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Top 5 TrackID Alternatives To Identify Songs With Ease

TrackID Alternatives

Best TrackID Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Everybody has experienced the feeling of being completely engulfed by a song’s melodies while they are playing in a club or anywhere else. When that happens, everything else ceases to matter, and all you want to do is learn the song’s title. In the past, it might have been challenging to do that, but since the introduction of several music recognition software, it has been very simple. You simply had to open the app on your smartphone and wait for it to recognize the song. For this, TrackID has always been my go-to app.

One of the most dependable and user-friendly music identification programs available was TrackID. It used to allow you to not only recognize songs but also play them from within the app thanks to Spotify integration. Additionally, you could view the artist’s whole catalog and get recommendations for the best tracks. By now, you may have realized that I am referring to my favorite app in the past tense. It’s because Sony has formally declared that TrackID will no longer be downloadable or usable as of September 2017. So, here are the top 5 TrackID alternatives you can use if you’re like me and are now looking for its replacement:

Although Sony’s TrackID software was only available for Android, we’ve provided alternatives for both Android and iOS users below.

Top 5 TrackID Alternatives To Identify Songs With Ease

In this article, you can know about TrackID Alternatives here are the details below;

1. SoundHound

In my testing and use, SoundHound has shown to be the greatest TrackID substitute. To start with, this app is fantastic at recognizing apps. The software reliably and quickly recognizes the song in any noisy environment. One of the multiple useful features of the software is that, in addition to identifying the music, it frequently also correctly identifies the version, which was really amazing when it happened for the first time. When I tried this app, I was listening to a live version of the song on YouTube, and it properly recognized the concert where the music was recorded. SoundHound immediately captured my heart.

In addition, you can play the music using the app because Google Play Music is integrated. Similar to TrackID, it provides recommendations for the best songs over the artist’s entire discography. The app also has a cute little widget that, when you press on it, starts listening to and identifying songs even though it only has the appearance of an app icon. That tiny, harmless widget has established a permanent home in the middle of my home screen. Just very simple to use. I absolutely adore the animation that plays as the song is being identified. Also check DeviantArt Alternatives

The only thing I really dislike about this app is how many adverts it has. Fortunately, there is an in-app purchase option to disable the advertising. If you often use this app, I’d advise you to acquire that.

Install Windows, iOS, and Android (Free; an in-app purchase of $5.99 will remove advertisements.)

2. Shazam

One of the earliest apps that popularized music identification software was Shazam. It is quick to recognize music and nearly always does so correctly. It offers a “Discover” section where you may find new music based on your favorite genres and artists, and it remembers all of your searches in its history tab. The tracks can also be heard from within the app thanks to Google Play Music integration. It contains a little widget that makes using the app very simple, just like SoundHound does. However, my dislike of Shazam’s interface’s color choices is purely personal.

The app load time, on the other hand, is objective. Shazam takes a little bit longer to launch than SoundCloud. You must purchase the Pro edition of the software to remove the advertising from the free version, which is loaded with them.

Install Windows, iOS, and Android (Free; an in-app purchase of $6.99 will remove advertisements.)

3. MusicID

Look into MusicID if you want a small, straightforward app. The app’s extremely straightforward user interface adheres to Google’s Material Design UI language. The software looks really tidy and has no advertisements. The app’s interface just has one button at the bottom, tapping which will cause it to begin identifying any music. It does need a little better effort than Shazam or SoundHound to identify a song. However, when it recognizes the song, it provides you with all of the song’s details as well as a choice to purchase the song from Amazon. However, this is where its advantages end because there is neither a widget for the app nor a means to play the song directly from the app. If you want to utilize a free music discovery app without advertisements, this is the app to use.

4. Musixmatch

For your Android smartphone, Musixmatch simply functions as a music player and lyrics finder. Like the other apps on the list, you can use it to recognize music as well. The software is not as simple to use as others because it does a number of different tasks, including detecting music. You must enter the hamburger menu and choose the “Identify Lyrics” option in order to identify a piece of music. The app will then begin playing the music and play the lyrics while also identifying the song. But because this isn’t really a music recognition software, it’s hard to operate and takes a long time to recognize songs. The app is available for free with adverts, but you can remove the ads with a paid monthly or annual subscription. Also check Miro Alternatives

Download Musixmatch for Android and iOS (free; $1/month for ad removal).

5. Genius

Genius is the program for you if you want something that can recognize songs and their words but is not as complex as Musixmatch. It is a much lighter and simpler to use app than Musixmatch and takes less time to identify songs. The nicest thing about this app is that there are no adverts and it is absolutely free to use. In addition to identifying music, you can use the app to search for globally popular music. It comes with a built-in YouTube player that supports picture-in-picture mode, allowing you to read the lyrics while the music video is playing. Overall, if you like to recognize music and read the lyrics of the songs you are listening to, this app is a great tool to have.

Install: iOS and Android (free)

Bonus: Using The Inbuild voice Assistants

Each smartphone nowadays, whether it runs on Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows, has its own built-in digital assistant. These helpers enable us to complete a range of jobs and are developing in capability day by day. These helpers are capable of doing several jobs, including music recognition. need your device’s built-in assistant if you don’t want to install a separate app and only sometimes need the song identification feature. To achieve that, you merely need to be aware of the appropriate terms. Let’s take some time to learn those keywords.

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is without a doubt the best virtual assistant available today. In terms of music identification speed, it is likewise the quickest. Simply activate the Google Assistant on your Android smartphone and ask it “What song is this”, “What is this song”, or “Name this song” and have it recognize the song in a matter of seconds. The earlier Android smartphone running Google Now can also use this capability. The functionality is still geo-restricted, though, and is only available in a select few nations including the US and Canada.

2. Siri

When it comes to contextual awareness or conversational queries, Siri may lag behind the Google Assistant, but when it comes to music identification, it competes head-to-head with it. Additionally, the function is global in scope and not geo-restricted. Similar to Google Assistant, Siri uses a keyword to help you find songs. Siri will identify the song for you if you ask it “What song is playing right now?” or “Name that song” or “Which song is this?” The Siri app for Mac also supports the capability. Also check  SwiftKey Alternatives 

3. Cortana

You’ll be glad to know that Cortana keeps up with Windows Mobile when it comes to song recognition if you’re a die-hard fan of Windows Mobile and still use a smartphone that runs the operating system. Simply enter the term “What song is playing?” or any other phrase that sounds similar, and the song will be recognized for you. The function is likewise functional on the app’s desktop version. However, the Cortana app for iOS or Android does not support this capability.

Best TrackID Alternatives you can use to identify music

Although it is disappointing to see such a fantastic app leave the Play Store, the lifespan of apps in the digital world is what it is. You must be aware that while an app can be your favorite right now, it might not even be available tomorrow. Old apps frequently get replaced by new ones. I’ve come to terms with this reality; my only desire is that the departing apps will allow you to export your data. Sadly, TrackID does not offer this option, thus you will need to manually save your song list. However, there are plenty of apps to take its place, which is a good thing. Will TrackID be missed? Tell us what you’re going to use as an alternative app in the comment section below.

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