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What Is Medical Transcription Complete Guide

Complete Guide About Medical Transcription will be described in this article. When a medical report is produced from an audio file dictated by a doctor or other healthcare professional, it is known as medical transcription. Medical reports can be entered directly into an EHR or EMR, as well as into a Word document. Physicians, nurse practitioners, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals have demanding careers. They’re on their feet all day, doing everything they can to aid the patients in their care.

What Is Medical Transcription Complete Guide

In this article, you can know about What Is Medical Transcription Complete Guide here are the details below;

But there are many obstacles that might arise, and many complain constantly about being so overburdened with paperwork that it limits their time with patients. Transcribing one’s own notes is the activity that can take up the most time for healthcare professionals. From surgical notes to clinical summaries, these notes may contain anything. Taking an audio recording and putting it into a written document that’s needed for their own records, insurance claims, and patient’s medical files can take some doctors a few hours per day.

Who Does Medical Transcription work?

Who Does Medical Transcription work

Many healthcare professionals wind up spending several hours or more each day transcribing their notes. Some people employ a pricey in-office medical assistant to assist them, yet they still complain that it takes too long to complete the documents. They’re too expensive to do at this stage, or there are inconsistencies popping up since they are hiring untrained personnel. The best option in this situation is a medical transcription services provider. You can hire a company like Ditto Transcripts to handle all of your necessary medical transcription work. We have transcriptionists who have received training in producing and transcribing a wide range of medical papers. Let’s take a glance at what makes a medical transcription services firm different, and how it might help you, your office, and your patients. Also check chiropractor services

What Is Outsourcing Medical Transcription Like?

When you hire Ditto Transcripts, all you have to do is provide us your audio files, and we’ll produce the transcript to your specifications. Medical transcription services are special, of course, to people in the healthcare field. Several non medical firms are able to engage generic transcriptionists to transcribe their audio files. Healthcare professionals do not have a choice in this. Working with a qualified medical transcription provider like Ditto Transcripts is required due to the specific medical sector jargon, more complex formatting, and privacy considerations linked to HIPPA and HITECH. Providers may employ hand held digital recorders. which are voice recorders that save files after being recorded onto the device since they are quick, simple, and practical.  They can shorten the procedure in the near term, but when they have to transcribe the dictations themselves later, it takes up a huge amount of time.

Many electronic gadgets can be utilised to record audio files thanks to modern technologies. They include digital portable recorders, a variety of various smartphone apps (including Voice Memos, which is loaded by default on all Apple devices), or even a toll free call in voice server. The healthcare professional then dictates office visits, emergency room visits, diagnostic imaging (radiology) investigations, op notes, chart reviews, discharge summaries, and more.

They discuss their conclusions, what transpired during a consultation or operation, and possible next measures. These dictations can be dialled in over a secure phone conversation or uploaded digitally and transmitted over encrypted email or secure HIPAA compliant apps with their transcription service provider.

These clinical summaries and provider notes are obviously highly important, and it’s often vital that they’re transcribed into written text documents that can readily be preserved, shared with other physicians, and examined promptly. Instead of listening to a three-minute audio file that can become distorted over time, it is considerably easier for someone to quickly scan a clinical summary to evaluate a diagnosis or treatment alternatives. These orders are frequently essential for the immediate diagnosis and treatment process, insurance claims, and patient medical histories. This holds true whether there is only one doctor treating a reasonably straightforward issue or an entire team tackling a challenging diagnosis.

Accurate patient medical records are a crucial component of that, and cardiologists, pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, and many more collaborate to ensure that patient care is adequate and nothing is overlooked. Medical transcriptionists don’t just turn in a large block of text after transcribing an audio file. Reports will be edited and formatted exactly as you require before being securely returned via your EHR or another safe digital format. Then, if adjustments are required, doctors can review them and request or make them.

What About Voice to Text Software Vs Medical Transcription?

