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Top 12+ Amazon PPC Management Software

Amazon is the market leader in eCommerce. Statista says that Amazon’s share of the US eCommerce retail market will likely reach 50% this year. Almost 90% of people think they are more likely to buy something from Amazon than from any other website. Amazon doesn’t just sell sales that it makes, of course. It lets other people sell things on their market. There are about two million sellers on Amazon right now. In the first quarter of 2021, Amazon added another 280,000 sellers, and another 1.2 million are expected to join during the year. Since there are so many merchants, you will face tough competition unless your product is truly unique. So, Amazon merchants need to find a strategy to set themselves apart from the competition in the marketplace. Any serious seller must promote their most relevant keyword keywords. This has led to a huge increase in Amazon PPC Management Software and solutions merchants can use to make smart bids and achieve a competitive edge.

Amazon PPC Management Software

Amazon PPC Management Software is explained here.

1. SellerApp

SellerApp combines your Amazon business’s marketing, sales, and operations into a single platform, ensuring growth and success. The PPC Analyzer from SellerApp is a very useful tool. This is another PPC management software for Amazon. The SellerApp Amazon PPC Optimization Tool makes Amazon PPC easier and better. It uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques to help you make more money from Amazon ads. Their platform ensures long-term success by giving you detailed and smooth control over all parts of your advertising campaigns. Amazon ad automation, negative keyword optimization, keyword harvesting with one click, and advanced analytics are all included.

2. Helium 10

Helium 10 is a comprehensive platform that provides many options to Amazon sellers. They have tools for every step of the seller’s journey, from finding products that sell well to making more sales. One of Helium 10’s solutions is Adtomic, an AI-powered Amazon promotion platform designed to increase ROI and reduce wasted time. Adtomic provides a clear view of your PPC data and includes high-level organic KPIs like Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACoS). It has advanced optimization automation capabilities and the ability to make clear analytics-based decisions about performance. Adtomic gives precise recommendations for how much to bid on each keyword. This takes the guesswork and work out of optimization. In seconds, you can find, sort, and view new possible keywords or negative targets. Adtomic gives you three different campaign templates, depending on your objectives and how much you know about PPC.

3. teikametrics

A flywheel is a tool from Teikametrics that uses AI to optimize you to expand and grow your Amazon and eCommerce business. It can be used to make, improve, and look at Amazon ads. Start with your business goals for each product, and Flywheel will create ad groups and campaigns that reach the right people. Make campaigns for each product to help with its product, sales growth, profitability, and other things. Next, use keywords to target buyers. This will help you get more customers and beat out the competition. This is another PPC management software for Amazon. It takes advantage of keyword bidding that is based on computers. The self-learning models from Teikametrics use your product margins, lifecycle stage, conversion rates, sales, and price changes to develop keyword bids that meet your objectives. They are upgrading their platform to Flywheel 2.0 right now.

4. Zon.Tools

Zon.Tools offer Amazon PPC business management and automation software. It helps you manage your campaigns and automates the best ways to use Amazon Sponsored Products. Their smart engines can be changed to fit any Amazon Advertising plan or goal. In addition, they have a variety of algorithmic engines that are their own. Some examples are Auto Mate 3.0, KeyWord Miner, Target Miner, Bid Gambler, Term Inator, ASIN-Ator, KeyWord Guardian, KeyWord Recycle, and Bid Nailer. You can set up rules and criteria at the Campaign and Ad Group levels or get even more specific by setting up custom thresholds for each term.

5. Sellics

Most of the advertising software that Sellics makes is for Amazon. The software is meant to help you regain control and let you focus on growing your business. Their optimization strategies are based on your advertising goals, whether you want to make as much money as possible, improve your ACoS, or do both. You can choose between two paths: “Best-Practice” techniques, which are quick and easy and save the most time, or “Do It Yourself” techniques, which give you full freedom and control over everything.

6. Pacvue

Pacvue is a suite of business software that helps with advertising and intelligence for eCommerce. It combines end-to-end retail data with suggested actions and automation tools to help brands and sellers of all sizes grow their businesses on Amazon and other marketplaces. Rule-based automation, a set of if/then logic workflows that let you change bids, goals, and budgets at any level you want (keyword, product, ad group, or campaign), can help you optimize and manage your campaigns more efficiently. Pacvue has a set of pre-built rule templates, a Super Wizard to optimize with setup, and AI campaigns that can help you reach your goals by optimizing for you. This makes it easy for users to get started quickly.

7. Ad Badger

Ad Badger comes with a powerful toolkit for managing, automating, and keeping an eye on your Amazon ads around the clock. Their Amazon PPC Software Tool ensures you always have the right bid, no matter what the market is doing. Their software lets you better manage keywords, bids, and campaigns if you use the right strategy. Well, you don’t need to know anything about PPC before. Some tools they use are the account navigator, the bid optimizer, the negative keyword finder, the negative keyword automation, and the positive keyword finder. The Amazon PPC Software Tool from Ad Badger ensures you always have the right bid, no matter what the market is doing.

