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Best 8 Patreon Alternatives of 2022

You’ve probably heard of Patreon if you’re a content creator. Millions of creators have used the site to monetize and earn a living. Patreon has recently become more expensive, making it impossible for tiny artists to afford it.

There are many Patreon alternatives, but they are not widely used. Nonetheless, they do not lack features when compared to the original. There are various Patreon alternatives that do not require you to pay commissions on your revenue but do require you to pay a minimum subscription cost.

We’ve compiled a list of outstanding content monetization services to assist you in finding a better alternative to Patreon. Our list includes both one-time and ongoing crowdfunding platforms. Content makers can make their selection based on their needs.

1. Kickstarter

Because there is no subscription policy, the platform is best suited for one-time projects.
Instead, content creators can establish a goal for how much money they want to make via Crowd Sourcing. It is a great alternative to Patreon for those interested in making films, art, music, plays, games, and so on.

However, there is a disadvantage to Kickstarter: if you do not meet your own goal, the platform will not compensate you. However, the features distinguish it as one of the best crowdfunding platforms after Patreon.

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2. Podia

Podia, formerly known as ‘Coach,’ is an all-in-one marketing platform for monetizing your ideas. The platform is well-known for being both inexpensive and multicultural. Unlike Patreon, Podia will not deduct any fees from your payments.

Instead, you will have to pay the company membership fees. Teachers frequently use the platform to sell their courses for a low price online. It can also be used as an email marketing tool.

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3. Buy Me a Coffee

Buy Me a Coffee
The best aspect about Buy Me a Coffee is how simple it is to use. Creators can rapidly produce a hyperlink and distribute it to their followers. It is a Patreon alternative that has progressed from a WordPress plugin to a full-fledged website.

Fans can give to their favourite content makers by visiting the website. Your website’s links allows your followers to contribute immediately from there. To pay, followers do not even need to sign up in Buy Me a Coffee.

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4. Ko-Fi

Ko-Fi is a multipurpose platform that can accept donations, crowdfunding, and sell products, among other things. Furthermore, the site is free to use and contains other useful features.
You can, for example, connect with your fans and followers directly from the site.

You can also list your merchandise on Ko-Fi, where your followers can purchase it immediately. On each cash-out, the site levies a small transaction fee. The revenue will be credited to your Stripe or Paypal account immediately.

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5. Tribe

Tribe is another simple platform for gaining the support of your fans. Members of the site can collect donations or sell monthly or annual subscriptions to their followers. They can also offer digital or physical things, charge for one-on-one phone calls, and so forth.

Each member pays a little price to use the platform. Supporters can also pay using a variety of methods, including debit and credit cards, Google Pay, and PayPal. They don’t even need to join Tribe to enjoy the content of their favourite authors.

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6. Memberful

Memberful is a membership plugin that can be placed on your website. Unlike Patreon, it operates in a different manner. If you already have a website and want to sell memberships to your visitors, Memberful is a terrific option.

This technology is useful since users can present their fans with a personified interface.
There are numerous membership plans to choose from. The plans, however, are pricey, therefore it is only advised for professional content providers.

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7. Indiegogo

Our next addition is a well-known crowdfunding tool that has existed since the days of Patreon. Users can utilise this platform to raise an initial investment for a large project. You can set a deadline for gathering donations for a certain cause through Indiegogo.

All project data will be posted on the website so that supporters may keep track of the development. There are no membership fees for utilising the site, but you must pay a 5% share if you successfully raise the required funds.

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8. Liberapay


If you’re looking for a Patreon alternative without a platform fee, Liberapay must be a decent option. The platform is free to use and open source, with the sole cost being bank fees. Creators can get payments directly using Stripe or Paypal.

It should be noted, however, that Liberapay cannot be used to sell goods or services. This is due to the fact that it is only for charitable reasons. However, you can use Liberapay links on other websites where you routinely provide content.

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