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Best 10 Phone Tracking Apps In 2023

Best 10 Phone Tracking Apps will be described in this article. It’s simple to lose a smartphone if you’re the type of person who constantly wonders where they left their phone or who gets anxious when they can’t find it in their pocket.

Because everyone’s life moves at a rapid pace, it’s possible that you’ll forget to pick up your phone from a restaurant table while dining with a buddy or that you’ll drop it while on public transportation and running late for work.

Best 10 Phone Tracking Apps In 2023

In this article, you can know about Phone Tracking Apps here are the details below;

Most of the time, you may remember to come back and retrieve your beloved from its original location after checking on it on time. Nevertheless, there are regrettable situations in which you might not be able to recall where you left your phone. If the phone is in silent mode, things might get even worse because it becomes more difficult to find, even if it is hidden under the couch.

Although you may misplace your phone on your own most of the time, thieves may occasionally take your device from your pocket or purse. You won’t need any further assistance to retrieve the gadget in these circumstances. Fortunately, many smartphone tracking apps use the GPS tracking feature of your device to deliver exact position information.

The most effective websites and applications that can provide you your device’s current location are listed below. To make it simple for you to see which ones work with your device, we have divided them into categories such as web-based apps and those that are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

Web-based Service to track your phone

Let’s start by reviewing the websites that can promptly provide you the whereabouts of your misplaced smartphone.

1. GeoFinder


GeoFinder.Mobi is a web-based mobile phone tracking tool that may locate a smartphone in a matter of minutes by using the phone number. The program can trace any phone number in the world, and the results are incredibly precise.

The following are some benefits of GeoFinder.Mobi:

It is possible to obtain the location data of any smartphone, including Android and iPhone models.

  • All global mobile network operators are supported by the online application.
  • No applications need to be installed. To get started, all you have to do is navigate to the web application.

For USD 31.9, you can use GeoFinder.Mobi for a month.

2. iCloud


Apple offers a feature called Find My iPhone on that allows you to find your iPhone’s approximate position. There is a catch, though. You need to have finished setting up Find My Phone before you can use it to locate your misplaced iPhone. Furthermore, it requires an internet connection for your missing iPhone in order to supply the location information.

To view the All Devices list, you must log in with your Apple ID. Select the device that you want to find now. You will be able to view the device’s location on a map if it is linked to the network. Offline will be indicated next to it if the application is unable to locate it.

If you have joined the Family Sharing group, you can also find the lost device of any friend or relative.

3. Snoopza


Snoopza is a feature-rich mobile spy and tracking app designed for Android devices that provides a range of functionalities for monitoring spouses’ and children’s phones. The GPS tracker is used by the app to give users the choice to track their whereabouts. This function allows you to search your smartphone in the event that it is missing.

Before you want to track the GPS location of your smartphone, you first install Snoopza on it. All you have to do is turn on the tracking features on your phone in case it gets lost. You will receive an update on the device’s current position as well as information about any changes to it.

As an alternative, you can retrieve the location history from the control panel by keeping the option enabled at all times.

Android Compatible phone tracking apps

These are the tracking apps for Android smartphones that have been lost or stolen.

4. Google find my Device

Google Find My Device

Formerly known as Android Device Manager, Google’s Find My Device is a useful mobile tracking tool that assists users in finding their misplaced Android phone and remotely locking it until they find it. Additionally, this app functions wonderfully on Android wear watches and tablets. Also check How To find A lost Phone 

If you are certain that your smartphone has been stolen or are unsure where to look, you can also use this program to erase the data on it.

The Google Find My Device app has the following features:

  • Find the location of your Android tablet, smartwatch, or smartphone on a map. The last location will remain available to you in the event that the current one is inaccessible.
  • You can locate your device in public spaces like malls and airports with the use of indoor maps.
  • Even if the device is in silent mode, play a tone on it.
  • Wipe the smartphone and put a personalized note on the lock screen that includes your contact information.
  • Hardware specifications, network, and battery condition are examples of access details.

If you’ve already configured the capability, you can use your PC or another smartphone to locate any Android device using Google’s smartphone tracking app.

5. Samsung find My Mobile

Samsung Find My Mobile

Galaxy devices come with Samsung’s proprietary mobile tracking capability by default. Known as “Find My Mobile,” this feature lets you find your misplaced Samsung handsets by working remotely. In addition to helping you find the device, it offers you the ability to lock it or, in the event that you can’t retrieve it, erase all of its data.

