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Best 12 Post Affiliate Pro Alternatives In 2023

This post will explain Post Affiliate Pro Alternatives. To operate an affiliate program, you must pay your affiliates for sales, leads, and clicks generated by their referrals. Post Affiliate Pro is user-friendly, quick, efficient, and infinitely extensible to grow your business.

Best 12 Post Affiliate Pro Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Post Affiliate Pro Alternatives here are the details below;

Post Affiliate Pro will automate your affiliate program in its entirety. It is an excellent tool for recruiting and managing affiliates. Each affiliate will be provided with various marketing and promotional tools to promote your company. In addition, it will track referrals, commissions, payouts, and much more for your affiliates.

1. InviteReferrals


InviteReferrals is referral marketing software meant to assist businesses in acquiring new customers by building and deploying customer referral campaigns across many platforms, such as a mobile, tablet, and desktop websites, Android and iOS mobile applications, a Facebook timeline app, and emailers. This affiliate software supports various features, including configurable campaigns, in-depth analytics, data export, multiple referrals, social sharing options, and numerous events/rewards.


2. PayKickstart


It is powered by industry-leading checkout tools, customer retention tools to reduce churn, conversion tools to increase revenue, and automation tools to save overhead. Integrate without difficulty with third-party applications to optimize customer communication and workflow—partner with PayKickstart to eliminate technical obstacles, allowing you to concentrate on your product.


3. Kartra


Kartra is a cloud-based company management tool meant to assist small to large enterprises in creating, launching, and manage online marketing platforms with customizable templates, 360-degree analytics, autoresponders, affiliate management, and more. In addition, this affiliate software provides numerous modules to assist users in managing all business operations, including website design, payment processing, marketing initiatives, and help desk concerns.


4. PartnerStack



PartnerStack is the only SaaS-specific partnerships platform designed to offer predictable revenue and accelerate growth for software companies and their partners.

This affiliate software is used by companies such as Intercom, Webflow, and to manage and scale their partner programs, automating partner onboarding, training, payments, and more to facilitate the success of their partners. PartnerStack Network partners have produced over $100 million in revenue for PartnerStack initiatives in the past year alone.


5. Tipalti


Tipalti currently serves over 4 million suppliers and processes over $30 billion in international bank transfer remittances yearly. Amazon Twitch, Amplitude, Roku, Roblox, Zumba, GoPro, PubMatic, Seeking Alpha, ClassPass, Toast, Automattic, Twitter, GoDaddy, Zola, Zipline, Headspace, Discord, Canva, and Foursquare are among the clients of Automattic.

Tipalti affiliate software automates the entire global payables operation, making it simple to pay suppliers anywhere in the world in various currencies and payment methods and removing 80% of the effort associated with managing accounts payable operations. As a result, Tipalti reduces tax, regulatory, and financial control risk, accelerates financial close with real-time payment reconciliation, generates revenue with early payments, and enhances supplier relationships.


6. AffiliateWP


AffiliateWP is a cloud-based affiliate marketing solution for businesses and professionals to establish and manage affiliate programs on WordPress. The marketing plugin assists in promoting products and services, tracking and paying commissions, analyzing campaign progress, and managing affiliate registrations, among other tasks.

By tying discount codes to individual affiliate accounts, the Affiliate coupon tracking tool simplifies the process of coupon redemption and referrals. In addition, the AffiliateWP affiliate software dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the performance of program campaigns, earnings, referral URL lists, and newly added accounts. It also has an analytics and reporting module that allows administrators to generate real-time statistical statistics on affiliate-referred traffic, revenue, and visits.


7. Omnistar Affiliate

Omnistar Affiliate

It offers affiliate software to businesses of all sizes that are expanding. Omnistar enables any firm seeking to expand its client base to create and administer its referral program. Designed for both novices and specialists in referral marketing, Omnistar enables businesses to maximize the marketing potential of their existing consumers. In addition, the referral software equips businesses in expansion with the resources necessary to build and administer their referral program.


8. Ventture


Ventture is an advanced business suite that enables businesses to construct online courses, membership websites, and discount coupons on a unified platform. Using the program Ventture, stakeholders can arrange memberships and change the style of membership websites using the in-built content editor.

Instructors can build and translate courses in several languages, provide supplementary reference materials to students, and monitor course completion status using progress indicators. Ventture has automated notifications, content dripping, email templates, reporting, vendor management, SSL security, PCI compliance assessment, and document management, among other capabilities. In addition, the tool lets administrators track member data and determine the most successful membership plans, current sales figures, and total refunds made in real-time. It is among the best affiliate software on this list.


9. Tapfiliate


Users need only create a Tapfiliate account, insert the tracking code on their website, recruit affiliate partners, and observe their business expand. Signing up and providing the information is a quick, 5-minute process. Run into issues? Tapfiliate includes customer service and a comprehensive array of possible integrations and guidelines.

After creating an account and installing Tapfiliate, users may start recruiting affiliates by sharing the affiliate invite URL. Then, affiliates can be recruited via the website, fervent affiliate partners, or by personal invitation. In addition, users may generate links, banners, tweets, videos, and Facebook posts for their affiliate partners to distribute online, making it simpler for them to promote your product and increasing the likelihood that you will receive more visitors. It is one of the best affiliate software.


10. Pitchbox


Pitchbox is an influencer outreach and content marketing platform that allows marketing firms and SEO departments to discover the ideal influencer to promote their content and increase brand recognition.
I can interface with SEO service providers to obtain reliable and brand-safe results. In addition to outreach campaigns, customized email templates, automated workflows, and reports for all aspects of the outreach process, key features include outreach campaigns.


11. Refersion


If you are looking for the best affiliate software, Refersion is a referral-tracking application that enables you to manage your affiliate marketing program, expand your growing network, and monitor sales activities. One platform for tracking your sales team, partners, and customer referrals. Use technologies such as the Post-Purchase Channel to add customers as affiliates automatically and the newly established online directory, Refersion Marketplace, to build your list of affiliates.


12. TrackingDesk


TrackingDesk is a cloud-based traffic and tracking management platform for affiliates and media buyers that offers a full suite of management tools, including analytics, landing page rotation, call-to-action optimization, A/B testing, conversion tracking, user agent targeting, geo-target, and campaign management. You can consider it the reliable affiliate software to consider.

It is an advanced traffic management software that helps affiliates to monitor their performance across all of their affiliate programs more effectively and to make informed decisions regarding which offers to promote, in which countries, and from which traffic sources.



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