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10 Top Applicant Tracking system in 2022

In my 20+ years in people and culture, I’ve worked with a variety of top applicant tracking systems (ATS) and other recruitment technologies and have been responsible for every aspect of the employee lifecycle.

In this article, I’ll go over my top picks for the top applicant tracking systems available today.

The 10 Best Applicant Tracking Systems Explained

Here’s a quick rundown of each of the ATS top applicant tracking systems mentioned above.

1,  Pinpoint Best for in-house talent acquisition and people teams

Pinpoint is an applicant tracking system for internal talent acquisition and people management teams, not for recruiting agencies.

Pinpoint is a powerful tool that is yet simple to use, thanks to its straightforward design and user experience. Recruiters and hiring managers can be swiftly onboarded and up and running, with further assistance from the customer success team.

Pinpoint includes standard ATS and talent CRM features including job board multiposting and social media advertising, as well as unlimited customised workflows, automation, interview scheduling, and employee onboarding. Single sign on, two factor authentication, and tools to help manage compliance with local legislation like the GDPR/CCPA are just a few of the data protection and security features available.

Pinpoint has a bespoke careers website, blind screening to help decrease unconscious bias, candidate scorecards for capturing quick and objective hiring manager input, and a reporting package that includes a custom report builder.

Pinpoint has native interfaces with hundreds of different platforms, as well as a Zapier integration with over 3,000 other tools. When paid annually, Pinpoint costs $500 per month.
They provide tailored demos as well as a demo video on demand.

2. Best customizable ATS solution

HR managers may utilise the embedded forms on to collect applicant information and centralise it on a single high-level overview, making it easy to know where each candidate is in the hiring process at any given time. It’s simple to create a customised form on When someone fills out the form, their responses are immediately logged and sorted on a single platform.

Using no-code automations, hiring managers may easily streamline manual procedures. No-code automations ensure that information never goes through the cracks, whether it’s connecting with candidates, notifying team members about developments, or reminding everyone of important deadlines. Simply make any notes or remarks you have on an applicant in the platform’s in-app area. As a result, all pertinent information is readily available.

Remember that the no-code automations are only available on their standard plan ($14/user/month) and higher. This is probably why this is one of their most popular plans. Third-party connectors, timeline charts, and calendar views will also be available. HR teams seeking for a complete ATS solution should start here (skip the freemium).

G-suite, LinkedIn, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and dozens of additional technologies are all integrated into one platform.

3. VidCruiter Best for high volume recruiting and candidate screening

The ATS from VidCruiter makes it simple to go through a large number of applications and rank and sort them based on their qualities for each vacancy. Their solution also speeds up recruiting by automating communication such as auto-generated thank you emails and other relevant messaging focused on future steps and hiring decisions.

You may even contact via text right from VidCruiter’s system to make it easier to reach prospects on the fly. The VidCruiter system also allows for collaborative hiring. Recruiters can provide a secure link to hiring managers to share applicant profiles without the manager having to log in. Recruiting teams can use their system’s superior video interviewing capabilities once top prospects have been identified.

VidCruiter offers structured digital interviews where candidates record answers to pre-set interview questions at their leisure, saving time and standardising the interview process. This eliminates hiring prejudices while also improving the candidate experience. Other advanced screening features include live video interviews, computerised reference checking software, and skills assessment assessments.

VidCruiter features direct connections to prominent employment boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor, as well as calendar apps like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and iCloud.
They also integrate with other specialist programmes including as skills testing, background checks, and some HRIS systems.

4. Manatal Best for social media recruitment & AI tools

Manatal is a premier recruitment software solution with clients in over 90 countries who rely on AI, machine learning, and new and unique features. From sourcing to onboarding, the platform aids in optimising all recruitment activities.

Because Manatal’s interface is both practical and intuitive, teams may quickly begin utilising its functions with little to no training. Daily recruitment processing, drag-and-drop pipelines, compliance tools (i.e. GDPR, CCPA, & PDPA), a full analytics suite, skill bank, candidate and job history, activities management, collaboration tools, a placement management system, and all main functions related to applicant and employee information and records are all included in the platform.

Powerful search functionality, AI-based suggestions, candidate scoring, and social media recruitment are some of the most unique aspects (Linkedin, Facebook, GitHub, and more). These capabilities have shown to be particularly useful in expediting operations like as applicant sourcing and screening, as well as assisting in the utilisation of big candidate databases.

Finally, Manatal contains a full CRM (customer relationship management) system as well as an easy-to-use, configurable career page builder, allowing users to start promoting job positions right away.

5. Tracker Best for recruitment and staffing firms

Racker is a recruitment and staffing software that combines an applicant tracking system and a customer relationship management system. The software is intended to assist staffing and recruitment companies in managing and optimising their candidate, client, marketing, and operational operations.

There are capabilities for sourcing candidates, nurturing and matching applicants, and making placements in the tool. Tracker also has capabilities like resume parsing to help with data entry automation. Sales and client relationship management features, marketing and job board integration, back office assistance, and more are all provided.

