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Top 4 Valorant Trackers To See Valorant Stats

Valorant Trackers To See Valorant Stats will be described in this article. This essay introduces the top 4 valuable trackers, describing their uses and features. Read this post right away if you want to see your or your teammates’ heroic statistics!

Top 4 Valorant Trackers To See Valorant Stats

In this article, you can know about Valorant Trackers here are the details below;


The in-game tracking tool known as Valorant Tracker shows your teammates’ and foes’ valorous stats while you play. You may track your valorous stats, see your valorous ranks, progress, match history, and other things with our valorous stat tracker. The following objects’ statistics are displayed appropriately by

  • Ratio K/D
  • Most common agent
  • Least effective agent
  • Win-to-loss ratio
  • % of headshots
  • Prime weapons
  • Playtime in hours and more, one of the top Valorant stats trackers, enables you to view Valorant information both online and offline. Go to the official website of Valorant if you wish to view its statistics online. When you click the search field, a drop-down menu with options for Favorites, Recent Players, and Search Results will appear.

To access Favorites, you must first log in. To sign in, select Sign in with Riot ID and adhere to the on-screen directions. If the target isn’t shown in the menu, type the player’s name into the search box and press Enter.

Advice: Riot ID consists of a name and a hashtag with 3-5 numbers or characters. Additionally, using Riot to sign in will make your profile public.

Follow the teachings below to download, install, and utilize to view the Valorant stats on an app. Devices running iOS, Android, and Windows can all download On Windows PCs, we demonstrate how to obtain and utilize it here.

Step 1: Navigate to’s official website.

Step 2: Select Valorant Tracker (with a Windows icon) from the drop-down menu by relating the Get the Apps option.

Click on the Get the Apps

Step 3: To begin the download, click the Download Now option on the following screen.

Step 4: To launch Valorant Tracker – Installer.exe, double-click on it after downloading.

Step 5: Select the language that best fits your situation and press Next.

 Choose a language based on your condition and click Next

Step 6: Install Valorant stat tracker by following the instructions on the screen. Click Launch Valorant Tracker to access the program’s main interface after the installation is complete.

Follow the on-screen instruction to install Valorant stat tracker

Step 7: From the Home Menu, you may access the menus for various game modes.

Match History: From this tab, you can check the stats from your last 20 matches.

Performance: The charts supplied for metrics will show you many ways in which you are improving. Under this tab, you may see how well you did. Also check Job Tracking Software 

Agents: This page has statistics for each individual agent.

Maps: It displays your performance on each map.

Weapons: It shows the player’s gun’s statistics.

Live Match: Click the Guides tab to access advice for the agent under this tab.

Guides: You can post your own or view all the guides for any agency you select.

You can view all the guides

#2. DAK.GG

An online Val tracker is DAK.GG. Viewing the Valorous stats from it is quite simple. To do that, simply navigate to its official website, type the play’s name there, and press Enter. As an alternative, you can sign in with Riot to view the statistics.

Actually, DAK.GG is a stat tracker for games like PUBG, Eternal Return, Warzone, League of Legends, TeamFight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and Apex Legends in addition to tracking numbers for Valorant.


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#3. Senpai Valorant Tracker

Offers the same ability to view Valorant statistics online or off-line (via an app) that does. You can keep track of your own and other players’ Valorant stats, ranks, match histories, etc. using this Valorant stat tracker. Log in to your account to view your Valorous profile and statistics.

Valorant profile data provide further information regarding agents and weapon usage. Visit the Valorant’s official website, type the player’s name, and press Enter to get the stats there. Download the app by selecting the DOWNLOAD APP button on the website if you wish to attempt the offline method. After that, install it and run it by following the on-screen directions.

Senpai Valorant Tracker

#4. Spike Stats – Valorant Tracker

A free tool called Spike Stats for Valorant analyzes gaming performance data and presents it in a simple manner. It is utilized as a Valorant Performance Tracker, which is different from other Val trackers in the article.  You need make sure your gadget complies with the specifications listed below for it to run.

  • iOS 10.0 or later for iPhone
  • iOS 10.0 or later for the iPod touch
  • Mac: a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later, and macOS 11.0 or later.

This Valorous Performance Tracker is available for purchase and download from the Mac App Store.

Spike Stats

The aforementioned Val trackers allow you to view the valorant stat. You can readily test the pace of your storage device with its Disk Benchmark tool. As well as performing various disk or partition-related tasks, this software enables you to create, format, extend, transfer, resize, erase, delete, and recover partitions. Also check Babytorrent Alternatives


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