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Top 5 Best QMarkets Alternatives In 2023

Best QMarkets Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Enterprise leaders & research & development (R&D) teams have access to a variety of tools for creating new goods or company concepts thanks to the QMarkets innovation management solution.

The trend management feature of the software divides subjects into three groups:

  • Megatrends: broad trends whose effects will be seen for a very long time
  • Macrotrends: more recent changes and patterns that are anticipated to have an effect during the next five to 10 years
  • Microtrends: rapid and occasionally transient trends with immediate effects

Then, trend measurements are divided into two subcategories: those that have a financial focus and those that have an impact on the development of new products.

Top 5 Best QMarkets Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Top 5 Best QMarkets Alternatives In 2023 here are the details below;

The tools offered by QMarkets are solely intended for trend management; trend discovery is not supported. The platform must be used very manually, therefore your team must continue to constantly do research and input trend data into the program.

Yes, QMarkets can be a fantastic option if you’re looking for an all-inclusive innovation management software solution or a platform that enables you to create a library of trend data.

However, you should consider one of these five QMarkets alternatives if you have questions about the platform, the price (which is only available after a sales call), or if you require a trend finding solution.

1. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics is a trend management system & trend discovery tool that may be used to influence choices across a wide range of business areas, including:

Launches of innovation initiatives Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) Popular investment sectors Marketing and SEO

The Exploding Topics database is updated daily with the most recent trend information from 30 different industries, including:

  • Beauty
  • Crypto Design Eco Ecommerce
  • Education Fashion Finance Fitness
  • Food Gaming Health Home Legal Lifestyle
  • Luxury Marketing Media Pets Product Sales
  • Science
  • Social Software Sports Startup Technology Travel

To assess trends in online talks over the past 15 years, we combine AI and skilled human data analysis. Additionally, we’re able to spot the trends that are poised to soar in popularity with your audience because we refresh this information daily.

Members of Exploding Topics Pro are actually granted access to trend data up to a full year before the general public, offering their innovation teams an unrivaled competitive advantage across numerous industries.

Pro users additionally have access to a set of tools that make it simpler to share data with stakeholders and manage trends by project:

How much does Exploding Topics cost?

Exploding Topics can be used without incurring any costs. On our homepage, you may start looking up trend data right away, including by industry or keyword.

An Exploding Topics Pro Membership is required to receive early access and special insights. Your first two weeks of membership cost just $1, and subsequent months cost as little as $39 (paid annually). This is another QMarkets Alternatives.

You will have full access to all of Exploding Topics’ features, including meta trends and real-time trend warnings.

How does Exploding Topics compare to QMarkets?

Exploding Topics Free plan with QMarkets?Yes No

Paid-for plan cost$39 Unique quotations only

Uses innovative product development, M&A, and other activitiesbudgeting and product development

Special qualitiesQuick trend notifications and professional data analysisIncluding other innovative tools in the process

2. 4Strat


For public and private businesses looking for an all-encompassing trend and idea management platform, 4Strat offers “strategic foresight” tools. This is another QMarkets Alternatives.

The 4Strat Foresight Strategy Cockpit (FSC), which comprises a trend database and accompanying data analysis, is the company’s main product.

According to 4Strat, its database is centered on “the diverse opinions and insights of experts” and also incorporates data from research examining potential technical advancements.

Users of the 4Strat suite can import data via APIs from other tools and services as well as build maps showing the relationships between different data points. Uses for this system include:

  • Establishing connections between media events and trends
  • Recognizing and reducing business risk
  • Formulating long-term business plans
  • Identify the enterprise tech stacks’ expected lifespans
  • Examine fictitious business scenarios by adjusting different parameters

Users of 4Strat can pay the data intelligence experts at 4Strat to search for pertinent trends, deliver monthly trend reports, and assist with strategy development if they are not interested in reviewing trend data on their own.

4Strat is very picky about its clients and withholds a lot of information about how it gathers and assesses its trends.

How much does 4Strat cost?

To arrange a meeting, anyone interested in using the 4Strat platform must get in touch with the business. You can only learn more about access and pricing through this process.

If selecting a vendor is important to you, and 4Strat maintains an ISO 9001:2015 certification, it might be worthwhile to go through the process to learn more about this platform.

However, you should probably try a different QMarkets substitute if you’re looking for a trend database that is easier to access. This is another QMarkets Alternatives.

How does 4start compare to QMarkets?

