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How To Fix Roblox Error Code 264? Easy Ways

With Roblox, users can also get trouble codes and other problems. Roblox tries to ensure its users can play games smoothly, but users may occasionally run into account errors. In this guide, we will discuss one of many: Roblox Error code 264. This guide will help you fix the problem if you get this error code.

What Does Roblox Error Code 264?

You are trying to start the game from the same account on different devices when you get Roblox Error Code 264. You might see this error code on your screen if you are already logged in to one device and try to log in to another using the same login information. Following is a discussion of how to fix Roblox error 264.

How To Fix Roblox Error Code 264? Easy Ways

Log out of all the devices you are logged in to and then try to log in to the device you want to play to fix Roblox Error Code 264. If another person uses your login information, ask them to log out of their device first and then try logging in again. We share our login information from time to time. Therefore, if you see the discussed error code on your device, you should ask your coworker to log out of their screen.

Other Method (Clear The Roblox Cache Files)

You can try this alternative way to fix this error code since it is a mistake log and may be caused by some cache files.

  • Run Dialog Box should be opened.
  • In the search box, type %temp%\Roblox and press either the Enter or OK button.
  • It will open a list of all the temporary and cache files.
  • Click on all the files you want to delete using the keyboard shortcut keys, then press the shift and delete keys simultaneously.
  • This will forever get rid of all the files in the folder.
  • Try to log into your Roblox account right now.

Hope! The Roblox Error Code 264 can now be fixed. Please comment in the box below if you need more clarification on this mistake. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You can get more help by calling Roblox Support. That’s it. Thank you.

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