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Top 15 Best Call Recorder Apps for Android & iOS 2022

There are occasions when you need to take notes while on the call. In situations like this, you might wish to record your interactions so you can refer to them afterwards. Regardless, the notion of a call recording apps is frowned upon in many nations.

Because call recording apps are deemed unlawful, they are not available on iPhones. If you’re looking for mobile spy applications, that’s a very different storey. However, call recording apps for Android and iOS smartphones are still available. In fact, there are a plethora of them available, making it tough to select one. We’ve compiled a list of the top call recording apps for you in this post.

What Is the Purpose of a Call Recorder App?

Its primary use is to record phone calls so that you may preserve them for future reference. Many people would like to record phone calls for convenience as well as legal and security concerns. The act of recording a phone call, on the other hand, is almost certainly prohibited.

Regardless, having an app that records phone calls on you might be quite beneficial. Every call recorder app serves the same function. The sole distinction between them is the quality with which they record your phone calls. The app you choose to record your phone calls may make or break the quality of the audio. Each app has its own set of features.

Can I Use a Phone Call Recorder App?

If you have enough capacity and a suitable phone, recording phone calls should be pretty simple. Any effective call recording apps will make it simple for the user to record calls right away.

As previously said, each app has its own particular set of functions. Generally, you won’t have to be concerned about the recording’s quality. Nonetheless, some recorder applications can only record while you’re listening to music over a loudspeaker. There are other recorder applications that restrict the amount of time you may record. Despite certain downsides, call recording applications are often worthwhile to acquire.

The second issue that arises after downloading a call recorder app is determining how to use it to record phone calls. This is determined by the app you’re using. Every app is distinct. Similarly, because each app has its unique user interface, the manner you may record calls varies.

Apps for Call Recording

Choosing a mediocre recorder app may make you regret getting one in the first place. As a result, making an informed judgement when selecting a call recording apps might make all the difference. That being stated, here are some of the top call recorder applications you should be aware of.

1. All Call Recorder Lite 2022

The All call recording apps for Android is a call recorder. It features a straightforward user interface that is incredibly user-friendly, making it simple to operate. It displays all of your incoming and outgoing calls, as well as any urgent calls. These are divided into parts.

You may also exclude calls from being recorded and set a PIN for the app’s security. There are additional options for sharing your recorded calls. However, because the app is based on advertisements, there are a lot of them. You do, however, have the option of removing these advertisements.

2. Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato

Appliqato’s Automatic Call Recorder is one of the most popular Android choices. Unfortunately, it is not currently available for iOS. It’s really useful and supports Google Drive and Dropbox connection. It displays all of your incoming calls as well as any recordings you’ve stored.

Appliqato also offers a pro version, although it is pretty pricey. Nonetheless, it offers a few of new features that make it far superior to the free version. Despite this, the free version is perfectly adequate on its own. You can even take notes throughout the call.

3. Automatic Call Recorder by Recorder & Smart Apps

This one, like the last one, has some nice features. Its user interface is likewise cleaner and more visually appealing. However, it is less popular than Appliqato’s call recorder. Its features include automated call recording, audio recording in several codecs, and cloud storage.

This call recorder app corresponds to the preceding entry. However, depending on who you ask, this may be preferable than the other. You may also make any of your recorded phone calls your favourite. You may also choose to record all phone calls or specific calls based on the number. This app, like Appliqato, offers a PIN you may use for security.

4.  Blackbox Call Recorder

Blackbox Call Recording takes pleasure in being a high-quality call recording apps. Its user interface clearly supports this claim, as the dark mode theme is fairly simple. You get the standard functions, as well as online storage and a lock mechanism for protection.

Not only that, but Blackbox also supports Bluetooth accessories and dual-SIM cards. This app takes things a step further by including recording quality settings for memory conservation. Of course, with so many features, this app isn’t free. You may start with a free trial and then pay a dollar each month to continue using it.

5. Boldbeast Call Recorder

Some apps are as simple as flipping a coin. They either operate really well or do not work at all. One of these applications is Boldbeast. The ratings on the Google Play Store speak for themselves. Boldbeast, unlike the most of the entries on our list, has an old-fashioned UI that gives the impression that it was designed by a single person.

Despite this, Boldbeast functions rather effectively. Its retro-style interface makes it easy to use and navigate. Boldbeast also works nicely with previous Android versions, up to and including Android 5.0. It offers a free version as well as a commercial one with additional features that costs $10.

6. Call Recorder ACR by NLL

ACR, like many of the other apps on our list, is a straightforward call recording apps. Unlike most other programmes, though, it needs you to affirm that call recording is permitted in your country. You are also not required to provide your phone number into the app.

