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Top 12 Best Animation Apps For Android Users

Drawing tools that are too expensive can make animation fans like you look for cheaper options. But some people who choose cheaper options give up their desired features and quality. For Android, there are a ton of free animation apps that can meet all of your requirements. This list gives you many options to create your next work, whether you are a newbie or an industry professional.

Top 12 Best Animation Apps For Android Users

The following free animation apps for Android can help beginners hone their fundamentals and professionals develop the necessary skills. You can also pick the best app from this list that fits your needs.

1. Animation Studio

Animation Apps For Android

Create easy animation videos and GIFs with Animation Studio. The design is easy to use. It comes with many tools that can help you make frame-by-frame animation.

2. Animation Desk

Animation Apps For Android

Millions of users worldwide use the Animation Desk – Cartoon & GIF app. It comes with tools that can help you make frame-by-frame animation. It can be used by professionals, beginners, and people who love art.

3. Draw Cartoons 2

Animation Apps For Android

Draw Cartoons 2 is a simple app. You can draw figures with it. You can use themes if you don’t want to start from scratch. Adding voice-over cartoons is another one of its main features.

4. FlipaClip

Animation Apps For Android

FlipaClip is among the best animation apps for Android. Millions of users use it. To get your mind going, it will help. FlipaClip has a lot of free tools, such as erasers, brushes, lassos, fills, forms, markers, and the ability to add text in different fonts.

5. Picsart Animator

Animation Apps For Android

Picsart Animator is another app you should look into if you’re looking for animation apps for your Android phone. Making animation GIFs, cartoon movies, and funny doodles only takes a few steps. Besides that, it’s an easy-to-use app.

6. Stick Nodes

Animation Apps For Android

Create stick figure pictures on Stick Nodes.

7. Animatic

You can create animations that look like flip books using Animatic. This app works with Android devices and saves animations as movies and GIFs.

8. Stop Motion Studio

There is a simple way to use Stop Motion Studio. It’s possible to copy, cut, paste, and add frames anywhere on this app. Besides this, there are also storylines that you can connect with. You can add video clips and animation tips and tricks in training movies to help you learn how to use the app better.

9. RoughAnimator

As one of the best free animation apps for Android, RoughAnimator makes the list. Professionals and beginners can benefit from it.

10. LottieFiles

Create, download, share, build, and arrange animations on LottieFiles. On LottieFiles, you can also find animations that are ready to use. You can also get animations in GIF, MP4, JSON, and dotLottie formats.

11. Stick Fighter

With the Stick Fighter app’s simple tablet interface, you can make frame-by-frame animations that look like flipbooks. Before you watch the video on your phone, you can change the items’ shape and color, make changes, and save them. You can also create fights in your cartoons by giving stick figures tools like a sword, an axe, a bow, and an arrow. That it has more than a million users is not a surprise.

12. Alight Motion

It’s on the list of the best animation apps for Android. You can add notes to this app. It also lets you change the colors. Besides this, you can add more than one layer of images.

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This article helped you learn more about the best and most free animation apps for Android. Let us know which apps you like best, and feel free to leave questions or ideas below.


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