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Top 14 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC 2022

Bass breathes new energy into music, making it more happy and dynamic. A music without bass sounds flat and uninteresting. Bass Booster for PC assures proper music setting and makes the most of your audio experience.

Although Windows 10 includes an in-built capability for modifying boost settings, you may alternatively use a specialised bass booster software for better results.

We’ve produced a list of some of the best PC bass boosters that are precisely designed to your requirements.

What Are the Best Bass Boosters for Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista?

Whether you’re listening to music, playing games, or viewing a movie online, the bass boosting software described below will allow you to modify and change the bass settings to your liking.

1. Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO is the first in our list of the best PC bass boosters. The programme is simple to use and provides simple adjusting capabilities to improve song performance. One thing to keep in mind while using the Equalizer APO is that you must reboot your device after installation. Furthermore, you need activate the EQ APO on your playback device.

2. Bass Treble Booster

This remarkable tool with class-apart functionality comes next on our list of PC bass boosters. It may be used to change and apply various parameters to increase the sound quality and tune the frequency to the desired level.

3. Bongiovi DPS

If you’re seeking for a powerful bass booster software to improve your audio experience, give Bongiovi DPS a shot. Change the way songs sound by adding a customised feeling to them.

4. FX Sound

Are you looking for a high-end PC media software add-on? FX can be the solution to all of your problems. Choose it today to improve the audio output of sound players like as iTunes, Spotify, and others in real-time.

5. Boom 3D

If the previous bass booster software did not meet your needs, use Boom 3D for highly customised results. It is an award-winning software that runs well on both iOS and Windows platforms.

6. Audacity

Audacity, an open-source and feature-rich programme, is another option for bass enhancing software. It is a free programme that includes a variety of audio editing capabilities that can help you improve the audio quality of your device. With Audacity, you may not only alter the bass, but also the echo, pitch, speed, and treble for a better audio experience.

7. SM Player

SM Player is yet another excellent bass enhancer that can be used in a variety of music and video formats. It has a variety of built-in codecs and a plethora of additional features like as an audio filter, a video filter, a video equalisation, the ability to modify the playing speed, and so on. This media player is simple to set up and use. If you’re seeking for a bass booster to help you with extra duties, SM Player is one of the greatest free bass boosters available today.

8. ViPER4Windows

This is one of the greatest bass enhancer software programmes available. We kept this software since it operates on system settings and provides a stronger bass boost. The software may boost up to 18.06dB regardless of whether you use third-party or default software.

The nicest thing about this software is that it is completely free. This software is simple to download and install, and it will provide you with the finest music listening experience possible. It includes a variety of sound effects such as VIPER XBass, 3D Surround, Compressor, Equalizer, and many more.

9. Clementine Music Player

Clementine Music Player is another another amazing bass enhancer software that is simple to use and configure. You can effortlessly play music from cloud storage services with this software.

The software has a very basic user interface; you can easily search for and add new audio files with this software. With the software, you can quickly boost bass from any setting. The home screen displays all of the files that have been added to the software.

10. GOM Player

GOM Player is another another excellent bass enhancer software for Windows PC. This is a free software that has professional-level functionality. You can simply modify and boost the bass using the software. Aside from that, it has capabilities such as VR video compatibility, GOM remote, video player, subtitle finding, and many more.

11. POT Player

The POT player is next on our list of the best bass boosting software. This is a free video/audio player that may be used to boost the bass. It mostly supports all audio and video formats, so you can easily upload the file and adjust it as needed. Aside from that, it has capabilities like as playback, subtitles, and many more. Some of the software’s important features are given below; you may read on for more information.

12. Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a dedicated music player software that comes pre-installed on Windows PCs. The music player supports a wide range of video and audio formats, including WMV, ASF, WMA, AAC, AVI, and others. Furthermore, it is an effective tool for increasing the bass levels of both video and audio files. The programme is really simple to use and may be an excellent choice for people who are not technologically savvy. It also does not freeze or crash and has an easy-to-use user interface.

13. VLC

VLC Media Player is yet another powerful and well-known multimedia player for the Windows operating system. It is a completely free and open-source media player software for playing films and audio files from a wide range of sources on a Windows PC. In addition, the programme may be used to apply a variety of visual and audio effects to the currently playing audio or video file. Furthermore, the user can readily notice a 10 band equaliser in its filter and effects menu, through which they may raise the bass levels of video and audio files.

14. Moo0 Audio Effect

Moo0 Audio Effect is our last option in the area of feature-rich bass enhancing software. It is a free programme with an easy-to-use UI. Its efficient operation not only allows you to alter the bass of your audio composition, but also the volume, pitch, and voices.

Finally, there is Booster Software for Windows.

Any audio item must have a clear and precise tone. Although Windows includes a built-in bass enhancer, it falls short of providing improved performance. What you need is a specialised bass boosting software that allows you to simply make real-time modifications, add additional bass to your music, and improve your entire experience.

As a result, we recommend that you employ the bass boosters outlined in this piece to make your music more cheery and dynamic.


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