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Top 12 Best Instagram Story Viewers in 2022 Expert Review

Review and comparison of the best Instagram Story Viewer, including features and cost, to assist you in choosing the best Instagram Viewer:

Instagram, which was launched exactly a decade ago, soon became the new favourite online hangout location for people all around the world. Since its inception in 2010, the online photo and video sharing platform has seen an increase in traffic.

It is still alive and well today, with an improved design, exciting new features, and incredible monetization potential.

The viewer of the Instagram story

The ability to publish photographs and videos as 24-hour stories is one of Instagram’s most popular features. When a person uploads his story, it is immediately shared with everyone who has watched it. There are a variety of reasonable reasons why someone may want to view another user’s story while ensuring their existence is unknown to that user.

Fortunately, there are techniques available to help you remain completely anonymous while browsing Instagram stories or gaining access to a private profile. Online services dubbed Instagram Story Viewers can assist you in browsing Instagram and the many user profiles it houses in complete anonymity.

These tools include a number of capabilities that allow users to view Instagram profiles even if they are not enrolled with the famous social media platform.

This article will take a look at some of the top Instagram Story Viewer platforms available.
Based on our own positive experiences with each of the tools listed below, we can safely suggest them.

Top 10 Best Instagram Story Viewers in 2022

1 . Glassagram


Glassagram provides its users with enhanced online spyware. The product is designed for an anonymous Instagram story viewer that allows users to observe any account from the inside.

You will have complete access to the profiles that have been put to private mode. Among the many options available, the user can watch a person’s story in private mode, see all of their followers’ reactions, receive direct messages, and so on.

The Glassagram surveillance tool allows users to see the stuff that the targeted person likes the most. Because screenshots are updated every few minutes, no critical information will be lost. This spyware can be a very useful tool for Instagram account tracking.

2 .Instalkr


The best option for an anonymous Instagram Story viewer. Instalkr offers an internet service unlike any other. Without having an account, you can utilize the tool to acquire rapid access to a public Instagram account.You can use Instalkr to surf an Instagram account anonymously and examine their stories, subscriptions, likes, and comments without being recognized.

The tool will even display news or postings that have been deleted by the account. You may also not only watch stories but also download videos and photographs from any Instagram account you choose.

3 .Qoob Stories 

Qoob Stories 

This is the best option for mass Instagram content downloaders. Qoob Stories is a highly effective Instagram Story viewer and bulk downloader of everything shared on the social media network. It makes it easier to download practically everything posted on Instagram.
This comprises narratives, photographs, and videos. It can also do so from both public and private Instagram accounts.

Qoob Stories just requires you to enter a username and instantly grants you the right to watch their stories anonymously. You may now quickly download high-quality videos and photographs with information from Instagram accounts.

By just adding your favorite account to the Qoob Instagram Story Viewer/Downloader, you can easily automate the entire story-saving procedure. It will begin downloading stuff from that account on your mobile or computer device automatically.

4 .InstaDP


The best option for story viewers and downloaders. InstaDP allows people to watch and download stories about their friends and favorite celebrities before they disappear. It employs the tried-and-true method of copy-pasting a username, after which you can anonymously browse around a profile of your choice and download content without the account owner’s awareness.

This web-based service isn’t limited to stories. You can also download photographs, videos, and reels at their original resolution. The software also has a user interface that corresponds to the much-appreciated minimalist approach.

5 .SmiHub


Best for analyzing an Instagram account anonymously. The first thing that strikes you about SmiHub is its flawless interface.It is simple and uncluttered, allowing people to get right to work. It immediately welcomes you with a text window asking you to enter a username.

When you enter a username into the online service, the tool will immediately grant you access to that account. From now on, you may access stories anonymously, search for whatever you want, and download stuff with a few clicks. The application also allows you to examine a specific account’s likes, comments, and follower base.

6 .Ingramer


The most effective Instagram marketing tool for marketing. When compared to the other tools on our list, Ingramer stands out as a completely different beast. It is a social media marketing tool that enables businesses to leverage Instagram’s massive user base to gain exposure for their products and services.

It can assist you in downloading photographs and videos from Instagram as a standard Instagram Story Viewer. This content can be utilized for marketing or entertainment reasons in the future. Its account watching tools are intended to provide information on clients, competitors, and platform influencers.

The technology is largely used to cultivate a loyal customer base, communicate with clients using Chatbots and direct messaging, and increase one’s reach through regular Instagram posting. It’s fantastic for scheduling postings, evaluating hashtag trends, and creating your own hashtags.

7 .Stories IG

Stories IG

Best for quick and anonymous access to your Instagram account. Stories IG is the latest in a long line of excellent story viewers that value simplicity over a crowded interface. You are immediately prompted with a text box in which you must paste the username of any account you wish to access. You enter the login; the online program processes it and allows you to browse all public information on that account anonymously.

It is really simple and neat to look at. With this program, you can not only browse and download stories, but also download and view photographs, videos, and other information from an Instagram account. Aside from the benefits listed above, you can also share the stories you capture from here on other social networking networks.

8 .StoriesDown


Best for Quick Story Viewing. StoriesDown provides exactly what you need in a story viewer. You can visit an Instagram account without having your own account, view its material anonymously, and download content to your mobile or computer device.

It is built with eye-catching images that help you grasp it. There is a plainly visible textbox where you must paste the username you wish to access. You don’t need an Instagram account or to fill out superfluous registration forms to read the stories you want to see. You can also download photographs and movies without sacrificing their original quality.

9 .IGStories


Instagram stories are best viewed, downloaded, and shared using this app. IGStories is a minor component of Upleaf, an online social media marketing tool. IG Stories prioritizes anonymous story viewing, whereas Upleaf concentrates on providing an end-to-end Instagram marketing service.

All IGStories asks is that you paste or put in the user name of an Instagram account that you want to visit. Following that, it will explore the account content anonymously. You may watch or download stories, save high-quality photographs and videos from the account, and eventually share them on other social media platforms.

If you want to get more out of IGStories, you can go straight to the all-encompassing Upleaf.
With Upleaf, you can choose from a variety of services that work together to help you develop your Instagram presence.

10 .Anonymous Instagram

Anonymous Instagram

The best option for basic access to public Instagram profiles. We bet it doesn’t get any simpler than Anonymous Instagram. The tool exists for a single purpose: to gain access to Instagram accounts for anonymous story viewing. You are immediately confronted by a text box that requests your username.

Simply type or paste a username into the box, and you’ll have access to that account in no time. After gaining access, you can view news, photographs, and videos anonymously from this page. Unfortunately, you don’t have much else to do. You can’t download or share content using Anonymous Instagram, which may turn off some users.

11 .Instastories


Best for discreetly reading Instagram stories and highlights. Instastories is a lot of fun to use because of its simple features. With only a username, you may gain access to any public Instagram account. There is no need for accounts or registration.Simply enter a legitimate username into this online page to gain fast access to any public account.

You can see stories, highlights, images, and videos without attracting the attention of the account holder. You may also download this content in high quality. Although it is visually appealing, its interface might be difficult to grasp.

We had difficulty identifying the text box to submit a username, which appears to be obscured beneath a slew of extraneous information. However, after we found the text-box, we didn’t have anything else to complain about.

12 .mSpy


Best for tracking and monitoring social media. mSpy is a parental control cell phone tracker and monitoring program. Its Instagram tracker will allow parents to watch their children’s Instagram accounts. It is possible to view all Instagram chats and shared links. It can assist you in tracking down popular messengers. It leaves no app icon on the phone and is fully invisible.


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