8. PPC Entourage

Entourage makes software that helps Amazon sellers build profitable brands by increasing ad revenue, decreasing ACoS, and increasing profit margins. One of their tools is PPC Entourage. You can easily expand and optimize your Amazon ads without using complicated spreadsheets. You can use as much (or as little) automation as you want to control the bid price, eliminate search phrases that are wasting your ad spend, and do other things. With the bulk optimizer, you can optimize all of your campaigns to work better in minutes instead of hours. Find new search terms that people are using on Amazon to find products like yours. The software takes these search terms that lead to sales and turns them into keywords you can use in your campaigns. Each campaign dashboard makes it easy to track which products, goals, search terms, and ASINs aren’t meeting your ACoS goals.

PPC SCOPE is an optimization method that can be used to make sure that campaigns are always profitable. All over the world, sellers and PPC management companies use PPC SCOPE. This is another PPC management software for Amazon. You can use the pre-set optimization filters in PPC SCOPE to make your campaigns better. It tells you about ads and deals that aren’t doing well so you can act quickly and save money. You can see all your important performance metrics in one place and quickly view which campaigns, ad groups, and keywords are driving your success. PPC SCOPE is different from Amazon’s Campaign Manager in that your data history grows as you use it. Use your data to your advantage to make campaign optimization less of a guessing game. Your PPC SCOPE subscription comes with self-service PPC tools and dashboards for both Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brand Ads. It works with seven of Amazon’s online markets.

9. Downstream

Your Amazon advertising and eCommerce data are all in one place with Downstream. Its automation is powered by AI and works around the clock to help you reach your goals. This makes your ad budget smarter and more competitive. Downstream’s channel insights and customizable dashboards focus raw data into knowledge, so you can be sure of your channel strategy and put your efforts where they will do the most good. Shelf Intellect lets you keep track of your market position, learn about your competitors, and see trends in how people search. Downstream’s recommendation engine makes smart campaign changes to help you get the most out of your channel efforts.

10. Perpetua

This is another PPC management software for Amazon. Perpetua makes eCommerce advertising optimization and analytics software that helps businesses grow on Amazon, Instacart, and other marketplaces in a way that makes money. It’s a unified platform for accelerating your growth. You can save time and money with automated campaign creation, execution, and optimization. Put in your strategic goals (such as growth, profitability, brand protection, and awareness), and Perpetua’s ad engine will take care of tactical execution. In addition, Perpetua’s AI-powered smart recommendations and contextual, conversion-based bidding algorithms are designed to make the most of your ad budget.

11. Sellozo

Sellozo is an advertising platform for Amazon PPC ads that automates and optimizes your Amazon PPC ads to help your growth grow. It claims to be the only bonus Amazon advertising software that charges a flat fee instead of a percentage of ad sales. It uses artificial intelligence to help Amazon sellers increase sales, lower their average cost of sales (ACoS), automate campaign optimization, and make more money. With the help of experts, Sellozo’s Amazon PPC Ad Automation technology can ensure that your ads are set up to work as well as possible. There are capabilities for bid optimization, keyword discovery, campaign and ad launch automation, negative keyword automation, and more. You can create, develop, and optimize your next marketing strategy with Sellozo’s Campaign Studio. It has tools designed just for Amazon sellers that are based on visuals. It has tools for visual campaign modeling, pre-made and custom campaign templates, search term/keyword research tools based on algorithms and machine learning, and easy keyword management and cross-campaign implementation.

12. RevenueWise

PPC optimization can be done with Amazon Campaign Manager from RevenueWize. It makes it easy to manage Amazon PPC, lower ACoS, and boost sales. This is another PPC management software for Amazon. Their Ads Management Tool uses AI-powered algorithms to offer the best bid to reach your desired ACoS. The algorithms use your Target ACOS and history to determine the best bid. Well, you can adopt them one at a time or all at once. Finally, PPC Analytics for Amazon gives you detailed dashboards showing how every dollar of your Amazon budget is spent. It shows you where you need to achieve to get the best results.

13. BidX

BidX lets you use Amazon Ads without having to do anything. Their web app uses machine-learning algorithms to track how well your ads are doing so that you can change your bids and keywords to make them more profitable. In addition, their software may help you with keyword research, campaign creation, campaign optimization, and performance review. You can also work with professionals at BidX to look at how well your ad is doing and get the best results possible.

14. Trendy

This is another PPC management software for Amazon. Trendle helps Amazon sellers worldwide start and grow their businesses on Amazon. It gives you a complete set of capabilities for launching, automating, and growing your Amazon sales and profits. Trendy has many features, such as reverse ASIN, automatic emails, profitability, automated PPC, review alerts, FBA reimbursements, and many more. In addition, it can help you make your PPC ads run on their own. Set the conditions for how well your campaign will do and let Trendle make the changes for you to ensure your campaigns make money.

15. Amazooka

Amazooka has an all-in-one dashboard for managing all of your brands and goods. It has a customer exporter, a product launcher, a product and keyword monitor, multiple seller accounts, and automatic reporting. It also includes a PPC ad tracker. This is another PPC management software for Amazon. With Ad Tracker, you can make the most of Amazon’s Pay-Per-Click campaigns and get real-time statistics about your paid ads.

Wrapping Up: Amazon PPC Management Software

Well, we hope this post helped you find some good Amazon PPC Management Software. You should at least try them once. We’ll keep this post about Amazon PPC Management Software up to date, though. So tell us if you know of other good Amazon PPC Management Software.


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