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How To Fix This File Does Not Have An App Associated With It Error

How To Fix This File Does Not Have An App Associated With It Error will be discussed in this article. “This File Does Not Have An App Associated With It” is a common error message that displays when Windows cannot find an application that can open a specific file type. The necessary software might not be set up to open files in that format by default, even after you’ve installed it, or the file or app might be corrupted or destroyed. The problem can also occur when using apps and games, as well as when navigating directories—mostly using Windows Search. No matter where it happened, you can apply the following remedies to address the “This File Does Not Contain An App Associated With It” error.

How To Fix This File Does Not Have An App Associated With It Error

In this article, you can know about How To Fix This File Does Not Have An App Associated With It Error here are the details below;

Ensure you have relevant apps

This error message usually appears on Windows when it cannot find the program that is needed to open a file. You need to confirm that you have installed the appropriate program before you can open files in this specific format. This is the simplest way to do this, but there are other ways as well.

  • Navigate to the file that has this issue shown.
  • Use the right-click menu to choose Properties.

Right-click and select the Properties option

  • There Is No App Associated With This FileOnce the General pane has been selected, check the file format next to the Type of File section.
  • Right-click the file and choose Open with ->. To verify this, select an other app.

Select Open with

  • There Is No App Associated With This FileIf the file is installed, Windows will recommend opening it with appropriate software. It is likely that no programs are installed on your computer to open this type of file if you do not see any software recommendations. If so, launch any online browser, look for and download Windows apps that are compatible with that file type.

Set Default App

If the application is already installed, the error message states that you need to create an association in the Default Programs folder. The next step is to set the relevant application as the default, installed or newly downloaded, for files in that file type or format. The steps to change the default application for a certain file type are as follows. Also check Ways To Fix File Is Too Large For Destination File System Error

  • Gain + I’ll open the Settings application.
  • In the column on the left, choose the Apps tab.
  • Next, click Default Apps.

Click Default Apps after that

  • There Is No App Associated With This FileChoose the app you want to use by default. Now, you should be able to see every file and link type that the app has been registered for.

Select the app you desire to make the default

  • Set the app’s defaults.Click each file type and choose the chosen application from the resulting window if you want to set one schedule as the default for all of its registered file types and connections.

Fix default Apps

If Windows still shows this problem even though the program you want to set as the default for a specific file format is already selected as the default app, it is probably broken and the cause of the issue. The integrated troubleshooter for Windows Store apps is available to you.

  • Gain + I’m going to launch the Settings app.
  • Click the System tab in the left panel, then scroll down to the right to find Troubleshoot.

click the System tab in the left panel and then scroll down on the right

  • Diagnose and fixAfter selecting Troubleshoot, select Other Troubleshooters.

Click Troubleshoot

  • Additional TroubleshootersClick the Run icon that appears next to Windows Store Apps below.

The Run icon next to Windows Store Apps is located below

  • Apps for Windows StoreOnce you’ve followed the web directions, restart your computer.

Examine Particular File issues

If you’re opening it with suitable software, it’s functioning normally, and you’ve made it your default, make sure the file isn’t corrupt. Check to see if any other file in the same format has the same problem by opening it. If several files open without any problems but one does not, the one that is giving you trouble is probably corrupt. Try utilizing a specialized application to fix corrupted files if the problem continues.


It can be annoying to open a file, folder, or application and get the notice “This File Does Not Have An App Associated With It.” The above methods will help you identify and address the root cause of the problem if the file or folder is not corrupt. You can try reinstalling the program or using your backup to restore an earlier version of the file or folder if everything else fails. Kindly use the space provided below to ask any questions or offer ideas.


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