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Top 15 Best Instagram Story Viewers in 2022 High Ranking

Every month, more than 1.3 billion individuals use Instagram, according to data. Instagram is used by over 500 million individuals every day, and up to 90% of them follow an online company on social media.

With the surge in social media popularity, marketers must stay up to date on all of the current trends.

To keep their audience interested, most marketing initiatives employ short-form videos as well as Instagram Stories. On Stories, you may share short, 15-second videos with a variety of engaging and visually appealing stickers.

If you’re wondering how to see someone’s Instagram story anonymously, we’ve got the ideal answer for you. Everything you need to know about the top Instagram story viewers in 2022 is right here.

 Top Instagram Story Viewers 2022

When it comes to being anonymous when utilizing an anonymous instagram story viewer , there are a plethora of service providers who supply such capabilities. The following is a list of the best Instagram story viewer available in 2022, all of which are anonymous and free to use.

1. Glassagram

Glassagram is certainly one of the greatest Instagram storey viewers since it keeps you entirely anonymous, allowing you to read people’s Instagram stories without them knowing.

They claim to supply their customers with internet software that allows them to search through any profile and provide the required information for you to access that profile safely and without revealing your identify.

They claim that their installation and setup procedure is quick and simple — you can sign up for a free account with them, and they claim that the software will be ready to use in under a minute.

2. Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories is the ideal Instagram story viewer for anyone who also wishes to download stuff from stories. You may download anything that someone uploads on their Instagram account with Qoob Stories. Aside from Stories, you may also download images and videos from the stream.

The most striking feature of Qoob Stories is that it allows you to visit private Instagram profiles anonymously.

If you use Instagram, you are aware that postings from a private account cannot be viewed until the user accepts your follow request. If you don’t want to make a follow request or show your identify, you may read their account anonymously via Qoob Stories.

All you have to do when you go to Qoob Stories is input your Instagram login. You will have immediate access to the whole Instagram profile, including their stories.

3. mSpy

mSpy is a one-of-a-kind tool that allows you to track several applications on anyone’s phone. The success of mSpy can be attributed to the fact that it was designed for parents who wanted to manage the media that their children were exposed to.

Using mSpy, parents might acquire access to their children’s Instagram Stories, direct chats, and shared links. If you want to remain as anonymous as possible, mSpy is an excellent choice.

mSpy does not have a visible app icon on the phone, allowing you to follow phone activity in total incognito mode. mSpy may give facts about call length, incoming and outgoing calls, GPS position, screen recorder, and blocking specific web pages or apps, in addition to allowing you access to Instagram Stories. Parents may simply control their children’s social media activity with this software.

4. Inflact

If you’re searching for an Instagram storey viewer solution for marketing purposes, Inflact is the way to go. Inflact is more than just an Instagram storey viewer; it is also a full-fledged social media marketing tool.

With Inflact, you can target your audience by utilising the finest Instagram capabilities.
Increase your Instagram reach and engagement rates by using the tools provided by Inflact.

Inflact may be used to do in-depth research on your market and competition. You may not only watch someone’s Instagram stories, but you can also download photographs and videos from their profile.

5. Dumpor (Previously Known as Smihub)

If you like a simple and uncluttered interface, Dumpor is the Instagram storey viewer for you.
As soon as you access the website, Dumpor gets right to the point, with no unnecessary information.

You’ll see a text box on the screen where you may enter any Instagram username. Even if you don’t have a username, you may search for a place or a hashtag. Dumpor will build a complete list of data for you when you hit the search button, such as the Instagram profile and their Stories.

Dumpor also allows you to access an Instagram user’s reels, followers, and tagged posts.
When you search for a place or tag, you’ll get all relevant information, such as the most current or top postings.

The nicest aspect about utilising Dumpor is that you may download photographs and videos directly from Instagram Stories or accounts. You may also assess an account’s reach based on its follower count, likes, and comments using sophisticated tools. This is especially valuable for marketers looking to examine the accounts of their competitors.

Despite having such a diverse collection of functions, Dumpor is entirely free. All you have to do now is go to the Dumpor website and begin looking through Instagram Stories.

7. Instalkr

If you don’t have an Instagram account, you may view any public profile using Instalkr. Instalkr bills itself as an Instagram stalker, yet it functions similarly to an anonymous instagram story viewer .

This Instagram story viewer is also useful if you don’t want to show your identify when browsing an Instagram user’s stories, likes, comments, and shared links. One of the most intriguing aspects of Instalkr is the ability to examine deleted posts and articles.

Because Instagram Tales expire after 24 hours, this function is great for viewing any previous stories that someone has submitted. In addition, Instalkr allows you to download any Instagram Stories directly from the user’s profile. This makes investigating much easier because you can keep track of the accounts you’ve previously looked at.

Although Instalkr does not have any advanced capabilities, it is a fully free program.
Without being observed, anyone may visit the Instalkr website and search for a public Instagram profile.