After you install the app, it will automatically record all of your incoming and outgoing calls. When you record phone calls, you may also modify and share the recordings. Furthermore, ACR lets you to transcribe your calls, make notes, and, most importantly, backup your recordings.

7. Call Recorder & Voice Memo

Call Recorder & Voice Memo is a powerful call recorder app designed exclusively for iPhone users. It notifies you when your phone calls are being recorded. It also improves the clarity of recordings, not just from your end, but from both sides.

To record your outgoing and incoming calls, the app use a conference call technology. However, in order for the recording to commence, you must first call someone from within the app. Regardless, its high-quality recording capability makes it a worthwhile addition to this list.

8. Call Recorder Automatic

Another excellent call recording app is Call Recorder Automatic. Because it respects your privacy, it requests for permission to access your storage and contacts. However, it does request that you certify that call recording is permitted in your country.

Its plain white interface, while not particularly appealing, suffices. It lacks any qualities that make it unappealing to look at. Incoming and outgoing calls are separated on the interface. You may also get a list of all the calls you’ve recorded. You may also upload your recorded calls to cloud storage if you upgrade to the premium edition.

9. CallRec Lite

CallRec Lite has all of the standard functionality you’d expect from a call recorder app. There are the standard features, such as the ability to record calls and submit them to cloud storage. However, using this app, you may share calls via e-mail and even social media.

This app’s free edition allows you to record all of your calls in their entirety. However, you will only be able to hear the first minute of the call when you listen to them. Following that, you’ll have to pay to hear the remainder of the recorded call. The pro version costs $9, and once purchased, you will have access to it indefinitely.

10. Cube Call Recorder

Cube call recording apps is a fantastic tool. It takes the place of your phone dialer and becomes the app from which you make calls. This app makes it much easy to record phone calls. It operates in the same way as your phone dial, so you can quickly comprehend what’s going on when you make a call.

When you first start the app, you’ll be given some basic instructions on how to use it. Calls from third-party applications such as Skype and Viber can also be recorded. This function, however, does not always operate and is quite inconsistent. Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic and easy-to-use app.

11. Google Voice

Google Voice is not a popular app for recording phone calls. It’s a real hidden gem. Many individuals are unaware that this app has the capability of recording phone calls. There’s also a handbook with directions and information on everything you can do with it.

While we call Google Voice a secret treasure, it does have one huge negative. You can only record incoming phone calls and cannot record outgoing ones. If you can get over it, it’s an excellent app. It’s not the finest call recorder app, but it’s one of the most user-friendly.

12. SmartMob Smart Recorder

SmartMob Smart Recorder is a one-of-a-kind product. It contains all of the capabilities you’d expect from a call recording apps, but its design is simple and straightforward. It also allows you to save time by bypassing areas that are completely silent.

The primary function of this call recorder app is not call recording. It is mostly a speech recorder, although it also has limited call recording capabilities. This is a fantastic app because of its adaptability in a variety of circumstances.

13. Splend Apps Voice Recorder

This speech recorder works in the same way as the SmartMob app. Its primary use is as a voice recorder, but it can also record your phone calls. However, unlike SmartMob, you do not have the option to bypass the silencer. Furthermore, the call recording functions aren’t the main attraction of this app, thus they’re only a bonus.

It is available in both a free and a pro edition, with the pro version costing only $2. The pro version is both affordable and effective. It’s a useful app that doubles as a voice and call recorder, allowing you to conserve storage space.

14. Rev Call Recorder

Unlike the previous entries, Rev Call Recorder is intended to be a call recording apps. There is only a free version, thus there is no need to pay for a pro version. While you must pay to have your calls transcribed, recording them is completely free.

There is also no time limit on how much time you may listen. You may listen to the complete recording of your call, not just the first minute. This app also allows you to export and share your recordings and supports online storage. However, it is now only accessible in the United States.

15. TapeACall

By far the most appealing choice on this list is TapeACall. It is the oldest and most useful of the applications. Unlike the Splend Apps Voice Recorder, the primary function of TapeACall is to record phone calls. All you have to do when you enter a call is click the recording button.

The only disadvantage of this app is that you must pay to access all of its features. It’s fairly pricey at $4 per month or $20 per year. Regardless, it’s still worthwhile because it provides the greatest bang for your buck. Its pro edition has received a lot of positive feedback. Its pro edition, on the other hand, has a seven-day trial period.

You Have a Choice

In many countries, recording phone calls is unlawful. However, in nations where it is permitted, you may require a call recording apps. Having one on hand might be quite handy and convenient if you forget anything your boss or a friend mentioned during a phone call. We’ve already provided you with all of the information you require. Now all you have to do is select the finest call recorder app for your needs.


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