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Top 10 Best PDF Drive Alternatives In 2023

Best PDF Drive Alternatives will be discussed in this article. PDF Drive is a handy online web platform for any student, teacher, professor, and all those who love reading books. PDF Drive contains over nine crore books, and the number is still increasing rapidly. These books can be downloaded by the users of the PDF Drive platform.

The books are systematically categorized according to their types, and it is easy for the users to find any specific book according to their likes and dislikes. To download any book of your choice, you just need to click on the book you want to download and then another tab will open where you can see the option to download the PDF version of the selected book. The best part is that the users do not need to pay any cost for the book they download using this platform. Here, this article will mention other platforms similar to PDF Drive.

Top 10 Best PDF Drive Alternatives In 2023

Let’s start with the list of PDF Drive Alternatives we can trust:

1. BookBoon


If you are a student and do not have enough money to buy every book you need, then BookBoon is the solution to this problem of yours. Not only students, but BookBoon is for everyone who loves to read books for free and gain knowledge from reading them.

BookBoon has over 10000 books, most of which are written by professors of reputed universities. The user may find books based on different topics and subjects like engineering, IT, Economics, and other subjects.

BookBoon not only offers its users to download books from various authors, but it also allows its users to become an author and write high-quality academic books to contribute their efforts to help those who want to gain knowledge but do not have enough resources to buy books.

The users are not required to register and submit all their details; they just have to give their e-mail id on which they will receive the newsletter. After that, users may search and download the books they need.

2. ManyBooks


The next amazing alternative on our list is ManyBooks, which has a fantastic collection of books in PDF formats. The users of ManyBooks have access to all the books available on the platform and can even share their reviews after reading a specific book. It should be noted that in order to access all the books and submit reviews, the user must first register on the website.

ManyBook initially started its services in 2004 and offered its users a library of digital books free of cost. It has all kinds of books, like books based on romance, action, adventure and fantasy. The total number of members of ManyBooks is around 150000. ManyBooks is the best alternative to PDF Drive as it is free to use and has some bestsellers.

3. Smashwords


The third alternative to PDF Drive in our list is Smashwords. It is the distributor of a huge collection of e-books and offers its users books written by various famous authors. The users can download most of the books in different formats without any cost, but there are some books for which the user may have to pay some amount to download. The books available on this platform can be downloaded without any problem on various devices, including various formats like EPUB, KINDLE, PDF and RTF.

Users can register on the platform and add books to their library that they want to read in their spare time in the future.

4. Authorama

Authorama is another best alternative to PDF Drive and offers a variety of books by different authors. Most of the books available on the platform are in English, but some books are in German as well. It has all the collections like classic books and current books.

The best part of this platform is that the users may read the books online without downloading them because it allows users to read the books using their browser as the platform.

On Authorama, books are available to the public, so readers can distribute downloaded books to their friends or contacts without fear of infringing the author’s copyright.

5. Booknet.Com


Another great alternative on our list is the website named Not everyone has much knowledge of the best books to read, which makes it difficult for them to choose which book to read if they want to start reading. This alternative of PDF Drive can easily remove this problem for new readers because all the books are categorized based on their popularity, types and number of sales. gives a preview of all the books available on the platform, which helps the reader decide whether they should continue reading the book.

The books are uploaded on the platform in their PDF formats with the ranking among others, and that, too, plays a significant role in deciding the quality of the content of the books for the readers. Also check PikaShow Alternatives

Also, does not charge its reader any amount for downloading or reading the books available on the platform. But, if the users want to continue reading books on, they need to register by providing some basic details, and after the registration, the readers can access all the books available on

6. Librivox


We discussed various alternatives to PDF Drive, which are free and offer good content for books in many formats, but Librivox has some distinct features that make it a better choice than others.

Librivox offers its users not only books in PDF formats but also offers books that you can hear, i.e. audible books. Audible books are a revolutionary step because it is very helpful for those who do not want to look at the screen for long as it is not good for their eyes. In such a case, the readers become listeners, which is as effective as reading books.

Another thing which makes it more impressive is that not only books in PDF forms but audible books are also free to access; the users do not need to pay any amount to read books on this platform. No matter which book you choose, it is all free to read.