Free 4Strat QMarkets plan?Yes No Paid plan costUnique quotations onlyUnique quotations only

Uses Risk administration and product innovationbudgeting and product development

dashboard for trend management?Yes, yes Trend spotting software?Yes No

special qualitiesStrategic foresight as a service, ISO certificationIncluding other innovative tools in the process

3. Itonics


For decision-makers, innovators, strategists, and R&D teams, Itonics markets its platform as a “Innovation Operating System”. You can use the Itonics trend scouting tool to:

  • Set up automated processes
  • Check and look for emerging trends
  • Streamline work across multinational scouting teams
  • Recognize commercial opportunities
  • Keep an eye on innovations for ongoing development
  • Keep an eye on competition activity

The tool gathers data on more than 10,000 trends and groups them according to the users’:

  • Geographic information about industries
  • Major research areas

It also offers a companion app and web clipper tool that makes it easy for Itonics users to add extra data points and news articles into their enterprise databases. Anyone in the firm can then access data by kind (trend, technology, or inspiration), collection, date, and other relevant filters. This is another QMarkets Alternatives.

How much does Itonics cost?

Like many QMarkets competitors, Itonics doesn’t divulge its pricing tiers up front. However, you can jump straight in and try out the platform with a 30-day free trial. You’ll need to contact to a member of the Itonics team to learn more about continuous subscriptions.

How does Itonics compare to Qmarkets?

Itonics QMarkets Free plan? Yes No Paid plan costUnique quotations onlyUnique quotations only

Uses Business development, competitor research budgeting and product development

Dashboard for trend management?Yes, yes Trend spotting software?Yes No

Special qualitiesWeb clipper, data from scientific papers and patents Including other innovative tools in the process

4. BrightIdea


Brightidea is an enterprise innovation platform that provides firms with a way to:

  • Capture trends and business ideas
  • Start crowdsourcing idea challenges
  • Conduct hackathons
  • Track experimentation and concept development
  • Build proposals relating to new concepts
  • As you go through the invention process, collaborate and brainstorm

Best used with a large workforce, BrightIdea’s Monitor dashboard serves as a repository for trending ideas contributed by other people with your firm. If you’re operating individually or as part of a small organization, you might not profit from a BrightIdea license (because employee engagement is vital to getting the most out of BrightIdea).

BrightIdea doesn’t curate upcoming trends for you.

The BrightIdea system allows you to filter data, subscribe to particular topics, and make notes about potential business impacts as your team starts consistently entering data into it.

How much does brightIdea cost?

You’ll require to set up a Brighidea demo session in order to discover more about how much the whole idea management software suite will cost for your firm.

How does BrightIdea compare to Qmarkets?

Free BrightIdea QMarkets plan?No No paid plan costUnique quotations onlyUnique quotations only. This is another QMarkets Alternatives.

Uses Collaboration, hackathons budgeting and product development

Dashboard for trend management?Yes, yes Trend spotting software?No No

Special qualitiesTools for creating proposalsIncluding other innovative tools in the process



HYPE is a software and consultancy firm that assists companies with the creation of new product roadmaps. Their program includes an entire set of tools for project management, partnership building, strategy, and ideation. This is another QMarkets Alternatives.

The HYPE platform’s trend reconnaissance tool is a crucial component. HYPE classifies data into mega, macro, and micro trends, much like QMarkets does.

By gathering this data for you, the HYPE trend tool builds an insights dashboard. Trends can be categorized by:

Sector Country Type of product

Additionally, the service type HYPE includes a crowdsourcing software component that enables other employees of your firm to comment on certain trends and offer advice and insights.

Utilizing HYPE’s trend radar tool, you may see linkages across various levels of data once you’ve identified high-value patterns.

HYPE is best suited for people who require the whole ecosystem of products, just like some of the other QMarkets options on this list. HYPE can be overkill if all you need is a plain industry trend tracking tool.

How much does HYPE cost?

Through phone interactions with its sales team, HYPE provides access to its goods. They’ll put together a personalized quote based on the size of your team and your objectives.

How does HYPE compare to QMarkets?

Free offer?Yes No Paid plan costUnique quotations onlyUnique quotations only

Uses both product and business developmentbudgeting and product development

Trend-finding software?Yes No

Special qualitiesTools for collaborationIncluding other innovative tools in the process

Get Instant Access To Emerging Trends

There is no better tool than Exploding Topics when you want simple, quick, and early access to trends.

Utilizing our trend management and spotting tool will give you access to selected, expert-reviewed trends that are updated daily.

You don’t need to dig around for your own data or use other tools. Current trend data is available at your fingertips thanks to Exploding Topics. Additionally, Pro members receive trend management tools to aid with business development along with the latest insights directly in their mailbox.

Try Exploding Topics Pro for free for the first two weeks to experience the difference it can make in your company’s trend management.


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