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Top 11 Best Budget RGB Fans For PC

RGB fans are a popular way to add style and flair to your system as PC building and games have become more popular. However, these fans can be expensive, making it hard for makers on a tight budget to enjoy the bright colors and flexible lighting options that RGB fans provide. That’s where our list of the best RGB budget fans comes in. We looked everywhere for fans with great RGB lighting that is affordable. Our list has something for everyone, whether you’re making your first PC or want to improve your current system. We will look more closely at the best budget RGB fans on the market and see what makes them different. If you want some of the best RGB fans at an affordable price, keep reading for our picks.

What Should You Look For In RGB Fans?

A common way to add flair and personality to your PC build is through RGB fans. However, because there are so many options, choosing the right fans for your system can take time. When looking for RGB fans, here are some important things to remember.

Lighting Effects – RGB fans have different lighting effects, like steady lighting, flashing lighting, and even lighting that changes based on sound or music. It would be best to look for fans that let you change the lighting effects to fit your style and tastes.

Compatibility – Ensure that the fans you choose are compatible with the RGB software on your computer.

Airflow & Noise – RGB fans should keep your system cool and let air flow through them. To keep your system quiet and running well, look for fans with a high airflow rate and noise level. This is important for the best RGB fans.

Build Quality – It’s also important that the fans are made well. If you want fans that last longer and work better, look for ones made with good materials.

Price – Finally, think about the relationship between price and worth. Many affordable lighting options provide excellent lighting effects.

The following list contains some of the best value RGB fans on the market today.

Top 11 Best Budget RGB Fans For PC

Here is a detailed list of the best RGB fans for PCs on a budget.

1. DeepCool CF140

RGB Fans

Impressive 140 mm RGB fan performance and good airflow inside the computer case are provided by the DeepCool CF140. These 140mm fans can’t be beat in terms of value for money. A budget option with good aesthetics is the CF140.

2. upHere F03

RGB Fans

The upHere F03 RGB fans are both affordable and have an impressive design. Their automatic light effects are still impressive, even though they don’t have any control hardware or software. The LEDs have bright colors, and the effects change all the time. These fans are an excellent option for those seeking a budget-friendly RGB fan package (including three fans) to add color to their PC case.

3. Corsair iCUE QL120

RGB Fans

The most impressive light show of all RGB fans is provided by the Corsair iCUE QL120, which also offers excellent performance for an RGB fan. Each fan has 34 separate RGB LEDs, and the brightness is amazing. The hardware RGB driver and RGB software that come with it also offer a wide range of RGB effects.

4. Ant Esports Superflow 120 KIT ARGB

RGB Fans

There are three ARGB Superflow 120 fans and an ARGB driver in the Ant Esports Superflow 120 KIT ARGB Case Fan Pack. On the sides of the fans are rubber shims that ensure they work with little noise and shaking. They are quiet even at top speed, making them an excellent option for silent builds.

5. upHere P200RGB

RGB Fans

For those seeking the most affordable 200 mm RGB case fan, the upHere P200 RGB is a great option. This option is good for upHere RGB fans on a budget. This 200mm RGB fan has one of the best looks. The bright LEDs give off beautiful colors, and the fan runs quietly. Although the static pressure and cooling performance may not be impressive, the low price and the addition of high-quality RGB lighting make this a great option for a 200 mm fan price.

6. Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 Halo

With its dual-loop Addressable RGB lighting, the Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 Halo produces the most stunning colors while maintaining the best airflow performance. The MF140 Halo is a great option for optimal cooling efficiency and quiet operation because of its perfectly balanced blade design and optimized features for noise reduction.

7. DEEPCOOL RF120 FS 120mm

The DEE COOL RF120 FS 120 mm fan features six bright LEDs in each unit, creating an eye-catching PC lighting mix of purple, blue, and orange. To enjoy the beautiful show, all you have to do is plug in the fan and sync it with the fan hub that comes with it. The nine-blade design is optimized for performance to provide strong cooling powers by combining airflow and wind pressure. One of the best budget RGB fans is this one.

8. WAR HAMMER Kratos 120mm Auto RGB Fan Premium

The WAR HAMMER Kratos 120mm Auto RGB Premium Fan provides high-performance cooling for your PC. The highest air flow it can produce is 38 CFM, with a speed of 1500 RPM. There is a 12V DC voltage and a start-up voltage of 6V. The fan runs on 0.16A ± 10% current. An air pressure of 1.0 mm HO produces 20 dB (A) of noise.

9. Ant Esports Royaleflow 120 Auto RGB

Ant Esports Royaleflow 120 A- RGB Case Fan is one of the best RGB fans on a budget. It has a crystalized diffuser on each side of the frame, creating a unique and widely spread visual effect on your PC.

10. RiaTech RGB LED Series 120mm

With its improved bearings and quiet operation, the RiaTech RGB LED Series 120mm fan is a great addition to any computer system with RGB lighting. The fan lasts longer, which cuts down on noise and improves getting rid of heat. It is perfect for PC air cooling fans and water cooling units due to its standard 120 mm size, making it compatible with all computer cases.

11. Antec A400 RGB

The Antec A400 RGB is an air cooling CPU cooler made for compatibility with popular desktop processor ports. Many Antec RGB fans are available at different price points, but the A400 is the best value for money. It features a PWM fan type with a speed range of 600 to 1800 RPM + 10% to ensure effective cooling performance. This is one of the best Antec RGB fans for the money.

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Thanks to this guide, You should know more about the best budget RGB fans on the market today. Please choose the best option for you and let us know. Feel free to leave questions or ideas in the area below for comments.


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