Apart from this, many free PDF Drive alternatives have so many ads because of which the time of the users gets wasted a lot. Librivox, on the other side, is a free platform, but it has no ads, and this is what makes it the best platform to read books online.

7. ReadPrint


If you are someone who loves to read books but is not much familiar with reading e-books, ReadPrint is a platform where you can try reading books online if you want.

ReadPrint has a straightforward user interface, which is very helpful for readers who are not into new technologies. It allows its users to filter their search of books by entering the titles or type of books they want to read, which makes it very easy for the readers to find books of their choice.

ReadPrint offers a huge collection of books to its users and has varieties, like books based on mystery, science fiction novels, horror books, etc.

The authors of the books available are well-known, which means that ReadPrint provides both quantity and quality to its readers.

With ReadPrint, the readers don’t need to register and make an account to read the books. If the readers want to keep track of their reading, they have to register on it. The website is free to use, to make it more lovable by the users.

ReadPrint has over 8000 books available in all major formats, and books of over 3500 authors are there.

8. Open Library

Open Library

Open Library was launched to help those who are visually impaired as it also offers all the books in audible formats. It was a great initiative with great purpose. Later, it became so popular that almost everyone started using this website to read or listen to books online, free of cost.

Open Library offers most of the popular books in almost every format like PDF, Kindle or Plain Text. It is easy for the readers to access any book by any author or publisher.

Open Library is not only for the reader but also for the writers. The writers can contribute or share their work using this platform.

9. Open Culture

Open Culture

Open Culture has all the features which PDF Drive and other e-book platforms provide. In this new digital age, everything is now available on your mobile phone; why not books?

Open Culture has all the books of different types and genres in various formats like PDF, Plain Text, HTML and Kindle.

Open Culture offers books in not only readable formats but also in audible form, which is very useful for those who cannot see. Also, it is for everyone who likes to hear stories rather than read them. The users can just put their headphones on and listen to the books’ contents. The audible books are helpful in situations like travelling as it becomes difficult to read while travelling and puts a lot of strain on the reader’s eyes which is not good for them.

It not only offers books based on mystery, romance, thriller, drama, poetry or fiction, but it also offers some online educational courses that the users can access and study from there.

The books on this platform are not just limited to English but also include languages like Spanish, German and French. The availability of books in different languages is increasing as the number of users and readers of the platform is growing worldwide.

To search any book on the platform, the readers have to enter the title of the book or the year in which it was published, and the rest of the work of searching will be automatically done by the platform. Also check Ngrok Alternatives

The best part of this platform, which makes it more convenient and easy to use, is that it does not require any subscription amount. Also, the users don’t need to create an account on it. It is free to use for everyone.

10. Internet Archive

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is one of the best and trendy alternatives to PDF Drive as it has a huge collection of over 25 million books in downloadable format, which the readers can access and download without any cost.

It has all kinds of books, whether it is old or modern books, which makes it more interesting. The books are available to download in more than ten formats like Item Tile, PDFs, Kindle and various other formats.

Along with e-books, the Internet Archive also offers movies, music, software, etc., to its users. Internet Archive contains many amazing features that many people are unaware of. The users can track and see the history of any popular website using this platform.

If you are a student and want to read books by different authors and universities, then Internet Archive can be the best choice for you.

The books are available in various languages, making the Internet Archive a useful platform for everyone from any part of the world. The platform has over 66000 books in Hindi. Many other regional languages, like Tamil, Kannada and Telugu, are also available there. The users can search books based on the year of their publications.


When you make a copy of a book in a digital format, it is called an e-book. In recent times, when people do not want to carry more luggage while travelling, it becomes difficult for them to carry books. This is where the e-book enters and plays a crucial role. To carry e-books, there is no need to bring something extra with you. It is made available on your mobile phone. You can also access books through the internet and even offline if you have downloaded them.

During the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, it was almost impossible for anyone to go outside and buy books. E-books helped us a lot in many ways in such a time when book lovers did not have to go anywhere to purchase books; in fact, using the platforms like PDF Drive helped them get e-books free of cost.

All the mentioned PDF Drive alternatives are capable enough to satisfy the needs of various readers and students. There is no need to worry if you have no money to start studying; you just need to access these few e-book platforms and start your study.


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