voices of a variety of real-life species.
  • Using the Hero Voicer software, you may create your own distinct voice.
  • The software tool is popular among online gamers since it generates voices for podcasts, avatars, and online video games.

15. Voxal Voice Changer

Whether you need a voice changer for your audio projects or voiceovers, Voxal Voice Editor can help you increase your company conversion. One intriguing component of the programme is its ease of use and simplicity. Unlike other voice-changing programmes, you may download it in a matter of seconds.

  • With Voxal Voice Editor, you can add voice effects in real-time and to existing files by utilising your microphone or any other sort of audio input device.
  • To achieve voice alteration, users can save and load effect modifications in the programme.
  • The software’s vocal effect library includes ambient, robot, alien, female, boy, echo, and other voices.
  • Voxal Voice Editing Software allows you to create an infinite amount of unique voice effects, such as using male or female voices in online games.
  • Almost every online game and current application is compatible with the app.
  • You can also use the app to record a voice for various characters in audiobooks.
  • Users may enjoy the live impact of the changing voice by using speakers to emit it.
  • Low CPU utilisation will prevent any other functioning apps from interfering.

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