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10 Best Mac Torrents Clients in 2022

You may be a movie buff who doesn’t want to miss out on the latest movies that have been released, but you don’t know how to get them. The simplest way that you can download your favorite and new movies at the theater is with torrents. You should adapt to this new pirate download system using a program that works with an international network.

You can find a bit of everything in torrents, from music to current movies, which interests you. To download torrents, you need to use software that allows you to use these access links. You can see the ten best mac torrents, clients, where you can download your movies for free in 2021.

10 Best Mac Torrents Clients in 2021

Find out below the best Mac Torrents Clients to download apps movies music and much more.

1. Transmission – Best Torrent Client

Transmission is within the list of BitTorrent clients with open source and property of classifying torrents into different groups. Its location is based on the type of category to find it easily. It is the best option for people who are looking for a torrent finder app that is straightforward.

Outstanding Features

  • It has clients coming from Mac or GTK + and Qt GUI.
  • It has a perfect Daemon for servers or embedded systems that require headless use.
  • It can discover local peers and supports PEX or DTH encryption and a magnetic link.

2. Deluge BitTorrent Client

Deluge belongs to a torrent finder client list that includes open cross-platform code and full functions. It was designed to be executed as an isolated desktop application or client and server, including characteristics of BitTorrent clients. Among its highlights is protocol encryption, along with local peer analysis and sharing and torrent rate restrictions.

Outstanding Features

  • Completely free application and includes an open-source and user interface in GTK format designed for desktop computers.
  • Wed user interface developed for browsers and a console interface designed for the command line.
  • It includes resources intended for complete browsers and is capable of accepting a series of additional configurations.

3. uTorrent

uTorrent is characterized by being an accessible client that operates for free and is developed. It is currently supported by BitTorrent and is available for macOS and Android devices. It is an excellent tool for the search and download functions of mac torrents; as the main advantage, it can transmit them no matter what they are downloaded, and they are even reproduced when the process is complete.

Outstanding features

  • It operates for free and includes advertisements, and includes its software.
  • It has the option to search for torrents and download them using simple instructions.
  • It has its online torrent player along with the ability to transfer torrent files along with magnetic links.

4. BitLord – Easiest torrent app for streaming and downloading

BitLord is one of the simplest and most reliable P2P client applications for Mac and Windows platforms. It works thanks to its additional torrent search option automatically. It also includes bandwidth controls along with an automated setup for accurate posting and download statistics.

Outstanding features

It has a completely clean user interface that works to search for videos or other torrents.

It can play certain downloads that are in progress on Chromecast and have the option of subtitling.

It has the function of playing videos regardless of whether they are in the download process.

Include an option that will allow you to create your video playlists and other downloaded torrents.

5. WebTorrent desktop – Streaming browser torrent client


WebTorrent Desktop works perfectly to stream torrents from resources found online. These supports include videos belonging to internet archives or music from creative commons and others. It differs from other applications by connecting the functions of simultaneous use with the download of torrents.

Outstanding Features

It completely free and open-source application for streaming torrent files.

Its clean user interface and the absence of advertisements hinder the transmission process.

They include the function of transmitting videos to platforms such as AierPlat or chromecast, and even DLNA.

Stay connected to pages similar to instant. To ease communicating with users who use Transmission or torrent.

Accepts the WebTorrent protocol to facilitate the connection between peers coming from WevR.

6. BitTorrent – The World’s Most Popular Torrent Client

The famous BitTorrent is the main official torrent client that includes comments from the web. This multiplatform is similar to uTorrent except being renamed with other features such as seeding and comments. It also differs by its Web-inspired reviews to adapt to the needs of user torrents.

Outstanding Features

Completely clean user interface designed to search for torrents

Additional torrenting features including playback of your magnetic files along with quick online downloads from the browser

Its advanced customization settings, including setting upload and download speed limits.

7. qBitTorrent

qBitTorrent is a reliable alternative for users looking for a completely free BitTorrent client. It was developed to provide µTorrent with new open-source options on servers like Linux and macOS, and even Windows. Its search engine is characterized by its extensible and integrated properties and support designed for RSS feeds. Among its most outstanding benefits is its tool in generating torrents and its IP address filter, and others.

Outstanding Features

It has a completely free application and has an open code together with an ad-free interface.

Includes a bandwidth scheduler along with an IP address filter that supports PeerGuardian and eMule formats with sequential download.

It is available in a wide repertoire of languages ​​that can be adapted to more than 70 languages.

8. Free download manager

If you are looking for a multiplatform download manager with sufficient potential, Free Download Manager is probably the best option. This first choice can organize and manage various types of files, including torrent finder. This organizer is very useful to keep up to date with the modern technology of a free interface. As the main advantage, you will manage your downloads simply thanks to the absence of annoying advertisements.

Featured Features

Fully accessible file manager and is even classified as freeware.

Easy-to-use user interface and no advertisements that hinder the download management process.

Settings that include optimization of compatibility with audio and video files

Optimization in the acceleration discharge process

Supports additional functions related to resuming in interrupted downloads.

Smart file management or management along with a powerful scheduler

Ability to customize the control of the data traffic found.

Includes multilanguage support that can be adapted to any language

Adjustment in the display options for light and dark modes.

9. Folx – Free torrent client for Mac

Folx distinguishes itself from other systems by ranking for ordering downloaded content and includes a mac torrent user interface. Additional features include its speed control along with downloadable programming and music integration. This download manager is intended for the convenience of mac users to manage their downloads.

Outstanding Features

Excellent user interface with various conveniences to manage downloads for mac users.

Includes the option to divide downloads into two threads to optimize download capacity.

Additional functions to restore interrupted downloads automatically.

Multiple alternatives to incorporate download tasks

It has its smart labeling system in charge of marking the corresponding classifications.

It contains its browser extensions to avoid links of questionable origin.

The Folx Pro version is priced at $ 19.95 on the official site.

10. Vuze – Torrent Downloader Client

Vuze is one of the BitTorrent clients with additional or alternative video player functions. This multiplatform has a free application that includes the execution of several complete tasks. Among its most outstanding functions is the compatibility with certain modern protocols, including Magnet URLS or PEX.

Outstanding Features

Other torrent and magnet link search function and includes its native support developed for VPN.

Database capable of accepting magnetic and DTH URL addresses, among others.

Includes Vuze torrent packages and your subscription for a starting price of $ 3.99 per month.


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