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Top 7 Sites like Pexels Stunning Free Stock Photos

Best Sites like Pexels will be discussed in this article. Are you looking for the top free stock picture websites? Check out sites like Pexels. Which website offers the best features, in your opinion? Don’t worry; we’ll assist you in finding that here. We’ll outline the top 7 stock picture websites in this article that are similar to Pexels.

Top 7 Sites like Pexels Stunning Free Stock Photos

In this article, you can know about Sites like Pexels here are the details below;

If you’re seeking for stock photo providers, Pexels is the best choice. It offers thousands of top-notch pictures without charging a dime, making it one of the greatest free stock photo websites. It offers excellent videos that you may download for free in addition to pictures. Another amazing Pexels feature is the ability to share your own original photographs and videos.

It also has a homepage that is easy to utilize. Its major drawback is that there aren’t many categories or filter options to make it easy for you to find the pictures you’re looking for. In order to provide you with the best free stock picture sites like Pexels, we have selected the best stock photo websites as extra resources. Following is a list of the top 7 Pexels-like websites that are worthwhile visiting:

1. Unsplash


If you’re looking for free stock picture sites like Pexels, Unsplash is your best bet. The extensive library of free high-resolution photographs on the stock photography website Unsplash generates over 17 billion photo impressions each month.

Additionally, it offers relevant free stock photos and categorizes all of the images so you can easily find the pictures you need. You can easily see its search bar because it is located in the middle of the homepage. All of its photos are available for free download. Additionally, it allows you to share & upload original photos.

Key Features

  • The homepage of the website has categorized filters that make it simple to navigate.
  • On its website, you are permitted to add pictures.
  • Beautiful high-resolution stock photos are available.
  • There are already over 300,000 stock photos available, and new ones are being added every day.
  • No royalties are required for commercial use.
  • You can use the available mobile app.
  • You can discover images with a related theme.

2. Pixabay


Our team considers Pixabay to be one of the best websites like Pexels because it provides high-quality images and videos for no cost. This website lets you to download pictures or movies without giving acknowledgment to the producers, in contrast to other stock photo sources. In addition to photos and videos, it also offers vector graphics and illustrations. Due to its collection of well chosen photographs and films covering any topic, it is the best place to find a wide variety of stock materials.

Under the distinctive Pixabay licence, which normally allows the unfettered use of content with some restrictions, it permits the sharing of photos, video, photographs, vector drawings, and music.

Key Features

  • You may easily find the type of image you’re looking for with the help of the available filters.
  • You can select between horizontal & vertical images by clicking the “Orientation” option.
  • It has a “Clear Filters” option that can be used to immediately go back to the default settings.
  • It’s a fantastic resource for HD and 4K videos.
  • A collection of more than 2.4 million (and increasing) stock photos and videos.
  • The options include images, artwork, videos, and vector graphics.
  • It is the best choice for marketers because it is free for commercial use.

3. Freepik


A powerful search engine, Freepik helps you find free, high-quality stock photos as well as other visual resources including vector pictures, sketches, and PSD files. You can download a ton of graphic elements and use them for any type of personal or commercial design project.

It hosts sponsored content, runs orderly and reasonable amounts of advertisements, and is safe and secure. Additionally, it is a community-driven platform where you can share your excellent designs and quickly get feedback to help you improve.

Key Features

  • Its search engine contains potent filters that make it easier to find any form of content, including orientation, color, and style filters.
  • You can download graphic elements in formats compatible with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.
  • It is a fantastic and popular choice for a seasoned blogger or designer.
  • There are available more than 500k images and drawings, which are arranged into more than 50 categories including business, nature, and more.
  • Additionally, there are some amazing sets available for free download, including backdrops for emails and invitations.
  • It is one of the best collections of gorgeous content that is regularly updated with a variety of new, easily navigable designs.

4. StockVault


Another top free stock picture resource is Stockvault, which provides user-contributed photos, images, textures, and vectors from across the globe. There are certain usage and copyright restrictions, but this library is open to everyone and requires no registration.

