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Top 8 PDF Readers For Android Devices

This list will cover the best PDF readers for Android currently available in the Google Play Store and Android App Store. There was a time when PDF files could only be accessed from a personal computer, but things have changed for the better now that we can access them from our portable devices, such as an Android device. We will now proceed to the list of Android PDF Readers. I have personally tested each one to ensure a superior experience.

Top 8 PDF Readers For Android Devices

1. PDF Reader

PDF Readers For Android

PDF Readers for Android is a comprehensive PDF reader with many essential features, earning it the title “All-In-One” PDF reader. For those who frequently employ a PDF reader, it is good. You will not find it in any PDF Readers for Android on the list here; it is integrated with many features. This is the reason it is undoubtedly included in my list. It provides a lightweight experience with a reasonable interface. In terms of performance and efficiency, it is significantly faster than Adobe Reader and Foxit, particularly for students.

2. CamScanner

PDF Readers For Android

One of the most potent PDF readers and creators for Android is CamScanner. It is capable of importing PDFs. However, this is only the beginning. It can scan physical documents into PDF files on your phone. It is equipped with a variety of features that enhance the scanning process, resulting in the production of clean, legible documents. For a nominal fee, you have the option to annotate PDFs, share them with others, or fax them. Additional features, including editing capabilities and 10GB of cloud storage, are included with the paid option. However, the free version should suffice for basic tasks.

3. Adobe Acrobat Reader

PDF Readers For Android

Acrobat Reader is a widely recognized PDF reader that is now the default option for smartphone users. You will find fewer standard features in another PDF reader than in this one. It recognizes all PDF files on your device and allows you to open any PDF file from your device for emailing. You can retrieve a document directly from the search bar. This app is more appropriate for devices with larger displays or tabs, as it allows users to adjust the magnification level to their liking. The intriguing aspect of Adobe Acrobat is the ability to save files to the built-in cloud storage in the app. Afterward, you can access the files and save your storage space. When it comes to the user interface, it is more futuristic, very sleek, and clean.

4. Foxit Mobile PDF Reader

PDF Readers For Android

Many users have been surprised by the performance and ratings of the Foxit PDF reader. Foxit PDF is the ideal solution for those seeking a conventional PDF reader. It is an Android device-friendly, free PDF reader app equipped with a variety of useful features. It effortlessly opens files, even those that are approximately 300MB in size, with remarkable speed. Foxit PDF reader is compatible with all conventional languages and is simple to operate.

5. WPS Office + PDF

WPS PDF is one of the most exceptional PDF readers for Android. It is an exceptional Android app that is suitable for a variety of office apps. It effectively fulfills its stated purpose. The user interface provides a satisfactory experience that encourages users to launch the app repeatedly. It is equipped with all the standard features necessary to open all MS Office documents, including PDFs, and functions flawlessly in numerous capacities. If you occasionally use PDF, this app is good because it includes all your Microsoft-related files in a single Android app. It is also compatible with other platforms, such as Linux and IOS. Do not be concerned; these features are available at no cost. Indeed, it is freeware.

6. MuPDF

I am aware that numerous users use PDFs on an intermittent basis, whether it be two or three times per week. This Android app is intended for individuals who require a fundamental level of functionality. MuPDF is a free Android app that includes all essential features. Thanks to the developers adding a clean and functional user interface, the app’s straightforward nature will compel you to use it again. I am transitioning to the user interface, which is highly visual. Its features include opening files, including PDF, CBZ, XPS, and EPUB. You are capable of opening files at an accelerated pace.

7. Xodo PDF Reader

The range and profundity of Xodo PDF Reader’s feature set distinguish it from the underpowered bulk. Although the app is named after PDFs, it is not limited to reading them; it also allows users to generate new PDFs from images or Office documents using their camera. You can complete, save, and transmit PDF documents, add annotations, and highlight text. Even without registration, it is feasible to collaborate on your document with others through Xodo’s connect service. Smart integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive are components of the supporting features.

8. PDFFiller

Well, With an online version and apps for Windows, Mac, and iOS, PDFFiller is one of the best PDF readers for Android. Viewing PDF documents is a straightforward, rapid, and accessible process that does not require registration. Upload the file, and it will be yours to view. However, PDFFiller is not merely a PDF reader; it is a fully functional PDF editor that, following a thorough evaluation, we determined to be “an extremely adaptable PDF document management system.” A range of features, including e-signatures, PDF converter, and online collaboration tools, are provided.

Consider The Following:

Final Thoughts:

Before being included in the list, each PDF Reader for Android listed above has been tested for performance and stability. As you can see, I have not included many high-rated and renowned PDF Readers for Android in my list. One such app is Google PDF Viewer, which lacks features and performance. However, I am confident that Google is learning and will develop a better app for their users in order to regain their trust. We require all fundamental features to be available for free for Android PDF Readers, but a few apps charge a small fee, which is inconvenient. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions about the list or if I need to include something.


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