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10 Best RAM Memory Booster, Cleaner, And Optimizer For Windows

RAM Memory Booster

If you need to free up RAM on your system, consider using a RAM Booster for PC. The best RAM Cleaner tools are those that can provide your computer with an immediate performance increase after cleaning it. The best RAM cleaning application for Windows PC is Advanced System Optimizer.

What Exactly Is RAM Cleaner?

RAM Cleaner is a tool that works to clear up RAM in order to speed up the device. It is essential software for PCs since it allows the computer to make better use of its memory.
RAM cleaning is a specialised memory monitoring tool. As the memory usage of Windows apps and processes increases, it will automatically execute a scan to remove the unneeded processes and applications.This activity is conducted so that more critical chores can be accomplished as quickly as possible.

We have selected some of the best RAM optimizers for Windows in this article. Before deciding on the best memory optimizer for your computer, consider compatibility, pros, and disadvantages.We’ve also included the best free memory cleaners in the list to help you all address the freeware problem.

How Does RAM Cleaner Operate?

The RAM cleaning tool works by closing down unnecessary processes and making room for vital ones. We recommend utilising one of the best RAM cleaners for Windows 11 if you want your computer to run smoothly. The best RAM booster for Windows will enable you to fully utilise physical RAM by shifting processes to virtual RAM.This speeds up the computer since physical memory is free after the cache is cleaned.

Best RAM Cleaner And Booster For Windows 11, 10

1. Advanced System Optimizer

The best RAM cleanser for Windows 11,10 is Advanced System Optimizer. The strong Memory optimization utility will assist your system in freeing RAM and allocating memory to improve speed. You can rapidly remove undesirable files from your computer with a single click. The application can use memory without forcing Windows to access the hard drive.
As a result, apps function smoothly without slowing down the computer’s response time.

Advanced System Optimizer is the best memory cleaning and booster since it will restore your computer to its original state. You may have a smooth functioning operating system by using programmes like a driver updater, game optimizer, duplicate finder, system cleanser, and registry optimizer.

2. Advanced PC Cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup is a RAM booster for Windows 10, 11, and 8. It includes a variety of PC cleaning apps that will quickly free up RAM on your computer. As a result, there will be enough free memory space to run critical apps and processes at top speed. Advanced PC Cleanup can be used to scan your entire system.

The scan will reveal the faults, which you may repair by selecting the Clean now option.
This will swiftly resolve RAM-related issues on the PC, making it a recommended memory cleanup software. Additionally, it can control Startup programmes to improve boot time performance.

3. IOLO System Mechanic

As RAM cleaning software for Windows PC, IOLO System Mechanic is an excellent alternative.
It immediately displays the scan summary with details on your PC. The system memory section displays the free system memory as a percentage of total memory. Click the Optimize button, and the utility will do the rest as you sit back and watch the unneeded processes stop. It will make memory available for your selected application and process to run efficiently.

Aside from clearing your RAM, it can also defend your system from virus attacks. It will provide internet security by uninstalling PUPs, which can sometimes hog memory. Automated PC maintenance will clean the garbage and repair any problems with the computer.

4. CCleaner Pro

CCleaner Pro is a popular PC cleaning utility. It can be used to free up memory on your hard disc by deleting unneeded garbage, files, and applications. As resources become available, your computer’s speed will gradually improve. As useless trash is cleared and Windows processes are utilised for critical activities, the boot time will improve.

CCleaner also monitors your system in real time to detect faults and promptly upgrades the software on your computer. This will also aid in driver update and result in fewer system issues.

5. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

One of the best RAM cleansers for Windows 11, 10 is Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2022. It can effectively clean up your system and manage it so that it runs smoothly.The memory booster for Windows 10 may manage the RAM by managing the running Windows processes.
It can readily display system details as well as hardware information.

It swiftly terminates unneeded programmes, reserving RAM for more vital operations.As one of the best RAM cleaners for Windows 11, it can optimise memory while also personalising the Windows system. By removing useless applications and files, the system cleanup utility also frees up a lot of storage space.

6. Advanced SystemCare 15 Free

Advanced SystemCare 15 Free is a free memory cleaning software for PC developed by IOBit. It can be used to both secure data and optimise your machine. This RAM booster has an AI mode to assist you in improving the performance of your PC. This tool can repair disc fragmentation problems.

It can rapidly repair unknown running applications and processes and free up RAM. It will not only be a seamless process, but it will also make your PC lag-free.

7. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is the Windows PC optimization tool of choice for gamers. It can be used effectively as a PC memory optimizer utility. The system booster module will assist you in removing garbage files and freeing up memory. This can help you speed up your computer and optimise it for use with other programmes.

Razer Cortex is a powerful game optimization application that will improve your gaming experience after memory optimization. If you enjoy playing games on your computer that require free space to run effectively, this is one of the best RAM boosters for PC.

8. Wise Memory Optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer is a free Windows 11 memory cleanser. It performs admirably for freeware and has an appealing user interface. Following the scan, it will display the used and free memory sizes, as well as the Optimizer button. By clicking it, you can instantly increase the amount of memory on your computer.

This Windows Memory cleanser also includes an automatic optimization tool, which, when activated, allows scans to be done automatically. You can also set the memory value, and if the computer runs out of free memory that you have provided, the memory optimizer will run automatically.

9. RAM Rush

RAMRush is one of the best free RAM cleansers for Windows computers. This is a simple way to free up physical RAM and enhance system performance. Your computer’s memory use can be optimised with the memory management programme. A continuous RAM check can keep your system running smoothly and prevent system breakdowns.

Memory leaks can be effectively addressed using the simple RAM optimizer for Windows.
To make the job easier, Hotkeys can be quickly adjusted. It is also capable of recovering memory from Windows apps.

10. MZ RAM Booster

Mz RAM Booster is a free Windows 10 RAM cleanup. It is a useful RAM booster for PC that will immediately alter some of the functions before increasing the internal memory. The programme can easily limit the background processes that are interfering with the smooth operation of your system. In addition, it displays information about your system.

Running the operating system at optimal speed takes only a few minutes, and RAM recovery is feasible in real-time. It is regarded as a good PC memory cleaner for novices because to its user-friendly interface.

RAM Cleaners Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Do RAM Cleaners Really Work?

Yes, you may utilise RAM cleaners for PC if you need extra help cleaning RAM on your computer. They not only disable useless services, but also free up memory for other apps.

Q2. Which Memory RAM Cleaner Is the Best?

The best memory RAM cleaner for Windows PC is Advanced System Optimizer. It includes numerous tools for cleaning up storage, fixing system difficulties, restoring storage space, updating drivers, creating backup and restore points, and so on. Each of these contributes to RAM cleaning and PC optimization.

Q3. How Do I Make More RAM Available?

To free up more RAM on your computer, use one of the best RAM cleanup tools from the list above. They not only save you time, but they also do the work quickly.

Q4. Why is my RAM constantly full?

If you want to know why your computer’s RAM is continually full, you should examine your actions. Is it because you have a lot of applications operating on your machine, or do you have a full storage driver? Other things are also contributing to the RAM being full.

Q5. How Can I Clean My RAM?

If you are cleaning your system, it is best to utilise a RAM cleaner. All you have to do is run the software to get rid of the unnecessary programmes that are sucking RAM.

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