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Top 5+ Ways Your Ad Campaigns Can Build Trust With Your Agency

Your ad campaigns can build trust with the help of your agency. 2020 was uncertain, and 2021 doesn’t look like it will be much different. In these unusual and hard times, businesses are cutting back on spending to get through the storm. So how can you get potential clients to trust your agency’s services and pay for them? There is a simple solution. Amid all the uncertainty, you must demonstrate that your company is a reliable source of legitimacy and trust. You can start by spending time on self-promotion. Start with these seven ideas if you’re looking for doable strategies to establish trust with potential clients in your agency.

What Do Your Potential Clients Want?

Let’s be honest: using an agency can be risky for most businesses, especially when a lot of money is at stake. So, when looking for a new agency to hire, potential clients want to know whether or not you can do the job they’ve asked you to do well. Of course, they will want to know exactly what your agency does and how you can benefit their business. But in such a competitive field, you’re already halfway there if you can set yourself apart from the competition and differentiate potential clients so they can trust your agency to do the job well.

Top 5+ Ways Your Ad Campaigns Can Build Trust With Your Agency

You need to increase your agency in the best light possible to get more clients. In real life, this means you need to do the following things to establish your credibility:

1. Make To See If Your Website Is Up To Par

84 percent of consumers think that a company’s credibility goes up when it has a website. A firm’s website is its storefront and gives important information about the company and its services. For your website to make a good first impression, it needs to be up-to-date and well-designed. Your agency’s website needs to have some pages that are stronger than others. This is because potential clients are more likely to talk to them directly to find out if you are qualified and to learn more about what your agency does. On these pages, you’ll find:

The Page Called “About Us” Or “Meet The Team”

A smart “meet the team” website builds a relationship with potential customers by putting faces to names and personalities to groups of services. Everyone knows that an agency wouldn’t exist without the people who run it, so be proud to show off the people who make your great job possible. If you can do it creatively, you get extra points.

The Page About Case Studies And Customer Stories

Before they hire you, clients want to know how good your services are. In other words, they want evidence that your company is as great as you say it is. Case studies and client success stories from current clients could help with this because they are a proven approach to building trust and confidence. In addition, before spending money on your services, people want evidence that your agency will do a good job. This is why 87 percent of buyers in 2020 will look at online reviews of local businesses.

Make your case studies page a who of your biggest and best clients. Include photos and quotes to confirm that you worked with them and show future clients that you are good at what you do. Don’t be afraid to talk in-depth about your projects, either. The more information and insight you can give potential customers, the easier it will be for them to choose. For example, one thing is to know how much to charge your clients, but another is to explain your agency’s price clearly and simply.

As soon as a potential customer visits your price page, give them something of value to build trust immediately. That means giving a short, clear summary of all the most crucial and in-demand services your company offers. A services matrix is a good tool to show others this information. This is another method to gain trust in your ad campaigns. You could also choose to keep your prices a secret. If so, switch to a contact form.

2. Be Present And Active On Social Media

Building a community around a brand and increasing trust are two benefits for businesses with a strong and active social media presence. A study found that 54 percent of shoppers check out items on social media before making them. Because of this, clients looking for a new agency would likely use social media to find one. Keep your current and potential clients up to date on how your agency works by telling them funny stories from the office and praising the job you’ve been doing. It also lets potential customers learn about your company and the people who are doing the work. As you work to establish a social media presence for your agency, keep the following in mind:

1 – Choose the right social media platforms for posting.

2 – Give potential clients information that will show you understand their problems.

3 – Use social media to get the word about your organization’s stand.

4 – Be honest and open with the people who support you.

5 – Talk to potential customers all the time.

Well, if you manage a social media marketing company, this is your chance to get better.

3. Get Official Certification In As Many Things As Possible

How knowledge can help. The more knowledgeable your staff is, the better job you can do for your clients and the better your firm’s knowledge will be. This is another way to build trust in your ad campaigns. You or your team can get a variety of well-known marketing credentials for free. The goal of these courses is to help anyone improve their skills. They cover important topics like marketing and advertising on social media. Here are some of the most well-known certifications in marketing:

1 – Google Ads certification.

2 – Google Analytics Certification.

3 – HubSpot Content Marketing Certification.

4 – The Facebook Blueprint.

5 – The Twitter Flight Training.

4. Get Customer Testimonials And Show Off Your Work

In today’s market, social evidence is a big part of how people decide what to buy. For example, buyers look at an average of 10 online reviews of a local business before they decide to trust it. So testimonials are your secret weapon if you wish to convince potential clients that they need your agency’s help. Why? Because they end up being your most loyal fans and best clients. Also, they can be used in many different ways to improve your organization’s reputation.

This is another way to build trust in your ad campaigns. As we’ve already talked about, website testimonials are one approach to establish trust and highlight your agency’s successes. They can also be used as part of your agency’s larger message. As an example, customer reviews make great social media posts. You could also put them in your email signature or in proposals you send to clients.

Showing off your work on your site is a great way to show potential clients how you work and that your company can keep its promises. Make sure only to highlight your best and most recent work, and be sure to back up your achievements with evidence and results that can be checked.

5. Spend Money On An Agency Listing In A Directory

For an agency to be crucial, it needs to have testimonials from happy clients, but sometimes you also need to look at where customers go to review other services. Here’s when a good directory of agencies could come in handy! Customers and agencies can benefit from using a directory of digital agencies because it can save them time and reduce the amount of searching they have to do to find each other. In addition, this is another way to build trust in your ad campaigns. In case you didn’t know, Digital Agency Network is a list of all the best digital marketing companies in the world. You’ll be listed among the best digital marketing professionals if you join DAN.

6. Carefully Choose The Marketing Toolkit You Use

To service your clients well, you’ll need the right set of toolkits (as well as your agency brand). This is another way to build trust in your ad campaigns. Choose solutions that work well and efficiently but also give you something extra, like a network of affiliates that can help you find new clients or agency pricing tailored to your company model. You can also improve your reputation by using some SaaS providers’ exclusive features and agency collaboration programs. For example, Sendible, which makes tools for managing social media, offers a co-branded service that lets you put your logo on their app. It might take a few tries to find the right tools for your company, but once you do and they help you increase client services easier, your agency’s reputation will go up.

7. Put Yourself Out There And Share Your Expertise For Free

Few things are as good as having a good conversation with someone, especially if you know how to solve one of their problems. This is another way to build trust in your ad campaigns. So, if you’re an agency owner in a position of authority or knowledge, why not think about sharing your knowledge with people who could benefit? You could start by joining Facebook groups for professionals interested in the same things and offering your services free by answering their questions. Other acceptable ways to promote your business and build trust by showing you know what you’re talking about are guest blogging, webinars, and podcasts.


There are many ways for agencies to show that they are trustworthy. Using your agency’s specialization to set it apart from the competition is key. You can use social media to build a community around your brand, ask happy customers for testimonials, or join a well-known agency network like DAN.


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