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Top 13 Best Pickleball Paddles You Can Buy

Pickleball has experienced significant growth in the United States and has emerged as one of the most popular outdoor sports. So, even if you are a neophyte, preparing for the game and beginning to play is effortless. Selecting the best Pickleball paddle is important because of this. Numerous Pickleball paddles are on the market, but not all can provide the necessary control to enhance your gameplay. The best Pickleball paddles for control are discussed in this article for your convenience. The best Pickleball paddles on the market are listed here.

What To Know Before You Shop Pickleball Paddle?

Although numerous Pickleball paddles appear identical, they are not all created equal. Here are some important factors to remember as you search for your next Pickleball paddle.

Power – Power refers to how powerfully and quickly you hit the ball. Intermediate and advanced players who have good paddle control may opt for a heavier paddle made from fiberglass surface material, which provides additional weight and density for power shots.

Control – When using control, hit the ball with precision. A lightweight paddle made of carbon fiber surface material is recommended for novice and intermediate players because it makes it simpler to aim the ball.

Spin – When you hit a ball with spin, which means it rotates as it travels through the air, it can be more challenging for your opponent to hit it back, which could result in points. Paddles made with a grainy, textured surface assist in the production of backspin and topspin.

Core – The core material can influence the power and control of your Pickleball paddle. The core is typically made of polymer or polypropylene and enclosed in a honeycomb chamber, which aids in the distribution of energy and the reduction of vibration as the ball is hit.

Sweet Spot – You get an effervescent snap, more power, and greater precision when you hit a ball with the sweet spot (the center of your paddle). For simpler play, some paddles, particularly most novice paddles, are designed with larger sweet areas.

What To Look For When Shopping For A Pickleball Paddle?

Materials – Choosing the correct paddle for you will depend on your playing style and skill level. Materials – When shopping for a Pickleball paddle, look at its core and ball surface options. When the paddle contacts a ball, the core is typically made of a honeycomb polypropylene chamber that helps distribute energy and reduce vibration. Graphite, wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber are the best surface materials for power and control shots.

Skill Level – Choosing a paddle that can adapt to your talents and playing style is important because Pickleball paddles are an investment. A light and robust paddle may be preferable for a true novice, while a strong paddle that promotes optimal power and speed may be advantageous for advanced players.

Playing Style – Are you seeking control? Authority? What is the speed? It is imperative to take into account your individual playing style when selecting a Pickleball paddle. While fiberglass paddles are excellent for control, carbon fiber paddles are the best for power. Some paddles are designed for both purposes.

Weight – The control and power of your Pickleball paddle will be influenced by its weight. While heavier paddles can give you more power and control, lighter paddles are best for speed.

Handle Length & Grip – The appropriate handle length and grip circumference selection is contingent upon two factors: the size of your palm and the style of your movement. Pickleball paddle handles are typically available in two lengths: a standard length for individuals who employ a single-handed backhand stroke and a long length for those who employ a two-handed backhand swing. The grip circumference is typically around four inches, but you can discover smaller and larger options.

Surface Area & Shape – Paddles with a larger surface area generally have a larger sweet spot, which is why many players prefer them. Just ensure your paddle is at most 17 inches, as USA Pickleball requires. USA Pickleball has approved some of our top choices, but not all of them. This designation may be important if you want to play in a competitive Pickleball league or tournament. In terms of geometry, elongated paddles have a greater reach; however, their narrower profile may result in a smaller sweet spot. Standard-size paddles that are frequently employed are an effective compromise between the two.

Top 13 Best Pickleball Paddles You Can Buy

Each Pickleball Paddle has its advantages; some are renowned for their power shots, while others are renowned for their precision and control. The following is a list of the best Pickleball paddles you can buy to improve your game and control.

1. Oneshot Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball Paddles

This paddle from Oneshot is the initial item on our list of the best Pickleball paddles for control. It has been tested and approved by the USAPA. The surface portion is made from carbon fiber, while the core is made of polypropylene honeycomb. Also, the surface is textured using 3D print technology, ensuring it will remain durable for an extended period. The core evenly distributes the impact of the shot across the paddle, resulting in a remarkable reaction effect. It boasts a more expansive sweet spot, facilitating improved connection and exceptional shots. This Pickleball paddle’s octagonal-shaped, 4.5″ grip offers comfort and control. It is equipped with dual edge guard technology, enabling it to balance its core and flexibility, thereby redistributing energy to its core after each impact.

2. Tangerine Newport R.I. Pickleball Paddle

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Tangerine’s Pickleball Paddle is the ideal Pickleball accessory for those who wish to arrive at the courts in style, in addition to a practical and fashionable Pickleball purse. The paddle is available in various vibrant colors and patterns, allowing you to select a paddle that suits your taste or find a distinctive gift for a friend passionate about Pickleball. This paddle is not only beautiful in terms of style, but it also has some fantastic features. One of the best Pickleball paddles on the market is the Tangerine Newport R.I. Pickleball Paddle.

3. Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle

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Selkirk Amped is the subsequent name on this list of the best Pickleball paddles for control. It is engineered to take your game to the next level and is made of the highest quality material. The innovative AMPED X5 honeycomb core of this paddle provides a gentler feel and reduces the vibration of the shots. It has a lengthy handle and a substantial surface area, effectively providing power and control. The control you obtain enables you to effortlessly rotate your hands and strike the shot with the designated striking area. The Selkirk Amped paddle is made with a fiberglass Pickleball face that can assist you in creating ball spin and scattering the ball of your opponent. This paddle is equipped with sophisticated torque suppression technology, which assists in stabilizing the paddle by reducing ball dispersion, thereby enhancing the accuracy of your shots.

