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Top 12 Best Free Email Service Providers New 2022 Rankings

The following are a list and comparison of the Best Free Email Service Providers in 2022: Email is the most frequent form of communication in today’s modern world, whether for professional or personal reasons.

There are a number of email service providers on the market, each with its own set of features. This post will then assist you in selecting the best email service. Email clients and Webmail are the two forms of email services.

The email client is a desktop programme that allows you to establish single or many email addresses. These programmes allow you to write, send, receive, and view emails. Microsoft Outlook is an example of an email client.

1. Gmail

G Suite comes in three flavours: Basic ($5 per user/month), Business ($10 per user/month), and Enterprise ($25 per user/month). Depending on the package you select, you will receive greater storage, support, and application access.

It is available via the web and third-party programmes. It is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. It allows you to send up to 25 MB through email. Google Drive may also be used to exchange files larger than 25 MB.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot Pricing: There are three editions of the Marketing Hub plan: Starter (starts at $40 per month), Professional (starts at $800 per month), and Enterprise (starts at $3200 per month). There are many free marketing tools accessible.

HubSpot offers Email Marketing Software for creating, personalising, and optimising marketing emails. With the aid of an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, you can adjust the layout, add calls to action, and add photos.

A/B tests and analytics can help you optimise email marketing. It includes features such as A/B tests, which will assist you in determining which subject lines receive the most open.

3. Sendinblue

Pricing for Sendinblue: Sendinblue has a free plan. There are three additional plans: Lite (starts at $25 per month), Premium (starts at $65 per month), and Enterprise (starts at $100 per month) (Get a quote). You may register for free. A free subscription allows you to send 300 emails each day.

Sendinblue has the capabilities to meet all of your digital marketing demands. It has email marketing functionality. You’ll be able to customise your email. Making a professional-looking email will be easy.

You may either create the email from scratch or utilise a template. It uses machine learning to improve the transmit time. These features will ensure that your email is sent at the optimal moment.

4.  ProtonMail

Pricing for ProtonMail includes a free plan as well as three other plans: Plus ($5.66/month), Professional ($9/month), and Visionary ($34/month).

ProtonMail debuted in 2014. This postal service is available to both small and large businesses. ProtonMail is best recognised for its email encryption. It is a straightforward email service with some complex features such as encryption and email expiry.

5. Outlook

It is completely free to use. Outlook Premium comes in two flavours. One option is Office 365 Home with Outlook Premium, which costs $99.99 a year. Another option is Office 365 Personal with Outlook Premium, which costs $69.99 per year.

Microsoft delivers a web-based suite of capabilities through Outlook. Simply right-clicking the email will offer you the choice to move, delete, and so on, as well as various other alternatives.

6. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is an online portal as well as a search engine. It was first introduced in 1994. It also offers additional services such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Groups. Yahoo Mail offers effective spam filtering capabilities. It has a large quantity of storage capacity, one TB.

7. Zoho Mail

Price: It is free for up to 5 users. Mail Lite ($1/user per month with 5GB/user), Standard ($3/user per month with 30GB), and Professional ($6/user per month with 100GB) are the three subscriptions available.

You may use Zoho for both business and personal correspondence. It is possible to simply move from G Suite and Office 365 to Zoho mail using the Zoho migration tool. It is simple to integrate with the other Zoho apps.

8. AOL Mail

AOL provides this email service. Verizon purchased AOL in 2015. AOL Mail is sometimes referred to as AIM Mail. It is a free email service provider. It offers a variety of topics from which to pick. It supports the import of contacts in CSV, Txt, and LDIF formats.


It is a free email service that allows you to choose a domain name from a large selection.
It includes features such as virus prevention and a spam blocker.
The mail collector function provides users with greater freedom.

10. GMX Mail

GMX is a free email service provider. It may be used for both personal and professional purposes. It has excellent file sharing features. With GMX, you may choose how long your communications should be stored.

11. iCloud Mail

For Mac users, iCloud is the best email service, provider. It was first introduced in 2011. It has a large amount of cloud storage space and file-sharing capabilities. Email is simple to set up and unsubscribe from.

12. Yandex. Mail

Yandex is a well-known search engine in Russia. Yandex email services were first introduced in 2001. It has superb security choices. In addition to email, it provides a timer, a configurable UI, and access to other Yandex services.


This is all about the best email service companies. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, Zoho, Mail.Com, and ProtonMail are among the best free email providers.

ProtonMail, CounterMail, Hushmail, and Tutanota are more secure email providers than the rest. Zoho, Gmail, Hushmail, and ProtonMail are several webmail applications that provide premium services.

Gmail is the best email service overall. Outlook is ideal for integrating many apps. Yahoo has effective spam filtering capabilities. For small enterprises, Zoho Mail is the best alternative. AOL offers limitless storage.


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