What About Voice to Text Software Vs Medical Transcription

We’re all busy, and everyone is looking for innovative ways to automate every single work imaginable. Medical transcription is one of those tasks that performs better when carried out by hand. Many electronic health record systems now do have built-in speech recognition and dictation storage options, and some even feature native transcription features. The last thing that medical practitioners should be employing is automated transcription services.

While they’ll grasp the spirit of the fundamental dictation, they can misunderstand any particular sentence and transcribe it as something altogether different. This results in erroneous patient records, clinical summaries, and even surgical reports. It could endanger patients and the only way to discover it would be a meticulous manual analysis of the original text file while listening to the dictation and making the modifications themselves.

Nobody has time for it, certainly not the incredibly busy doctors and other medical professionals. This is why using a medical transcription service is crucial.They are aware of the seriousness of the situation and the fact that even a minor error could put a patient in danger or expose a doctor to legal action for malpractice in the medical industry.

Imagine what a speech to text programme could mistype or completely miss if an untrained transcriptionist without a medical expertise ended up mixing up prescription names, dosages, or even health conditions.After all, there is a significant distinction between “hypothyroid” and “hyperthyroid.” Someone who isn’t familiar with the sector may not even know enough to identify there’s a difference and seek for clarification. Moreover, having trained, experienced individuals listening to the audio files and transcribing them is a natural fail-safe. They often detect if something is wrong in the initial dictation, because we’re all human and misspeak sometimes. They can indicate any potential problems in the files for the medical practitioner to review later when they are signing off on their reports.

They end up acting as a virtual safety net, and we’ve even had occasions when our transcriptionists stepping in have helped to prevent potential allergic reactions to pharmaceuticals in a hospital setting to an outright misdiagnosis.

Is This A security or HIPAA Violation Risk to Outsource Medical Transcription?

When medical transcription is explained to healthcare professionals, they frequently raise one concern right away: Is there a security or HIPAA violation risk? The answer is simple: As long as you’re picking a trustworthy, renowned service that specialises in medical transcription and follows several safety measures, no, there is no risk involved. To ensure safety for your patients and your practise, you must pick the appropriate agency.

Medical transcriptionists are knowledgeable with medical terminology, which includes knowing how to follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and behaving accordingly (HIPAA). They only accept and send data via secure networks because they are aware of how delicate the documents they are transcribing are. All of our employees and independent contractors are subject to criminal history checks. Discretion and secrecy is an essential here at our agency, where we take all of the industry standards including HIPAA and HITECH extremely seriously. Medical transcription can be done online using secure connections. You can also request that one or more members of our internal team visit your workplace to offer onsite transcription services. This will keep data—whether digital or otherwise—on-site. It all depends on your preferences and level of comfort.

Why Medical Transcription Is Cost Effective

Employing medical transcriptionists can be pricey. In reality, choosing qualified firms like ours is actually a far more cost-effective choice than other possibilities.

Consider the different possibilities accessible to you:

  • The healthcare professionals can either extend their workdays by additional hours each day to transcribe their own notes, which either costs them time off or takes away from time they should be spending with their patients and earning more money.
  • To translate the notes, you could hire medical assistance.
  • Nevertheless, this comes at a price because medical assistants often demand salaries of at least $35,000 annually and benefits that can be quite costly to employers.
  • You can hire a transcriptionist part-time or full-time, however there’s a disadvantage here, too.
  • Hourly rates, benefits, and all other costs associated with typical employees are quite high, as shown in the table below.

Study of Yearly Transcription Costs

Employing medical transcription business like ours, however, will bring you highly qualified and experienced medical transcriptionists with an average cost of $0.10- 0.14 per line. There are no contracts necessary, and because we have a full staff at your disposal, we can generate significantly more (or much more!) than a single in-house transcriptionist.