Stockvault contains user-generated online content that can be utilized for non-commercial purposes. And with more than 50,000 tagged and categorized images in their database, you ought to be able to quickly and without paying any money select the one that best supports your thesis.

Key Features

  • Since you won’t need to schedule the photographer and photo shoot, you can save a lot of time.
  • You may share free stock photographs with this service.
  • You can download any image or photo for free for your own non-commercial usage.
  • You can use keywords to search for photos, browse photos by category, and download them all at once.
  • Free with no watermarks or other restrictions.
  • From images to pencil sketches to computer-generated graphics like textures and illustrations, you may find it all.

5. PicJumbo


Viktor Hanacek, a designer and photographer, launched the free stock image website PicJumbo in 2013. You can get updated, cost-free photos by subscribing to their email. Even vertical photographs for story material are available if you subscribe to its premium version. It is possible to browse and download the best free stock photos and images online.

For quick access to numerous collections of images for both personal and professional usage, go to Picjumbo. For monthly access to thousands of stock photos, there are sophisticated all-inclusive subscription packages available.

Key Features

  • This thriving free stock photography community offers a vast quantity of stunning free images.
  • You may use the photographs in this collection for both personal and business needs.
  • New photographs are added on a daily basis in a wide range of genres, including abstract, fashion, nature, technology, and much more.
  • Without requiring registration.

6. Burst


Similar to Pexels, Shopify’s Burst website provides hundreds of free stock photos, and new images are added on a weekly basis. It might be the best source for free photos that you can use for your online business, school projects, articles, websites, blogs, Instagram ads, desktop backgrounds, and Facebook posts, among other things. Also check  SparkPost Alternatives

Burst was developed specifically to make great stock images accessible to bloggers, designers, entrepreneurs, and developers. And you can get an infinite number of free images from it.

Additionally, you are not need to register in order to explore the photos on your computer or phone from anywhere. Additionally, you may make the stock photographs distinctively yours by cropping, editing, or filtering them. Additionally, its collections—which were made especially for business owners—are accessible everywhere.

Key Features

  • It was made exclusively with business owners in mind.
  • The images can be utilized in menus, billboard displays, catalogues, and other offline marketing campaigns.
  • You can view every genre that the website offers by using the “Collections” option, which is there.
  • You may check the most recent trends for every season in the “Popular Categories” section.
  • Beautiful stock photos that were taken with e-commerce in mind can be used by many different types of businesses.
  • Due to the wide diversity of collections, it is simple to peruse and search for photos.
  • No limitations for commercial use.

7. Pikwizard


Pikwizard has a big collection of gorgeous, high-quality stock photos. By utilizing the search feature, you can find images of the outdoors, people, technology, and more. It’s a great resource if you’re seeking for a lovely cityscape. Also check Fiverr Alternatives 

If you wish to use an online photo editor without leaving your browser, Pikwizard provides access to one. Despite the fact that the majority of the tools and templates are premium designs, none of them cost more than a few bucks.

Key Features

  • It offers smart web marketing guidance.
  • Navigating is made easy by simple page design.
  • The download process is quick and easy.
  • Your favorite pictures are available for free storage and sharing.
  • The rates of each individual image download can be observed.
  • It offers hundreds of free stock photos on a wide range of subjects.

Final Words

All of the websites included in this post that offer free stock photographs offer high-quality images that you can use wherever you need them. We really hope that the post on the top 7 sites similar to Pexels above has assisted you in selecting the finest solution for your requirements.


What is Pexels used for?

Pexels offers premium, cost-free stock photographs that adhere to the Pexels license. All images are properly categorized, searchable, and accessible via our discover pages.

Pexels is what kind of website?

Pexels is website where you can download high-quality stock images for nothing.

How widespread is Pexels use?

Pexels is one of the busiest photographic platforms in the world with over 18 million visitors each month, and because to its wide audience, your work may be readily seen by millions from Spain to San Francisco.


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