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How To Easily Sign In To PlayStation Network Without Issues?

PlayStation Network is an innovative technology that offers an unsurpassed gaming experience. It allows users to play games on their Windows PCs and download free or paid content such as game demos and add-ons. Unfortunately, many users have recently reported being unable to sign into the Play Station Network. The problem is rare, but according to various reports, some players are experiencing similar troubles. As aggravating as the problem is, there are remedies. This guide will help you resolve this issue by providing a list of 12 tried and tested techniques. I hope one of these will be useful to you.

What Are The Most Commonly Reported PlayStation Network Issues?

The PlayStation Network, like any other digital service, is not without its flaws. The following are some of the most common PSN issues:

PlayStation Network Sign In Failed

If you are experiencing a PSN sign in issue, check to see if your online ID or password is incorrect or if the PSN servers are down.

PlayStation 4 Error NW-31473-8

It is a vexing problem that may impact everyone who uses the console. However, we have a straightforward guide that will walk you through the process of fixing it permanently.

At This Time, No Content Can Be Selected (PS4 Error)

It could be aggravating to receive content that cannot be selected at this time error message on your PS4. While there’s no official solution to this issue, you should attempt some of the troubleshooting steps provided in our guide.

Why Can’t I Sign In To The PlayStation Network?

For various reasons, you may be unable to sign in to the PlayStation Network. Here are a few examples of the most common:

1 – PSN server downtime. 

2 – Wrong login credentials. 

3 – Unstable Internet connection. 

4 – Corrupted or outdated data on the console. 

5 – Account suspension.

After determining the issue of your PSN account’s inaccessibility, you may begin troubleshooting.

How To Easily Sign In To PlayStation Network?

Check The PSN Server Status

If the problem codes aren’t helping you figure out what’s causing the inaccessibility, you can always run a quick test to see how your PlayStation is doing. This is when the PSN Status page comes in handy. If there is a server issue, it should be noted on the page. For example, the network server may be unavailable for maintenance on a given day, a common source of login issues. If a problem is identified, the best action is to wait until the servers are restored. First, however, you should try the options below if everything looks in order.

Check Login Credentials Twice

Many users have account logging into their PlayStation Network accounts, which is typically due to incorrect credentials. If you have your accounts on your smartphone, tracking them may not be easy, so double-check the username, email, and password you’re using before signing in. Well, if you have the necessary credentials, you may skip this step. If you have any doubts about this information, go to the PSN login page and double-check that the data you’re using is correct.

Check For Slow Internet Connection

Your Internet connection may sometimes have too much delay, preventing the console from correctly reaching the server and connecting an Ethernet cable to see if it improves the connection. Check your network speed and restart your router if your ISP is the source of the issue.

Verify Email ID

You should verify your email access to continue using PSN. To do so, search your email inbox for PlayStation verification, such as the spam and trash folders, and then click on the link in the email belonging to the ID you want to verify.

Change Password

1 – Go to the PlayStation Network sign-in page.

2 – From the Trouble Signing In the menu, choose Reset password.

3 – Input the email address you used to create your PSN account when requested.

4 – Check your email for information on how to reset your password.

5 – Go back to your console and try to sign in to your account.

Well, if you recently changed your password or forgot it, updating it again may be advantageous.

Restart PlayStation

1 – Hold the PS button for 10 seconds until the Quick Menu appears.

2 – Go to the Power tab.

3 – Finally, select Restart and confirm your choice.

4 – Wait a few seconds for your console to reset before signing in again.

If you find minor errors or malfunctions, rebooting PlayStation is typically the first step you should attempt.

Check For Any Pending Updates

1 – Open PS4 Settings with your controller.

2 – Navigate to System Software Update.

3 – Select Update Now and wait for your console to search for updates.

4 – If an update is available, click Accept and follow the installation instructions on the screen.

If you own a PS5, here’s what you should do:

1 – Open the Settings menu on PlayStation 5 and choose the System tab.

2 – Choose System Software Update and Settings from the System Software menu.

3 – From the Update System Software menu, choose Update System Software Using Internet.

If you’re experiencing problems logging in, one thing to look for is any recent outstanding console updates. It is sometimes feasible to address the problem by updating it.

Check For Account Suspension

When you sign up for a PlayStation Network account, you agree to the Terms of Service. If you breach these guidelines, your PlayStation Network access may be suspended. The suspension might be either permanent or temporary. You can ask PSN to remove the restriction if you are permanently suspended.

Pay Off The Debt

With so many payment options, purchasing on the PlayStation Store has never been simpler. However, great freedom comes with great responsibility. You may be locked out of PSN if a charge on your payment method has been reversed. In the case of a chargeback, PSN can act promptly to protect your account from fraudulent activity. If a chargeback occurs without justification, you will only be able to access your account once the debt has been repaid.

Disable 2-Step Verification

If you’ve Google TV or Media Go, you will notice a password error warning the first time you sign in with your 2SV code. This is only a temporary issue that can be easily resolved. Disable 2SV when logging in, then re-enable it after you’re done.

Sign In Using Backup Codes For 2-Step Verification

You can only access your account using a security code if you use 2-step verification. If you lose your phone, obtaining a code on a new device will be easy, preventing you from accessing your account. Fortunately, you may access PlayStation Network by entering 2SV backup codes.

Contact PlayStation Support

Assume you are unable to provide your account’s verification credentials or are unable to access the email containing a password reset link. In that case, we recommend contacting PSN support for more assistance. Even if the Xbox One regularly outperforms the PlayStation 4, other reasons exist to prefer Sony’s console. Please leave a comment if there is something we need to include. We will surely attempt to address the issue.


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