Our accuracy rates are higher than those of the majority of external agencies and internal staff members. There are many transcription businesses out there, and many of them provide medical transcription services. Although there are many distinct attributes you should look for in any agency you use, it can be challenging to know who to choose. Also check maid service software

Cofounder of Arkenea, a business that develops medical software, Rahul Varshneya, offered some excellent advise on the subject:

  •  “When picking a transcription service for your institution, you should consider one that is compatible with your current electronic medical records (EMR) system if your practise has one.
  • Many businesses offer EMR connection and free technical help so that transferring and filing patient records is easy.”
  • For instance, Ditto Transcripts will work in your office and accept all kinds of audio files.
  • Not all agencies are so adaptable; some may have systems that aren’t compatible with your EMR system and the data it produces.
  • Look for American-based businesses that adhere to HIPAA regulations.

These agencies are working at the highest degree of security possible and are going to go out of their manner to make sure that all privacy, security, and HIPPA standards are followed diligently. Check for agencies with authentic US addresses, government registrations such as SAM, and that their company licences are in good standing with whatever state they are registered within. Remember that while companies outside of the country might offer somewhat lower rates, they are also considerably more likely to put your security at serious danger in addition to having greater rates of transcription mistakes. Many years ago, a transcription company in India triggered a significant data breach when Google (hacked) indexed medical files belonging to 32,000 US patients. But, it is far from the only instance.

The final item to look for is a clear process that the agency has in place to deliver the work well and on time. Most agencies will have processes that include submission of the file(s), transcription, quality assurance, report distribution and file storage.

The agency should be able to define clear turn-around timeframes (TAT), which commonly vary from 2, 4, 8, 12, 24, or 48 hours following submission in medical transcription services. To ensure speedy delivery when necessary, examine if the company offers STAT delivery timeframes (though often at a rate increase).

Here’s a quick breakdown of things to look for:

  • Companies having addresses, business licences, and bank accounts in the United States
  • Government registrations and certifications if appropriate
  • There are procedures in place to ensure accuracy and quality, as well as clear turn-around times.
  • Accepts any audio file format that your EMR generates
  • Compliant with HIPPA and HITECH
  • Specialist medical transcription services experience
  • High accuracy guarantees
  • Proper insurance plans, such as general liability and cyber liability

Medical Transcription Services Specialty Areas

Medical Transcription Services Specialty Areas

You can relax if you’re thinking about using medical transcription services and are concerned that you won’t be able to discover someone with expertise in your particular sector.

We provide all of the following specialised transcription services, in addition to others:

  • Pediatric and adolescent medicine
  • Immunology and allergy
  • Anesthesia reports
  • Cardiovascular reports
  • Cardiology transcription
  • Chart notes
  • Clinical notes
  • Clinical summary (ies)
  • Cytopathology reports
  • Dental report and transcription
  • Dermatology reports and transcription
  • Discharge summaries
  • Transcription of a Medical Note
  • Reports on Electrophysiology
  • Endocrinology in the Emergency Room ENT Reports
  • Transcription Services for Family Practice
  • Gerontology transcription and reports
  • Group practise work\sOB/GYN – Gynecological transcription
  • reports from H & Ps Hematology
  • Hepatology transcription service
  • reports on infectious diseases
  • Internal medicine
  • Neurology transcription
  • Ophthalmology transcription
  • medical reports
  • Orthopedic transcription
  • Pathology transcription
  • patient notes
  • transcription for children
  • Podiatry transcription
  • Progress Reports
  • Psychiatry transcription
  • Transcription of psychology
  • respiratory transcription
  • Radiology transcription
  • Surgical notes transcription – before op and post op

If you’re searching for something a little unusual and don’t see it on our list, you may get in contact with us here to learn more about what we can do for you.


Our staff members are skilled and knowledgeable in the extremely specialised field of medical transcription. We can assist you in streamlining your procedures, assisting more patients, and creating stronger, more precise records than ever before—all for a price that is less expensive than any alternative available. Interested in exploring how our medical transcription services can help? Contact us to schedule a free consultation so you can find out more about what we can do for you with no risk. For hospitals, clinics, facilities, and individual practises of all sizes, Ditto Transcripts, a medical transcription firm situated in Denver, Colorado, offers quick, accurate, and dependable medical transcription services. Ask about our free five-day trial when you call 720.287.3710 for a quote.


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