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Top 10 apps to send text and SMS from your PC in 2022

Texting and SMS have gone a long way in recent years. Not long ago, you had to pick up your phone to send a text or SMS to a buddy. You may now do so from your pc. There aren’t many apps that can accomplish this, but the ones that do are actually rather excellent. Here are the best apps for sending text messages and SMS from your pc rather than your phone. If you don’t mind betas, WebPhone looks intriguing as well. If you use both Windows PC and Android, we also recommend Microsoft’s Your Phone app.

The best apps for sending text messages and SMS from your pc

1. DialMyCalls


DialMyCalls is a top phone, SMS, and email provider across the US and Canada, helping businesses, organizations, and variety of groups better engage and keep their communications at the highest standards. This software is best known for its use of mass SMS sending and along a lot of other integrations and automation systems, it makes it easily the top spot on our list.
Two-way communication stands out loudly and it really makes for any serious business looking to gather customer feedback whenever you’re looking into sending mass text messages. Besides plenty of professional uses, it is also largely used for personal event and smaller group gatherings.

2. AirDroid

AirDroid is a well-known name in the PC texting market. You’ll be able to send messages and SMS from your PC with relative ease. It’s also simple to set up. It also includes a slew of additional functions, such as file transfers, backup and synchronisation, contact management, and the ability to capture screenshots from your PC. It’s a robust app with some amazing capabilities. The premium edition is a subscription-based service with a reasonable price tag. You’ll be able to transmit bigger files, transfer entire directories, transfer an endless amount of files, and do other things with it.

3. Join

Join is one of the more recent methods for sending text messages and SMS from your PC. It follows the standard procedure of installing the app on your phone and then the extension on your browser. You’ll subsequently be able to accomplish things on your browser rather than your phone. In addition to texting and SMS, the app can display alerts, share your clipboard between devices, access Tasker and Google Assistant, send files, take pictures, adjust your background, and even share your position. It’s also one of the few with a one-time fee after the 30-day free trial.

4. Microsoft Your Phone

Microsoft Your Phone is a companion app for Microsoft Windows and Android phones. To make it all work, you must install both the PC and phone versions. The app essentially allows you to access your photo roll, alerts, and text messages on your PC. In addition, recent versions allow you to make phone calls and reflect your screen. In terms of functionality and features, it’s a reasonably full app, albeit there are occasional connectivity troubles. Anyone with a Windows PC should probably start with this one, especially since it’s completely free.

5. MightyText

MightyText is a popular choice for many folks. It includes the essentials, such as checking notifications, sending SMS, sending MMS, and even some entertaining features, such as low battery alarms. The app’s free edition allows you to send 250 SMS each month. The premium edition is a $6.99/month membership service that eliminates the text restriction, allows you to see live notifications, and adds a few more features. It is not the least expensive choice. It is, nevertheless, quite steady. It’s one of the finest solutions for sending text messages from a pc.

6. mysms

Mysms is less well-known than some of its rivals. It’s still one of the best ways to send text messages and SMS from your PC. Its claim to fame is that it does not require the use of a browser plugin to function. It features native apps for iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, iPad, and macOS, as well as a Chrome extension. The free app allows you to send and receive text messages from your pc. You can get a slew of extra features with the pro version. The subscription fee is significantly lower than that of most of its competitors. That makes it the least expensive non-free choice on the list.

7. PulseSMS

Pulse SMS is a useful app that allows you to send text messages from your pc. It may be used as a free standalone SMS app. You may then use its browser extensions or web messenger to transform it into a multi-device SMS app. You are capable of doing all of the fundamental tasks. Responding to text and MMS messages falls under this category. It also has the ability to reject list numbers, schedule messages, archive chats, and it even supports dual-SIM. Even though it’s somewhat pricey, this is one of the few programmes that comes with a lifetime licence. Maple Media bought the app in 2020, and the transition has been difficult. It is, nevertheless, still one of the best possibilities.

8. TextFree

Pushbullet drew criticism for being one of the first of these businesses to demand a fee. It’s a little tough to be angry at them now since everyone does it. Pushbullet is still one of the finest programmes for sending text messages and SMS from your PC. It employs the standard browser extension mechanism, as well as the installation of the app on your phone. Aside from texting, you can also transfer files, view notifications, and do a variety of other things. You are welcome to utilise the service for free. You will be limited to 100 SMS per month if you do so. All restrictions will be removed if you upgrade to the pro subscription.

9. TextNow

TextFree is an unusual application. It’s a web app (available in any browser) that allows you to send free text messages to anyone. The only caveat is that you can’t use your personal phone number. The service assigns you a random phone number to which you may SMS individuals. The app allows you to send text and SMS messages for free, but you must pay for minutes if you want to call someone using the service. It’s an interesting technique to send free text messages. That is, assuming you don’t mind starting from a different number. The majority of the in-app purchases are for sticker packs.

10. Screen Mirroring Apps

TextNow is similar to Text Free. It’s a web app that allows you to send text messages. Unfortunately, the service, like Text Free, assigns you a random number to do so. That implies you won’t be able to utilise yours. It’s undoubtedly an excellent idea for individuals with limited texts or who don’t mind which number it comes from. In-app purchases are available, although they are just for phone minutes when calling out. With this, you may send an unlimited number of SMS to the United States and Canada. There are several similar services, such as Yappa, however we found that this app performed a bit better for us.


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