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SaaS Management Platforms 10 Best in 2022

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) The way businesses use technology has been transformed by applications. While this strategy has numerous advantages, it also has some drawbacks that must be addressed. SaaS management tools assist businesses in reducing risks and maximising rewards.

These solutions help with cloud-based software acquisition, licencing, onboarding, and renewal management. In addition to reducing security concerns, a corporate SaaS management platform will maximise the return on SaaS investments throughout their lifecycle.

Criteria for comparing SaaS management tools

What criteria do I use to choose the finest SaaS management platform? The following is a list of my evaluation criteria:

Is the user interface (UI) clean, appealing, and simple to use?

Is it simple to manage a diverse set of SaaS tools? Is there good tech assistance, user help, tutorials, and training at the company?

Integrations: Does it connect easily to other business management tools?
Are any pre-built integrations available?

Value for money: How reasonable is the cost of the SaaS management features and capabilities? Is the pricing transparent, clear, and appropriate?

Key Features of a SaaS Management Solution

SaaS management solutions come with a variety of capabilities to assist you in getting the most out of cloud-based software.

Here are some important characteristics to look for:

User Management: keeps track of who is using what software and why.

Application Discovery: aids in the selection of the right tool for each application.

Application Cost Optimization: reduces waste due to inefficient utilisation.

Application Usage Insights: exposes how and why software is used.

Application Security: Reduces the risks associated with illegal programme use (Shadow IT)

Renewals of licences: guarantees that licences are current and valid. Maintains compliance with applicable regulations and standards.

Vendor Management: keeps track of vendor information in a database.

The 10 Best SaaS Management Platforms: An Overview

Here’s a quick rundown of each SaaS management platform vendor, complete with screenshots to illustrate some of the key features.

1. Zluri Best for reducing SaaS wastage

Zluri is a SaaS management platform that focuses on app discovery, management, optimization, and compliance using data. It helps you save money by eliminating duplicate programmes, identifying underutilised resources, and merging apps with similar functionality.

Zluri can automate a variety of IT operations, including procurement, onboarding, and renewals. The removal of unprotected apps and the management of compliance risks improve security.

Although no pricing information is available, a free trial is available for businesses with fewer than 25 employees.

2. Onetool Best for managing all your SaaS from a single app

With Onetool, you may get all of your SaaS software from a single, flexible subscription.
You handle everything through one membership process rather than signing up with multiple providers separately.

IT teams may use Onetool to deploy all of the tools they need from a single dashboard.
You pay a one monthly cost, eliminating the need to keep track of various payments.

3. BetterCloud Best for intuitive data security

BetterCloud is a SaaS management platform that provides automated management, vital insights, and user-friendly data security. You can use the programme to keep track of SaaS subscriptions and crucial usage metrics across your enterprise.

BetterCloud allows you to receive notifications when problems develop, enforce password management, and manage user profiles. You can also customise reports by selecting from over 100 different attributes.

4. SailPoint Best for identity security in the cloud

SailPoint is a cloud-based identity management and governance platform. Compliance, password management, and analytics are among the issues addressed by the platform.

It’s simple to examine who has access to which tools and how they’re being utilised using SailPoint. Users can confidently control their digital identities.

5. Augmentt Engage Best for managed service providers (MSPs)

Managed service providers can use Augmentt Engage to ensure their clients’ SaaS operations are secure. Provisioning is streamlined, daily user management is simplified, and security is improved.

The platform can be controlled from a single interface, providing a real-time, actionable perspective of how SaaS is being used throughout the company. Most PSA and RMM platforms are compatible with Augmentt Engage.

6. Productiv Best for understanding app engagement

Productiv is an application engagement analytics-powered SaaS management platform.
You can use this tool to visualise your SaaS portfolio and assess the cost and effectiveness of specific apps.

To assist you discover what SaaS applications are utilised for, the programme collects and analyses engagement insights. Productiv also makes it simple to spot consumption patterns.

7. Snow Best for comprehensive license management

Snow is a SaaS management tool that aims to lower the risks of IT asset management.
It contains broad IT operations analytics, including information on technology usage across all deployments.

You may simplify the complexity of licencing and compute the compliance position for each application with the help of Snow.

8. Torii Best an extensive range of integrations

Torii is a cloud-based SaaS licence management, vendor, and user management solution.
The platform enables IT leaders to see available resources, track active applications, and manage spending.

Managers may analyse anomalous activities, manage funds, and maintain compliance with this user-friendly tool, which includes analysis features. Slack, G Suite, Zoom, Salesforce, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, Github, and Zendesk are among the third-party apps that Torii interfaces with.

9. Blissfully Best for benchmarking SaaS spend

Blissfully gives you complete visibility on your company’s SaaS adoption. You can evaluate usage, delete inactive accounts, and remove duplicates.

This software also automates both the removal of licences when an employee leaves (offboarding) and the provisioning of new employees. You may also manage licence renewals, monitor bills, and build approval workflows.

10. Vendr Best for saving money on Saas

Vendr wants to lower IT departments’ SaaS spending by up to 30%. Aggregate contracts organise licences, allowing you to negotiate bulk prices.

The firm examines your SaaS stack and estimates potential savings. Vendr assures that your savings will outweigh the service’s cost.


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