The following features are available through Samsung’s Find My Mobile service to assist in finding your phone in cases of theft or misplacement.

  • By giving location updates every 15 minutes, the Live Location Tracking feature makes it easy to locate a misplaced phone.
  • Regardless of whether the phone is in mute mode or not, you can ring your smartphone remotely for one minute by using the Ring Your Phone option.
  • In the event that your device is lost or stolen, you can remotely lock it to stop unwanted use.
  • You can wipe all the data on your Samsung phone in the event that you are unable to get it back, protecting any private information from falling into the wrong hands.

Once you register your Samsung Galaxy device using your Samsung account, the built-in feature of Samsung devices is available without charge.

6. Find My Phone-Family Locator

Find My Phone-Family Locator

An excellent software called Find My Phone-Family Locator is available on Google Play. It allows you to connect all of your family members’ smartphones and use GPS to find their positions.

You can follow these measures to follow a missing smartphone with the use of this multipurpose location monitoring app:

  • Keep tabs on the smartphone via GPS.
  • Receive alerts when the device is being transported.
  • If the phone is lost or stolen, use a location tracker to find it.
  • If the smartphone is taken, notify your family members right away.

It is mostly used as a safety software to locate friends and family, but it may also be used to locate any family member’s lost smartphone.

7. Family Locator – Tracker

Another simple and free program is called Family Locator – GPS Tracker, and its main function is to notify family members of each other’s GPS locations. Additionally, the app notifies your cellphones based on the whereabouts of your family members whenever they enter or exit a location.

It can also be used to find your lost smartphone or automobile, even though the app’s main purpose is to keep guardians informed of children’s whereabouts in real time. As previously said, when the GPS tracker on your phone is turned on, it sends your position information to the family member’s registered mobile number. Thus, by providing its real-time location information, it might assist you in your indirect search for your misplaced or stolen smartphone.

8. Lost Phone Tracker

Lost Phone Tracker

Another Android software called Lost Phone Tracker uses the device’s built-in GPS to find your misplaced phone and bring some serenity into your life. It maintains track of your smartphone’s current location in real time, preventing theft.

The following functionalities are included with this location tracker:

  • Use a GPS tracker to find out where your phone is right now.
  • Locate your misplaced Android phone.
  • Share your current site with your relatives & friends who have registered.
  • Get to the map’s satellite view.
  • Without using the internet, send texts to a registered number from your misplaced mobile device.

The application is quite helpful because of its user-friendly interface and straightforward functionality. Additionally, the app’s makers streamlined it to use less battery life.

Phone tracking apps for iOS smartphone

Let’s now examine the iPhone-specific phone tracking apps:

9. Phone Track by Number

Phone Track by Number

For those friends and family members who have downloaded the software, our Phone Tracker assists in finding their misplaced iPhone or iPad. Using the GPS tracker, the app yields remarkably accurate results and is quite sturdy.

By adding your friends’ and family members’ phone numbers to Phone Tracker by Number, you can establish private networks. After you’ve finished configuring the functionality, everyone can easily share where they are.

Using a phone tracker by number, you can:

  • Give the group members access to your current location as well as your location history.
  • Notify users via GPS when their phone is nearby.
  • The application makes use of GPS and mobile tracking functionalities.
  • It doesn’t drain the battery and works with all mobile providers.
  • Receive alerts while the gadget is being transported.

You may easily locate your iPhone in real time and recover it if you have a tendency to misplace your smartphones.

10. Find MY iPhone

Find MY iPhone

Apple created the Find My iPhone software to help you locate your lost or stolen Apple products, such as your Mac, iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone. You may protect your private information from unwanted access by using any other iOS smartphone to look for the misplaced device. Installing this app on your device and logging in using the Apple ID associated with your iCloud account are all that’s required. Also check iMessage Signed Out Error

The missing device’s current location will now be shown on a map by the app, along with a number of choices. The smartphone can be remotely locked, have a personalized message displayed on the lock screen, have a sound played to help you find it, or have all of its data erased.

With the app’s Lost Mode function, you may remotely lock the lost iOS device and set the lock net to display a message and contact number. In this mode, the application tracks your phone’s position and provides you with a history of where it has been.


The top mobile tracking applications listed above are reliable options for finding your misplaced smartphone fast. Numerous variables, such as your location and personal preferences, will determine which software is the best at successfully locating your device.

To find out which of the apps on our checklist can aid you in finding the lost Android phone, I would suggest you to try at least two of them.


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