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Top 6 Best Vellum Alternatives In 2023

Best Vellum Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Up until recently, the world of book layout was ruled by the excellent formatting tool Vellum. However, it has a couple significant drawbacks:

At $199.99 for ebook configuration and $249.99 for the entire print package, it is incredibly pricey. It only works on Macs. It only offers formatting; it lacks any other functional writing capabilities. Since many authors already possess PCs and don’t want to spend money on a Mac just to utilize one tool, they may be wondering whether Vellum alternatives are good. So what is the most effective Vellum substitute? Atticus, an all-in-one tool for authors to create and format their books, is the finest substitute.

Comparison of vellum and atticus

Even so, it might not be suitable for everyone, so I’ve compiled a list of the top Vellum substitutes below.

This post will teach you what the greatest Vellum substitute is and why. Note that some of these links are affiliate ones, which means we may receive a small profit if you decide to purchase any of the tools mentioned here. However, there is no additional cost to you, and all proceeds go to the collective Kindlepreneur coffee fund.

Top 6 Best Vellum Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Top 6 Best Vellum Alternatives In 2023 here are the details below;

The Best Vellum alternative: Atticus

The Finest Vellum Substitute: By far, the best formatting program and Vellum substitute is Atticus Atticus. It not only has all the functionality Vellum has, but it is also accessible on PC, less expensive, and capable of much more than just formatting. While Vellum can be used in some ways on a PC, doing so requires paying extra for a cloud service.

In fact, it is designed to be an all-in-one writing tool, allowing you to write, edit, and format your book in the same location. You can read our whole summary and a discussion of why Atticus is superior to Vellum here.

How much does Atticus cost?

Atticus is like vellum but cheaper and works on all computers, according to a poster.

A lifetime subscription to Atticus costs $147. That’s it; there are no conditions. Who would want to pay a monthly fee to write all of their books only to risk losing them if they stopped paying the cost?

With Atticus’ lifetime fee, you receive all future upgrades gratis—and trust me, there will be a lot of updates.

Atticus features

Features by Atticus

  • Atticus has the following features:
  • Accessible on PCs, Macs, Linux systems, and Chromebooks
  • Individual chapter topics
  • Both print and ebook formats
  • Integration with ProWritingAid
  • Goal monitoring for word count in a game
  • Backups, cloud storage, and autosave
  • Use offline
  • A sophisticated gadget previewer
  • Full-bleed photos
  • Alternatives for large print
  • Reusable parts

Pros to Using Atticus

  • It is compatible with all platforms.
  • It is totally adaptable.
  • Simple to use
  • Much less expensive than Vellum
  • A flexible theme creator
  • Both a word processor and a formatting program.

Cons to using Atticus

Not every feature is accessible at launch.

Conclusion: Atticus is not only the best Vellum substitute, but it is also rapidly becoming the best writing program overall. I urge anyone looking for a Vellum substitute to take a close look at Atticus.

Having said that, let’s talk about some of the other Vellum options in case Atticus isn’t the right fit for you for any reason.

There are a few additional paid Vellum substitutes in addition to Atticus that are worth taking a look at.

1. Windows Word

Windows Word

Microsoft Word technically has the ability to be used as formatting software, despite the fact that this was not its intended usage. Furthermore, formatting in Microsoft Word can be challenging and need numerous little adjustments (all of which might be automated in tools like Atticus or Vellum).

Fortunately, we’ve created a thorough instruction on how to format a book in Word, which you can view here.

How much Does Microsoft Word Cost?

It costs $159.99 to get a license for one machine that only includes Microsoft Word. Typically, purchasing Microsoft 365, which includes all of Microsoft’s office software programs in a monthly subscription for $6.99, is the preferable choice.

Pros of Using Microsoft Word

  • It is a popular program.
  • You’re in complete control.
  • There are many people that can use Microsoft Word.

Cons of Using Microsoft Word

  • A book’s correct formatting takes a very long time.
  • Errors are simple to make.
  • It’s simple to choose the incorrect font.
  • The learning curve for formatting is steep.

The Bottom Line: Microsoft Word is not quite as intuitive as Vellum, it can be a good substitute for individuals who are familiar with it and have access to it.

2. Adobe Indesign

Adobe Indesign

The capabilities of Adobe Indesign are unsurpassed. When it comes to formatting, it is able to accomplish practically everything you ask of it. Do you desire a sophisticated magazine layout? Done. Creating a phone book’s format? Done.

The learning curve is tremendous, though, and for the majority of authors, it will be like attempting to cut bread with a chainsaw. Simply said, it’s more than most of us require.

How Much Does Adobe Indesign cost?

Products from Adobe are available through a subscription service. It will cost $20.99 per month if you just want to subscribe to Adobe InDesign. If you utilize multiple Adobe products, it is more cost-effective to subscribe to the full design suite, which costs $52.99 per month. Atticus, an all-in-one tool for authors to create and format their books, is the greatest substitute for Vellum.

Pros of using Adobe InDesign

It makes stunning, well-designed books and can format them in almost any way you can think of.

Cons of using Adobe InDesign

  • The learning curve is rather steep.
  • Most authors don’t need most functionalities.
  • It is really pricey.

The Bottom Line: Although technically much more sophisticated than Vellum, Adobe InDesign is far more difficult to use. Unless you are creating anything more complicated, like a magazine, Vellum is a much better program for simplicity of design and ease of usage.

3. Scrivener


As their main piece of writing software, Scrivener is used by many authors. You might be relieved to learn that Scrivener provides simple formatting features if this describes you.

