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19 Best Virtual Assistant Companies To Use In 2023

virtual assistant companies

Best Virtual Assistant Companies  will be discussed in this article. Remote administrative, technical, and professional support is offered by virtual assistant companies. These independent contractors support daily tasks management and complex duties like marketing.

WoodBows, 24/7 Virtual Assistant, and TheTeamsHub are just a few examples of virtual assistant companies. Companies that use virtual assistants increase administrative effectiveness at a lower cost. These companies supply corporations with professionals with virtual assistant expertise. These services are comparable to those provided by professional employer groups and HR outsourcing firms.

This list consists of:

Top 19 Best Virtual Assistant Companies To Use In 2023

Top 19 Best Virtual Assistant Companies To Use ar explained here.

1. Remote Coworker

A premier virtual assistant outsourcing business, Remote Coworker was established in 2013. The business provides outsourcing for finance, accounting, and human resources. Real estate companies, IT companies, telecommunications companies, and commercial services are among the company’s clients. Amazon, Aavgo, TheDreamzTeam, and Managed IT Solutions are a few of its clientele. Due to its track record of satisfying enterprise-level objectives, Remote Coworker is one of the best virtual executive assistant companies. For improved client interaction, Remote Coworker assists organisations in setting up call centres.

The organisation also offers assistance to businesses in creating consolidated emails. Remote Coworker creates chat boxes, SMS, and call centres. So, if you want to increase client involvement, take into account Remote Coworker. Remote Coworker has trained assistants available for $6.99/hour.

2. WoodBows

With more than ten years of experience, WoodBows is a dependable virtual assistant company. The company prides itself on being one of the top players in the market. WoodBows only accepts 1% of the employment applications it receives. A comprehensive variety of virtual assistant services is offered by WoodBows. A professional account manager and round-the-clock phone and email support are included with the services. You may be sure to receive prompt, high-quality assistance thanks to the dedicated account managers.

WoodBows’ account managers additionally handle lead creation and CRM management. For virtual assistance, the business wants to be your one-stop shop. As a result, WoodBows provides social media management and cold calling. The company also provides website maintenance, amongst other things. WoodBows clients range from businesses to real estate salespeople. The organisation supports any business trying to save time and enhance sales. Working with an expert starts from $14.90/hr.

3. Premium Help

Premium Help has worked with over 1240+ delighted clients. The company offers a dedicated assistant supported by an internal team. Premium Assistance is ideal for you if you require professionals with a variety of talents. For instance, your assistant can assist you with documentation and client follow-up. But, they can also assist in driving visitors to websites that follow excellent practises.

The business provides:

4. Virtual Employee

With Virtual Employee, you may hire the ideal worker in any industry. Hiring with Virtual Workers offers qualified on-demand talent with zero overheads. The corporation wants to reduce your 45-hour workweek to only 4 hours. Virtual Employee provides support for IT, marketing, and sales.

Also, the job assists with data input, mobile app development, and content writing. An experienced talent pool in India will provide you with an employee. In order to determine whether you wish to use the services, the organisation also provides a free trial. The company’s customizable options allow you can scale the services to suit your budget. Study up on Virtual Employee.

5. Boldly

Boldly is a virtual assistant firm that helps businesses manage projects with ease. The business is a top virtual administrative assistant provider in the US. It streamlines business operations in companies with time-consuming, ineffective procedures. The business provides customers with access to assistants who speak a variety of languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish. Boldly’s remote workforce may also assist you in creating marketing assets like logos. Your chosen assistant can write articles and provide management solutions. You can employ these premium executive assistants on a flexible monthly subscription.

6. Zirtual

A knowledgeable and trustworthy virtual assistant is provided by Zirtual. Zirtual assures an easy hiring procedure that develops self-starting remote personnel. In doing so, the company has refined the skill of saving your business some critical time.

Their assistants provide:

7. Apex Call Center

Apex Contact Center focuses on customer service and lead creation. The business also offers help desks, technical assistance, and order processing. The business only provides call-based virtual assistant services. The organisation operates with qualified employees in the Philippines, Mexico, and the US. The company’s clients span from media to e-commerce companies. Moreover, Apex Contact Center provides support for medical and educational facilities. The virtual assistant provider assists you with call management, appointment setting, and script creation. Clients also receive call routing services, payment processing, and billing solutions. Also check Virtual Assistant Services

8. MyTasker

MyTasker understands the discipline of running a business. Consequently, the company focuses on providing top-notch virtual assistant services.

For professional services, MyTasker offers a variety of flexible options, including:

9. Outsource2India

Outsource2India focuses on automating your repetitive chores and unnecessary processes. Simple chores like making appointments and organising events can be handled by the business. Furthermore feasible are data entry, itinerary planning, and business card scanning. This assistant outsourcer can also aid with more difficult activities like data science and legal processing services.

Outsource2India’s services cost from $8 – $10, depending on the nature of the assignment. Cost will also depend on the required skill level and amount of hours. However, hiring an experienced assistant will cost extra. Nonetheless, even for people, the prices are reasonable. Small enterprises might also benefit from their budget rates. Big companies that need specialised or technical services may pay around $15.

10. MyOutDesk

MyOutDesk has served over 7500 clients in its more than 15 years of operation. One of the most reputable virtual assistant companies in existence is this one. MyOutDesk provides administrative assistance, marketing, inside sales, and sales development. Compass Retirement Solutions and Belami eCommerce are two companies that MyOutDesk has previously worked for. The company also works with Fortune 500 companies like Zillow. MyOutDesk’s services use FBI-level background checks to protect client data. They also offer thorough grade screening and a thorough talent-matching procedure. Plans begin at $1,988 per month.

