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Top 13 Best Linktree Alternatives of 2022 Ranked

If we’re being really honest, Instagram created this product category entirely on its own. The primary application for all of these goods is that Instagram only allows:

One link in your bio on your profil Individual posts cannot be linked to. Using a link shortener to shorten a single link in your bio can only get you so far. Especially if you intend to use your Instagram as a company.

This is when Linktree enters the picture. However, like with every other SaaS market, once a solution develops popularity, competition follows. As a result, Linktree alternatives have cropped up all over the place. Before we go into the Linktree alternatives, let’s have a look at Linktree itself.

Overview of the Linktree. Having only one link in your social network bio might be restrictive. Linktree was the first link-in-bio tool to appear in 2016, allowing users to add several hyperlinks to their social media accounts.

You may show a variety of webpages in a clean and simple way (lyrics, news, images, books, videos, webcasts, educational lecture slides). Alex Zaccaria, Anthony Zaccaria, and Nick Humphreys built the site, which quickly gained over 3000 users. By 2021, Linktree has grown to over 8 million users.

Many A-list celebrities, like Selena Gomez, Alicia Keys, Gary Vaynerchuk, and others, use Linktree. What are the Best Linktree alternatives? Here’s a list of the best Linktree alternatives that I’ve tested.

1. ContactInBio.

Best overall link-in-bio tool and Linktree replacement (free – $177.45/one-time purchase).
ContactInBio is one of the finest Linktree alternatives since it allows you to construct a landing page where you can keep all of your links in one place. They let you to integrate payment forms, music services, social network postings, and other content in addition to endless links.

And, unlike Linktree, they give you the option of selecting one of four domain names: your, your,, or username.

You’ll also have nearly limitless customising choices. Your links and landing page may be customised in terms of height, width, colour, text size, and background. You’ll also be able to alter the backdrop of your website to a gradient colour, an image, or even a video.

2. Shorby.

Best suited for agencies and big teams ($12 – $82/month). Shorby is a social media application that makes it easier to share several links with your audience on social media networks.

You may include an infinite number of links on a landing page, along with other essential features such as limitless clicks, your unique URL, Facebook pixel integration, and so on. However, the $9/month starting plan has a limit of 3,000 monitored connections. There is also no free version.

Other features include the option to modify the background picture, add direct messaging buttons, and native interaction with Google Analytics, among others. Some of these capabilities, however, are only accessible with certain plans.

When it comes to configuration and themes, they provide a variety of themes as well as custom controls. However, there is nothing you can’t receive with ContactInBio’s $2.6/month or free plan.

Aside from that, it’s simple to use, features a drag-and-drop interface, and allows you to put thumbnails above your links.


Best for designing a visually appealing landing page (free – $24.99 one-time cost). is a bio link solution that provides your viewers with a variety of options when they click on your bio link. It’s appropriate for all social sites, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and others.

Your usual picture will be at the top of the landing page, followed by a welcome message and your links. Alternatively, you might take Lonely Planet’s method and embed photos in your landing page to drive visitors to various sites.

4. Tap Bio.

Ideal for small companies and Instagram influencers (Free). Tap Bio is an Instagram bio tool that functions as a mini-website, allowing you to curate all of your material in one spot. Your viewers may go to that “mini-website” by tapping on the “Tap Bio” link in your bio.

The tool allows you to add cards and select from a variety of card kinds, such as a picture gallery, YouTube videos, Twitter postings, Instagram posts, and so on.


Instagram bio tool that is simple to use (free – $7/month). Another tool on our list is, which allows you to showcase an infinite number of links on a single landing page and link them to your Instagram bio. On the page, you may post your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even email links.

The tool is similar to Linktree, except with the inclusion of images/thumbnails in addition to standard links. However, there is a catch. There is no option to submit your own photographs; you can only add thumbnails from your Instagram posts.


Best for promoting your song on Spotify (free – $10/month). is a digital media aggregator that allows you to curate material from platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and Medium. You may also include an opt-in form to gather emails, GIFs, question polls, links, and other information.

You may add several graphic blocks to your content in addition to regular links. Adjust your profile further by swiftly sliding the blocks up and down. You may display your information in a variety of ways after importing it from a social network of your choice. Posts from various social media networks have a variety of layout types. You may also use icons or cards to highlight up to five social media profiles at once.

7. by Later.

Best for recreating and tagging Instagram links (Free – $33.33/month). Later’s is a link-sharing platform that allows you to build and exchange short links to your favorite content.

It allows you to replicate your Instagram feed on a custom landing page and tag links to individual Instagram posts. You may add them as a bespoke link or as a series of links to third-party resources, blog articles, or other web pages. You can even make these posts shoppable by adding links to them.

8. Link in Profile.

The best option for Instagram companies and influencers ($9.99/month). Link in Profile is a similar Instagram marketing tool to in that it allows you to attach links to your Instagram posts.

Viewers will be taken to the “Link in Profile” landing page after clicking on your Link in Profile link in your Instagram bio. You’ll be able to see all of the posts to which you’ve added links, as well as their titles and descriptions, on the page.

When your followers arrive, they may click on a post to be routed to your content. This allows you to direct visitors from Instagram to third-party websites.

9. Taplink.

Best for beginning time-sensitive Instagram competitions and offers (Free – $54/month).
Taplink is a multi-link solution that assists you in generating leads and sales on Instagram.
It lets you add links to other social accounts, blog articles, take orders, accept online payments, and more – all on a single page.

You may also include connections to instant messengers, a sign-up form to collect email addresses, and even special offers. You’ll be given many block kinds to which you may add various types of content. There are distinct blocks, for example, to add picture carousels, movies, ordinary links, custom HTML code, Messengers, and so on.

10. EverLinks.

Best for diverting your visitors to other social networks (Free – $17/month). EverLinks is a link and social media management tool that provides you with a link that can be sent to other links, videos, text, and even embeddable custom code. You may also include links to your favorite music, calendar, stores, social media profiles, and other resources.

It is simple to embed videos. Simply insert a YouTube or Vimeo video link into the editor, and EverLinks will instantly embed the movie.

11. ShortStack.

Best for organizing social media competitions and giveaways (from free to $399 per month).
ShortStack is a contesting platform that allows you to build landing pages and organize social media competitions.

You may use it to run several sorts of competitions, such as video contests, photo contests, quizzes, refer-a-friend contests, user-generated contests, and more. You’ll get a tonne of templates for running your contests, as well as a tonne of customization possibilities.

12. Milkshake.

Ideal for making micro Instagram websites (Free). Milkshake bills itself as a tool for transforming your bio into a “Instagram webpage.” It converts that one link in your Instagram bio into a mini-website where you can add photographs, videos, numerous links, an online store, social networks, and other content.

Initially, you’ll be asked to select a template (or cards, as they’re known) from a menu of alternatives offered by Milkshake. Cards function similarly to website pages on your micro Instagram websites. You may swipe through these cards in the same way as you would through Instagram stories.

You may include text, GIFs, blog posts, YouTube videos, multiple links, podcasts, and other media in your content. They allow you to further personalize the appearance and feel of your pages by using your brand colors, logo, font styling, photos, and so on.

13. Leadpages.

Best for creating mobile-friendly landing pages ($27 – $239 per month). Leadpages is a landing page creator that allows you to construct and host landing pages.Create your page with Leadpages, shorten the URL with link shortening tools like Rebrandly, and add it to your social media bio.

Because it’s essentially a landing page builder, it comes with a plethora of templates and customization choices. You may also customize the templates based on your industry, objective, style, and color.


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