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Top Best PDF Printer Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC (2022)

It’s a great technique to save time and effort to print to PDF. Users must utilise a third-party PDF printer application because Windows does not include a print to PDF option, making it necessary to convert files to PDF. You can save and print documents in the PDF format with PDF printers. The document can be easily printed from any computer using one of the various PDF printer apps that are readily available. The list of Free PDF Printers for Windows 10 PCs may be seen below.

For Windows 10, 8, and 7 computers, the best free PDF printer

You’ll learn about some of the top print to PDF programmes for Windows OS in this blog post, which will make printing PDF files simple.

1. Advanced PDF Manager

Advanced PDF Manager
The Systweak Software-created and -developed Advanced PDF Manager is an easy-to-use programme for people who manage and work with a range of PDF documents on a regular basis. The programme is a straightforward utility that includes many modules for opening, viewing, printing, moving, sorting, splitting, merging, and protecting PDFs, among other things.

2. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC
One of the most popular PDF printers is Adobe Acrobat DC, which has remained the norm for most users. For all things PDF-related, including PDF printing, Adobe Acrobat DC is the one-stop shop. It supports all types of PDF files, even those that are encrypted, and offers several editing and annotating features via plugins.

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3. Bullzip Free PDF Printer

Bullzip Free PDF Printer

You may print to PDF from a number of programmes using the Microsoft printer called Bullzip Free PDF Printer. This ad-free, no-cost PDF printer is available now. On the other side, it has very few editing and conversion options. But this Windows 10 free PDF printer supports a number of output formats, including TIFF, PCX, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and PDF. Other options like watermark text, size, transparency, and rotation are also supported.

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4. PDFelement

Original PDF files may be easily printed in batches without losing their formatting thanks to PDFelement. However, PDFelement, one of the best PDF editor applications, will make it simple if you need to make any changes to the document thanks to its many editing choices.
The document can be edited by adding or deleting text, adding or deleting photos, and even adding annotations. Wondershare Due of all of these features and many more, PDFelement is the best PDF printer for Windows.

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5. EaseUS PDF Editor

EaseUS PDF Editor
EaseUS PDF Editor is one of the various free and paid PDF printers that are available for printing images or documents to PDF on a Windows PC. You can effortlessly convert your pictures and Microsoft files to PDF using our free Windows PDF printer. Before printing, you can make changes to the file using the editing tools, such as adding text, removing the watermark, updating the PDF with a date, etc. It’s also among the best PDF converter applications out there. It enables you to convert PDF to more than 10+ common and popular file formats without sacrificing quality when it comes to conversion options.

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6. PDF-Xchange Printer

PDF-Xchange Printer
The PDF-Xchange Printer is a very dependable PDF printer that makes it very easy for users to print to PDF. Additionally, it offers improved editing features that make it easier to alter and annotate texts before printing. It’s also one of the most popular pieces of portable PDF software.

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7. CutePDF Writer

CutePDF Writer
Numerous applications, including word processors, photo editors, and internet browsers, are compatible with our Free PDF Printer for Windows 10. It contains a number of features that make it simpler to edit PDF files and is handy for producing them as well.

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8. Foxit PDF Printer

Foxit PDF Printer
This free PDF printer is a great choice if you need a simple PDF printer that is just as dependable as more complex ones. A wide range of features that improve Foxit PDF Printer’s ability to edit and print PDF files have recently helped it gain popularity. Foxit includes an easy-to-use graphical user interface and makes editing straightforward.

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9. Nitro PDF Printer

Nitro PDF Printer
This PDF printer should be used when you don’t want to fuss with many settings. Nitro is quite dependable and a well-liked option among people who only want to browse and print PDF files. It won’t overwhelm the user, though. It may load multiple documents at once, making document comparison simple. It has a variety of annotation tools that let users annotate documents and convert PDF files to other formats.

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10. Expert PDF Printer

Expert PDF Printer
If you only need to make little changes to your PDF, this free PDF printer and reader is a great option because it can handle light annotation and editing without any trouble. If all you want to do is read PDF documents, this software has everything you need.

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The Best Free PDF Printer for Windows PC According to Your Selection

A programme called Free PDF Printer for Windows 10 is a need. Your text documents, photos, and other appropriate items can be converted to PDF files using this tool, making them ready to print on any device. While some apps are just PDF printer applications, others provide editing options. Given that PDF-Xchange Printer is free, easy to use, and packed with features, we advise using it.


In Windows, how can I add a PDF printer?

To add PDF as one of the default printer options, you need to explicitly add the printer using Control Panel > Device & Printers > Add a Printer option on your Windows 10 PC. Select Adobe PDF or any other PDF printer installed on your system from the drop-down list and click Add a Local Printer with Manual Settings.

Which printer is best for printing PDF files?

Consumers may print to PDF more easily thanks to the reliable PDF printer known as the PDF-Xchange Printer. Additionally, it has enhanced editing features that make it simpler to alter and comment texts prior to printing.

Can Windows print to a PDF file?

The free PDF Printer for Windows 10 app allows you to print to PDF on Windows 10.
Any of the applications presented in this post may be chosen.

How can I set up Adobe PDF as a printer?

Install Adobe Acrobat DC on your computer, and your PC’s PDF printer choice will be added instantly. You can repair the Acrobat app or reinstall it if you already have it installed and cannot see the option.


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