4. Gearbox GX6

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My list of the Best Pickleball Paddles for Control continues with the Gearbox GX6. Gearbox asserts that it is a game-changing product with a slightly longer handle and surface than the GX5. This paddle is designed with a sleek, aerodynamic frame that provides the utmost flexibility while operating at a high speed. Additionally, it features a carbon fiber edgeless frame that optimizes the sweet spot from the center to the periphery, thereby minimizing the likelihood of a mishit. Gearbox GX6 is equipped with a dampener system that reduces the amplitude and vibration of the shots, resulting in a pleasant sensation. Additionally, hyperbite spin technology is available to provide the highest conceivable spin. A problem with this paddle is that Gearbox does not include a cover, and you must purchase one separately.

5. Ronbus Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball Paddles

Making it an excellent transition paddle for tennis players, Ronbus’ R3.16 Raw Toray T700 Paddle provides precise control and a fantastic explosion, particularly with drop shots. The longer handle is ergonomic and pleasant for brief and extended play. Additionally, we found that the length facilitates easy transitions from forehand to two-handed backhand strokes. While the textured surface enables easy topspins, the lightweight feel aids in finding a full range of motion. Additionally, we were delighted to observe no signs of wear following weeks of vigorous play, making this sturdy paddle ideal for years of use on the courts.

6. ONIX Graphite Z5

Pickleball Paddles

Another of the best Pickleball paddles for control is the ONIX Graphite Z5. This paddle is suitable for players of all skill levels and can assist you in competing at the highest level alongside them. ONIX has replicated the tennis racquet for the graphite Z5, enabling you to achieve superior spin and control during a game. This medium-weight paddle, weighing between 7.5 and 8.2 lbs, features a Nomex honeycomb core that guarantees exceptional ball control. However, numerous users have expressed their apprehensions regarding the quality of the paddle’s materials, as it frequently breaks. Nevertheless, this paddle has been approved by the USAPA, ensuring you can participate in all official tournaments in the United States. It is a budget-friendly option.

7. Engage Pickleball Pursuit MX 6.0

One of the best Pickleball Paddles for control is the Engage Pursuit MX 6.0, next on my list. It is possible to generate significant power for all your shots and play them swiftly due to its lightweight design. This balance between its power and control is illustrated. The surface of this paddle is rugged textured for improved spin, and it is made of premium material. For the ball to remain on the paddle for longer, it reduces vibration and enhances friction. You can play any tournament in the United States with Pursuit MX 6.0 without any problem because it is USAPA-approved. The paddle’s handle may not suit you, as it is slightly longer than the others.

8. Brooklyn Paddle Co. Classic Paddle

The Brooklyn Paddle Co. Classic Paddle is designed with an exceedingly comfortable handle, making it the perfect choice for recreational players who prioritize enjoyment. The handle is enveloped in a cushioned, perforated, non-slip, sweat-wicking grip that is comfortable for both small and large hands. It is one of the best Pickleball paddles on the market.

9. Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

The paddle is equipped with polymer honeycomb structures that facilitate the acceleration and force of the ball hit. Undoubtedly, this paddle will be an excellent choice for all strategic players, as Paddletek designed it with precision and speed in mind. This paddle is equipped with intelligent response technology, enhancing your shots’ power. It has a high track cushion performance grip and a 1/8″ shock protector, enabling you to hold the paddle securely. Many users reported that necrotic areas appeared on it after using it for a few weeks. However, there is only an issue with a few products; it is hoped that you will not receive a defective one.

10. Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle

The Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle has an elongated face and a big sweet spot to enhance your game play by allowing for optimum ball control. Due to its large surface area and slightly weighted tip, the paddle is excellent for precision targeting with no inactive patches. The paddle feels light and easy to control, even with the weighted tip. Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle is one of the very best Pickleball paddles available.

11. OWL The Owl CX Pickleball Paddle

The Owl CX Paddle’s felt-covered surface efficiently reduces impact sound, making it the quietest choice we tested. However, be aware of its gentle contact; it can produce significant power and explosion, making it an ideal choice for competitive, aggressive play. Our opponents were kept on their toes by the easy spin we found. Ball control and precision are strengths of this paddle. It is a successful combination for most players, as its weight achieves the ideal balance between heaviness for power and delicacy for control. In terms of comfort, it is well-suited to our hands, and the non-slip grip guarantees that clammy palms will not be an issue. This paddle is remarkably durable despite its felt material.

12. Joola Swift Pickleball Paddle

Well, JOOLA’s Ben Johns Hyperion CFS Swift Pickleball Paddle offers unparalleled control, precision, and spin. The paddle is designed to provide effortless returns on both forehand and backhand shots, and it has a generous sweet spot that we have found to deliver precise accuracy with every movement. Despite our less-than-perfect form, we were able to accurately direct the ball to the desired location. One of the best Pickleball paddles on the market is the Joola Swift Pickleball Paddle.

13. PCKL Pickleball Paddle

The Power Series Paddle from PCKL is designed to provide precise control and ample power, thanks to its comfortable grip and generous sweet spot. We gain an advantage over our opponents due to the minor texture of its surface, which enhances spin. The elbow strain is minimized during extended play sessions due to the lightweight, edgeless design, which enables seamless transitions between forehand and backhand strokes. The sweat-wicking grip guarantees consistent control and power from the initial serve to the final point. We have been consistently impressed by the paddle’s enduring durability over time, as it manifests no signs of wear even after numerous encounters. This is exceptional value for its price, given its exceptional quality and performance on the court.

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Final Thoughts:

Therefore, these were the best Pickleball control paddles available. I hope that you have selected the suitable option for your needs. Please make sure to share your experience with the paddle in the remarks section below.


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