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What Is Add Yours On TikTok And How To Use It?

What Is Add Yours On TikTok

With this piece, you can learn how to use the TikTok Add Yours feature in great detail and start working together on the TikTok app. Let’s get started.

What Is Add Yours On TikTok?

TikTok has a feature called “Add Yours” that lets users promote creativity and connection on the app. When a user clicks the “Add Yours” button, it lets artists make prompt stickers with comments. With the “Add Yours” feature, users can add photos or videos linked to the prompt. This encourages participation and creativity.

How To Use Add Yours On TikTok?

This is a full guide on how to add yours to TikTok.

How To Add Prompt Directly From Another Video?

How To Respond To An Add Yours?

How To Manage Add Yours?

How To Adjust Privacy To Add Yours Content?

Follow these steps to adjust privacy.


Consider The Following:


The Add Yours feature of the TikTok app is lively and interesting, but some users turn it off for privacy and content control, to prevent spam and unsuitable content, or to learn more details. You can learn in detail about the privacy feature on TikTok, including how to reply, Add Yours, and Adjust a Prompt, by following the above step-by-step guide.

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