11. Prialto

Prialto is a dependable solution to easily unload your administrative tasks. Prialto focuses on single clients, groups, and large corporations. Regardless of their industry, the corporation promises these clients better productivity. Prialto’s assistants can manage low and high-value jobs, including:

12. Time etc

With affordable virtual assistants situated in the US, Time etc. assists firms in remaining profitable. Employing only the top 2% of assistants, the organisation has performed over one million tasks. Time, Inc. has received positive reviews from Forbes, The Guardian, and Telegraph. These honours are attributable to the company’s focus on aiding entrepreneurs. The organisation thinks that great entrepreneurs need clever assistants. The business claims to have spared business owners around 1.5 million hours.

You may concentrate on your creative work with the help of dedicated account managers. If you require a team, then the company helps you develop a bespoke team to fulfil your company’s goals. Before asking you to sign up for anything, Time etc. offers a free trial. If you are not happy with their work, Time etc has a money-back guarantee.

13. GetFriday

GetFriday offers a dedicated virtual assistant for round-the-clock assistance. The organisation has more than 15 years of expertise and supported businesses in over 80 countries. GetFriday is one of the oldest PA service providers, which explains its reach. GetFriday aids you with personal and business activities with graduate assistants.

GetFriday’s helpers can help with the following:

14. UAssist.Me

Me has offices in Miami, FL, and San Salvador, El Salvador. The business specialises in performing administrative tasks for various sectors. Around 300 American firms have benefited from the assistance of the company’s assistants. The virtual assistants are experts in web development and technology. Several of the experts at this supplier also offer consulting, advertising, and creative services. UAssist.Me allows you to choose what package suits your company.

Plans start at $299 per month for 20 hours and go up to $1444 for full-time employment. You can adapt the service to your changing demands because it is flexible. You receive a personal assistant with a dedicated workstation as well as unlimited US calls.

15. Smith.AI

For business calls and website chat, AI serves as a virtual receptionist. Calls, appointment setting, and onboarding are the main priorities of this virtual assistant business. The organisation is aware that responsive businesses attract and retain more customers. Therefore, Smith. AI will ensure your phone lines are up 24/7. Finance, legal, healthcare, hotel, real estate, and e-commerce companies are among its clients. Smith.AI enhances speed-to-lead and will contact potential internet leads for you. As a result, it increases revenue and relieves pressure on your team.

Smith.Al’s significant clients include:

16. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant gives expert hands that need little to no training to get started. Your personal and professional productivity will increase thanks to the assistance. These kinds of services enable you to take a break or concentrate on the important facets of your organization. 24/7 Virtual Assistant, as the name suggests, works around the clock to simplify your life and company.

Personal services provided by 24/7 Virtual Assistant include:

17. Wishup

Wishup creates remote teams in less than a day. Software testers, bookkeepers, and pre-screened virtual assistants can all be hired quickly. Wishup gives the top 1% of fully managed talent that are always available to help. Also, this virtual assistant may handle email marketing and product research activities.

You can easily manage your email and social media content. The company’s assistant can also manage legal and finance arrangements. Wishup has a high average service rating and more than 500 happy clients. The organisation provides a free consultation with a seven-day money-back guarantee.

18. Virtual assistant Talent

Popular virtual assistant business Virtual Assistant Talent is based in the Philippines. The business handles everything from marketing to accountancy. Virtual Assistant Talent provides services for telemarketing, insurance, and real estate companies. The company offers weekly to monthly subscriptions starting at $9.95 per hour. Virtual Assistant Talent also provides organisations with chat assistance on their websites.

Assume you need help with bookkeeping. Your books are managed by Virtual Assistant Talent in accordance with international standards. One of the best virtual administrative assistant companies for HR services is this one. The company guarantees VA replacement and a no-obligation contract. Yet, thorough evaluations are used while choosing assistants to guarantee your contentment. A wide range of services are provided by Virtual Assistant Talent. As a result, it is appropriate for start-ups, agents and investors, and small business owners. Also check Virtual Bookkeeping Services

19. Arup Virtual Assistant

When it comes to managing different office tasks for your company, Arup Virtual Assistant is a wonderful help. You get inexpensive hourly rates at $6, no hidden costs, and fast signup. Pay-as-you-go service is also available from Arup Virtual Assistant.The company proudly boasts its fixed charge and no monthly fees.

This website for a virtual assistant offers services for:


The goal of virtual assistant companies is to significantly simplify your work. These companies offer services for both personal and professional requirements. The services include shopping, travel booking, accountancy, and marketing.These virtual assistant services save companies a lot on personnel costs. Small companies still attempting to find their foothold will find the service crucial to growth. Many virtual assistants have prior training and are prepared to assist right away. Businesses are prepared for success thanks to the contractors’ skills, which boost output and occasionally sales. Next, check out virtual Admin Professionals Day ideas and executive assistant tools.

Virtual Assistant Companies FAQ

The most frequent queries about virtual assistant companies are listed below.

What exactly do virtual assistant companies do?

To help with corporate chores, virtual assistant companies offer their services. Virtual assistants provide remote firms with a range of customer-facing, accounting, marketing, and managerial services. Personal, administrative, and technological services are all available.

Which virtual assistant companies are the best?

The top virtual assistant companies are listed below.

Where might I locate a virtual assistant?

You may locate virtual assistants on several virtual assistant company websites. Numerous virtual assistant companies have professionals in many professions on hand to assist. The companies also offer flexible options that scale with your workload.

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