8. Stories IG

If you like a website with a simple user interface, then Stories IG is for you. When you first visit the site, you’ll be asked to input your Instagram username into a text box.

There are no pop-ups or text paragraphs — simply quick and easy searches. When you search for a username on Stories IG, the tool analyses it and returns all publicly available information about the user. If an account is public, you may access their Instagram Stories, images, likes, and comments anonymously.

Stories IG can assist you if you need to download Instagram Stories from various people. This online application allows you to download photographs, videos, and subtitles in addition to Stories.

Because Stories IG only provides a few basic functions, it is absolutely free. To utilize their service, you do not need to input your credit card information or make monthly payments.

9. InstaDP

InstaDP may be used to download Instagram Stories from any public profile. This app is mostly geared to those who want to download their friends’ tales after a good day out or keep up with what their favorite celebs are sharing.

InstaDP, like most of the anonymous instagram story viewer on our list, employs the identical method of pasting a username into their textbox. When you click search, you will be able to view any public profile anonymously. Because Instagram does not enable you to download other people’s stories, InstaDP is an extremely handy tool.

InstaDP has you covered if you need to download more than simply stories. When you download photographs, videos, and reels directly from the stream, you may keep the original quality of the content.

10. IGStories

IGStories is a component of Upleaf, a renowned social media marketing platform. If you’ve heard of Upleaf, you’ll know that it concentrates on giving all of the tools that an Instagram marketer need. Similarly, Upleaf’s IGStories service delivers on its promises.

IGStories allows you to read anyone’s Instagram story anonymously. All you have to do is input the username of an Instagram account, and the program will discover all available stuff for you.

There will be no record of you while you go through the user’s profile. You may also download high-resolution tales, images, and videos from IGStories. After you’ve gotten to know IGStories, you may upgrade to Upleaf, which provides you access to more features.

If you want to increase your Instagram account, Upleaf is an excellent tool to use. While Upleaf requires a membership, IGStories is entirely free.

11. InstaStories

InstaStories offers the most visually appealing UI of any anonymous Instagram story viewer on our list. The user design is straightforward, the functionalities are simply accessible, and the overall user experience using Instastories is outstanding.

To get started, just type a username into the search field on Instastories, as you would with any other tool on our list.

You may download the user’s tales, highlights, and images directly to your smartphone while you browse through their stories, highlights, and photos. Any item you download will be kept in high resolution, along with the metadata.

You should utilize Instastories for two reasons: you don’t need to have an account, and you don’t have to pay anything.

12. Anonymous Instagram 

Anonymous Instagram is for you if you simply need to see Instagram stories anonymously.
This program was created with a single goal in mind: to explore Instagram accounts discreetly.

When you visit Anonymous Instagram, you will see a text box where you may input your Instagram username.

Enter the username of the account you want to access and hit the search button. You will be able to surf through the account’s news, highlights, images, and videos almost instantly without being spotted.

Unfortunately, there are no advanced features available on Anonymous Instagram. We propose Anonymous Instagram to people who merely desire anonymous surfing in a quick and easy method. The tool is fully free of charge, with no hidden fees.

13. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a terrific alternative for observing Instagram stories, and they have long been the go-to for cell phone monitoring. It used to be just compatible with a few social networking apps, but it has greatly expanded its functionality, and you can now watch someone’s Instagram page, including their conversations.

They will also inform you of any outgoing and incoming calls, allowing you to monitor someone’s smartphone. They offer over 40 features that you can take advantage of, and the greatest thing is that they are quite simple to use, so you don’t need a lot of knowledge in this field to figure out how to maximize their performance for your purposes.

14. SmiHub

If you wish to investigate someone’s Instagram account privately, SmiHub can help you as an anonymous instagram story viewer. The fact that this Instagram story viewer app has an amazing interface is one of the first things that will strike you when you first visit it.

It is clutter-free and clean, and it will allow you to get straight down to work. This means that it will begin immediately to assist you in accessing the Instagram profile that you choose, and from there, you will be able to read their Instagram stories anonymously and even download their stuff with only a few clicks.

Again, if you’re new to the sector and don’t have a lot of expertise, these guys are going to be your best chance since they’re basic, yet incredibly successful.

15. StoriesDown

The next anonymous Instagram story viewer on our list is excellent for instant story viewing, so if you simply want to do that and nothing more from signing up for an app like this, this is a decent option.

StoriesDown claims to be able to provide its clients with access to an Instagram profile without the need for you to create your own Instagram profile, and you may see their material anonymously.

You may also save their material to your computer or mobile device by downloading it. One of the most significant advantages of our anonymous instagram story viewer r is that you don’t even need your own Instagram profile to read other people’s.

You also don’t have to sign up for anything or establish an account with StoriesDown, and when they download stuff for you, they make sure it’s of great quality.


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