Tracker allows users to connect to external job boards, create bespoke candidate portals, dashboards and analytics, and processes.

6. Eddy Best for small, local businesses

Eddy’s applicant tracking system (ATS) allows you to submit positions to popular job boards and your own personalised company careers page in a single click. With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop pipeline to organise and automate interactions with applicants, Eddy provides visibility into every stage of the hiring process. To collaborate with team members, click into candidate profiles to read crucial facts and rate, remark, tag, and even add emoji replies to each applicant.

Onboarding, document storage and electronic signatures, employee directory and employee profiles, training tracking, PTO tracking, and time tracking are all included in Eddy’s basic HR package. Payroll and HR advice are available as add-ons to their ATS package. Because you only pay for the services you require, they are both flexible and expandable.

Eddy is ideal for small enterprises since it provides a versatile tool at a reasonable price. They also stress an intuitive user interface so that anyone can quickly learn how to utilise the platform. Many of their core processes have been reduced to drag-and-drop or point-and-click, requiring no technical knowledge.

Eddy’s HR processes and ATS module start at $99 per month, with an additional $8 per employee per month.

7. Recooty Best ATS for ease of use

Recooty is a modern cloud-based applicant tracking system and recruiting software that Uber, FedEx, and Avast use. Indeed, Facebook Job Search, ZipRecruiter, Monster, Careerjet, Adzuna, Jora, Google for Positions, Neuvoo,, and others are among Recooty’s 250+ job board partners who distribute jobs globally. You may also use the platform to construct a fully customised careers page.

Recooty provides resume processing, candidate tracking and administration, and workflow process automations. Their applicant tracking system (ATS) gathers both qualified individuals who have actively applied to your job posting and passive prospects with comparable qualifications who have been sourced online.

Recooty also includes a lot of resources for HR professionals to improve their quality of life.
They provide a library of free job descriptions, for example, that may be copied and changed when doing your own candidate search. You may also send personalised welcome announcements to new hires via email or social media using their welcome poster design.

Recooty has Gmail and Calendar interfaces to make candidate cooperation easier. They’re presently working on API documentation so you may link and integrate more of your tech stack with their ATS and recruitment platform in the future.

8. Zoho Recruit Best applicant tracking system for staffing agencies

Recruiters and corporate hiring teams can use Zoho Recruit as an applicant tracking solution.
The tool assists organisations in hiring a workforce that is responsive to changing talent need as well as hiring more competent individuals.

Users can post jobs to different job boards, automate and manage candidates, clients, and contacts, and save time on repetitive tasks. The applicant tracking system in Zoho Recruit addresses a variety of issues that recruiters experience.

The platform is designed for both in-house recruiters and employment agencies, and it allows users to find, track, and hire the top applicants without having to juggle many media.

Customizations and automations can be used for tasks such as sending emails, updating interview status, and more. For hiring tactics, Zoho Recruit also provides data and analytics.

9. Recruiterflow Best for executive search firms

Recruiterflow is a recruiting agency software that includes automated tools that help recruiters hire more quickly without sacrificing candidate quality. The applicant tracking system (ATS) aids in expediting the recruitment process by allowing you to track potential candidates and employees from start to finish.

Recruiterflow features a user-friendly interface that recruitment teams will rapidly become accustomed to. Collaboration capabilities, drag-and-drop hiring pipelines, tagging, resume parsing, candidate job history, activity management, two-way email and calendar sync, analytics suite, and hundreds of integrations are all included in the platform.

Recruiterflow also allows you to visualise your hiring pipelines using Kanban boards, where you can assign team members to each action item and track the progress of your hiring pipeline at each level. Recruiters can easily remain on top of things and never miss out on connecting with applicants, team members, and clients, whether they want a big-picture perspective or just want to see daily chores at a glance. It also includes features such as job board integration, candidate scoring, social media recruitment, strong search capabilities, and custom reports and pipelines.

Recruiterflow is a comprehensive recruitment software that combines an applicant tracking system with a recruitment CRM (customer relationship management). It even allows recruiters to develop automated nurturing programmes right from the dashboard, allowing them to connect more effectively and build stronger relationships with applicants and clients without putting in the extra effort.

10. SAP SuccessFactors Best for data analytics and reporting

SAP SuccessFactors is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that includes everything from candidate relationship management to talent reviews and calibration. Outside of recruiting, this ATS solution contains features for HR professionals such as payroll and performance management.

If you truly dig into SAP SuccessFactors, you’ll find a tonne of great reporting and analytics features. For example, the capacity to generate reports like the one in the screenshot above to forecast future personnel surpluses and shortages. SAP SuccessFactors can even predict which departments will have vacancies.

SAP SuccessFactors is having trouble unifying their recruiting and onboarding systems, which could lead to some duplication of administrative work on your side and that of your new hires. The finest ATS software will be frictionless from application through onboarding, therefore there is obviously opportunity for improvement here.

The SAP Integration Center allows SAP SuccessFactors to integrate with third-party apps.
SAP Cloud Platform Integration is also available for more sophisticated integrations. Knowledge of coding may be required.


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