Similar to Microsoft Word, it can be challenging to get every last detail correct, and there is a steep learning curve. Thankfully, we have a thorough guide on how to format a book in Scrivener, which I urge you to read.

How Much Does Scrivener Cost?

For Windows, Scrivener costs $49; for Windows and Mac, it costs $80; and for iOS, it costs $19.99. Furthermore, Scrivener charges you for each significant update. You will have to pay again if you already own Scrivener 2 and wish to upgrade to Scrivener 3.

Pros of Using Scrivener

It’s practical for writers who already own Scrivener.

Cons of Using Scrivener

  • It has a steep learning curve.
  • The ability to format text is not as customizable as it is in Vellum, Atticus, or even Microsoft Word.
  • No theme builder for chapters

The bottom line: For individuals who already own it and don’t want to spend more money, Scrivener can still be beneficial even though it lacks Vellum’s intuitive formatting features and is less customisable.

Free Alternatives to Vellum

There are a few free choices you might consider if you can’t afford Atticus or any of the other options. The results won’t be identical to those of a commercial application, of course, but some of these can be helpful for simple formatting.

4. Kindle Create

Kindle Create

Since Kindle Create was developed by Amazon itself, authors have at least one free alternative for formatting books. Since Kindle Create was developed by Amazon, you don’t have to stress about the file types being inconsistent with Amazon KDP, which is one of its best features. When you upload your ebook to their platform, you can rest knowing that it will function.

However, it has a very small selection of templates, and there aren’t many ways to customize it (as one might anticipate from free software).

How much does creating a Kindle cost?

For all users, Kindle Create is totally free. You can get started by visiting the website and downloading the file.

Pros of Use Kindle Create

It generates Amazon-compatible ebooks and is free

Cons of Use Kindle Create

Because it doesn’t export to EPUB or MOBI, it’s challenging to upload to other services.

Compared to Atticus or Vellum, it is less customizable.

The usability could be improved.

The Bottom line: Kindle Create is a fantastic, cost-free replacement for Vellum. However, if you want greater control over your formatting, its fundamental features are far from satisfactory.

5. Reedsy


The Reedsy Book Editor is a free alternative that allows you to format your book simply and easily online. It’s important to note that Reedsy offers a large number of book formatters who you can hire to format your book for you. Their primary goal with this free tool is to get you to hire someone. Nevertheless, because it is so simple to use, it is a great tool for anyone looking for a free alternative.

What Is the Price of Reedsy?

All users of Reedsy have free access to the book editor. You cannot download it onto your PC because it is purely cloud-based.

Pros of Use Reedsy

  • Free and very simple to use
  • Contains most of the things a fiction writer would require.

Cons of Using Reedsy

  • It is overly basic.
  • It lacks Atticus or Vellum’s level of personalization or their selection of themes.
  • In order to use Reedsy, you must employ someone.
  • Not available offline

The bottom line: Another fantastic free Vellum substitute is Reedsy’s Book Editor. However, you’ll need to look into Atticus or one of the premium solutions if you want something with more functionality.

6. Draft2Digital


Without the trouble of needing to physically go into an online bookstore, Draft2Digital is renowned as a book distribution company that will get your book into any online retailer. It’s possible that you were unaware that they also offer book formatting services. You need simply upload a word document or an EPUB file to use this, and it will guide you through the formatting process.

Although Draft2Digital offers several themes, the formatting procedure is not very user-friendly and is difficult to adjust. Because of this, I advise using a different program to format your book before uploading it to Draft2Digital. Despite this, there are still a lot of things you can do with the free service.

What is the price of Draft2Digital?

Draft2Digital doesn’t charge anything for formatting. However, Draft2Digital takes a 10% share of your sales if you sell your books through them.

Pros of Use Draft2Digital

  • It’s unpaid.
  • They have many unique templates.

Cons of Use Draft2Digital

The customization tools are somewhat cumbersome. Once the text has been uploaded to Draft2Digital, it cannot be changed. You must reupload and format the text if you need to edit it.

The Bottom Line: Is that while Draft2Digital can format a book and has a large selection of unique themes, it is far less capable than Vellum and has a poor capacity to make minor adjustments.

Which Vellum Alternative Is the Best for You?

For the majority of authors, Atticus is a better option than Vellum because it is less expensive, has more features, and is also available on PC and other platforms.

However, if you’re searching for a cost-free option, I’d suggest Kindle Create.

However, not every piece of software is ideal for every user, which is why this page also includes a number of other utilities. Please tell us which one works best for you and which Vellum substitute you have found to be most useful.

FAQ Regarding Vellum Alternatives

Is there a PC equivalent of Vellum?

Yes, Atticus is a tool similar to Vellum that can be used on Linux, Chromebooks, PCs, and Macs. It is more widely accessible, costs less, and has the same functionality as Vellum. It is the best formatting program we can think of, as well as the best Vellum substitute.

What is the opposite of Vellum?

Atticus is the greatest alternative to Vellum because it is $100 less expensive, offers the same capabilities, and is accessible on more platforms. The finest free alternative to Vellum is Kindle Create, a book formatting program created by Amazon. We advise both for the majority of authors.

Is Vellum available for free?

Vellum may be downloaded for free to test it out, however you cannot format a book with it for free. You must pay $199.99 for the ebook version or $249.99 for the complete ebook and print bundle if you wish to format your books using Vellum.

Can Vellum compete with Scrivener?

Vellum is not a superior writing program to Scrivener. But when it comes to formatting tools, Vellum beats Scrivener hands down. We suggest Atticus if you want a single package that works well for both writing and formatting. It is more affordable than Vellum and compatible with Windows.


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