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Top 12 Best Ransomware Decryption Tools For Windows 2022

PCs offer numerous advantages, but they also require sufficient cyber security protection. The best anti-ransomware for PC cannot be determined only by its advertisements. You should assess the quality of decryption tools provided in Anti Ransomware software to get the most out of it.

What Is the Process of Using a Ransomware Decryption Tool?

When ransomware hits a computer, it encrypts or locks important user data such as bank account information, financial statements, and so on. To do this, they employ a powerful encryption technique. They are now requesting payment from the owner in order to provide him with the decryption tool or procedure.

The cyber security professionals attentively studied the hackers’ encryption and decryption of data and created an algorithm that may be used to unlock ransomware-affected files. The decryption key examines the gaps in the encryption process, which can be as small as a millisecond. These algorithms are used by reputable antivirus businesses to safeguard their consumers.

Best Ransomware Decryption Tools for Windows 10, 11, and 8 in 2022

As previously said, selecting a decent ransomware protection company may be difficult. We’ve compiled a list for you. The list includes all of the efficient ransomware decryption tools that will assist you in decrypting your damaged data as well as providing additional safeguards to keep ransomware away from your system.

1. No More Ransomware Project

Well-known law enforcement agencies and cyber security firms throughout the world are no longer developing ransomware decryption tools. Its primary goal is to safeguard its customers against ransomware attacks by detecting and eliminating various sorts of such files. As a counter-measure against cyber-attacks, the programme has over a hundred encryption keys.

Some of the extra features of the No More Ransomware Project include encrypted ransomware file reporting, availability in 25 languages, regular updates, and so forth. Furthermore, the decryption tool safeguards its users from ransomware and teaches them on how to avoid it.

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2. Kaspersky Rakhni Decryptor

Kaspersky is the best choice if you want a reputable software brand to decrypt your ransomware-affected file for free. It has a comprehensive description facility as well as over 30-decryption choices that will operate on a broad range of damaged files. In addition, Kaspersky provides customers with a comprehensive handbook that teaches them how to avoid and remove ransomware.

The programme is also updated on a regular basis, which renews its decryption packages and so increases its efficacy. As a result, Kaspersky may be described as a cost-effective ransomware solution.

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3. Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor

It is a relatively new piece of software that uses advanced filtering technology to keep ransomware attacks from infiltrating your machine. Furthermore, the ransomware decryption application works on infected computers and may efficiently help you unlock a Virus encrypted file. Trend Micro Ransom File Decryptor is also lightweight and simple to use.

This decrypter has both manual and auto-detection modes. The auto-detection function automatically detects and unlocks the file type that has damaged your data.

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4. AVG Ransomware Decryption Tools

Another useful ransomware description tool is AVG Antivirus. The antivirus offers a simple and easy-to-use user interface, as well as all automated functions that will save you time. It protects its users against downloaded threats and dangerous links. AVG Antivirus may also be used to remotely scan your PC from your mobile device.

The most appealing part of AVG Antivirus is that it comes in two flavours, one free and one premium. The free version includes all of the necessary functionality, but additional capabilities require a paid download.

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5. BitDefender Anti-ransomware

It is a low-cost antivirus and ransomware decryption solution with several virus protection techniques. Bitdefender is trusted by millions of consumers, earning it the distinction of “Best Independent Antivirus.” The antivirus scan reliably finds, eliminates, and blocks harmful URLs, ensuring the safety of your online banking and other sensitive transactions.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus also includes a password manager and anti-phishing alerts. To reduce dangers, the ransomware decryption tool examines all of your connection devices.

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6. Avast Antivirus

Our next feature is a comprehensive response to various intrusions, including ransomware threats. Avast is well-known for offering its consumers with free cyber security. It protects users from ransomware threats by screening network traffic and decrypting ransomware-encrypted data.

Avast now provides a mobile version that will safeguard your device against phishing and address assaults. The best part about this ransomware decryption tool is that practically all of its capabilities are free.

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7. Webroot Antivirus

Webroot Antivirus is an excellent alternative if you want lightweight ransomware definition software. The downloading software is just about 2 MB in size and doesn’t do anything to tax your RAM. Despite its modest size, Webroot will successfully safeguard your important data from all varieties of ransomware encryption.

Despite the fact that there are relatively few professional reviews available for this anti-ransomware software, it has consistently outperformed all tests. It would be unfair to compare Webroot to other well-known brands.

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8. McAfee Ransomware Recover

This is one of the oldest cyber security products, offering best-in-class decryption technology for damaged data. McAfee developers are always trying to improve it in order to protect consumers from all of the current threats appearing in the digital world.

The utility has the ability to decrypt ransomware-encrypted user files, apps, databases, and so on. Finally, all of these sophisticated features are free of charge.

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It is a top-rated ransomware decryption software that can be installed on a Windows PC. The programme is quite strong, and it never fails to decrypt data that have been encrypted by large Ransomware. It can quickly decode files encrypted by Apocalypse, Xorist, Stampado, and BadBlock Ransomware, for example.

10. Quickheal Ransomware Decryption Tool

If you’re looking for a dependable and effective Ransomware decryptor for Windows 10, you should give the Quickheal Ransomware Decryption application a go. The programme is capable of decrypting files encrypted by major Ransomware such as Troldesh, Cryptxxx, Ninja Ransomware, ODC, LeChiffre, and others.

11. Symantec Endpoint Protection

This one is unique in its capacity to boost your computer’s security performance through tiered defence. With a mix of signatureless and critical endpoint technologies, you can simply avoid Ransomware and unexpected assaults with Symantec Endpoint Protection. Furthermore, Symantec Endpoint Protection helps shield your machine from future zero-day threats.

12. 360 Ransomware Decryption Tool

The security tool can now compute the decryption key. After extracting the decryption key, users must enter the key from the ransom note to unlock their PC. The 360 Ransomware Decryption Tool was designed to cope with the Petya ransomware, but it can also obtain the decryption key for other Ransomware.


So, these are the 12  best ransomware decryption tools you can use to decode Ransomware-encrypted data. If you know of any more such tools, please let us know in the comments section below. I hope you found this material useful! Please forward it to your friends as well.





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