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Top 10 OWASP ZAP Alternatives In 2023

Best And Official OWASP ZAP Alternatives will be described in this article. The level of popularity of OWASP ZAP is not shared by many Open-Source security testing tools. The open-source penetration testing tool OWASP ZAP, also known as Zed Attack Proxy, is being maintained by the Open Web Application Security Project.

It is an adaptable and scalable tool that is only used to assess web applications for vulnerabilities. The platform is simple to use and offers a user-friendly interface. It allows for automatic scanning and generates reports that, in turn, aid in locating vulnerabilities and repairing them. The solution is also quite scalable. It might be more enticing to businesses or developers who cannot afford more expensive alternatives because it is free to use.

OWASP ZAP Alternatives Review

However, the instrument is not faultless. The functionality that security teams presently seek from their vulnerability management platforms are actually well below what it offers. It also does a poor job of detecting false positives.

Fortunately, in addition to OWASP ZAP, there are additional options that can provide superior application security. The products that provide their users with nearly faultless vulnerability management solutions are examined in this article. Based on popular consumer feedback and our personal experience with each one, we will expose you to the best OWASP Zap alternatives currently available on the market.


Although OWASP ZAP’s deployment is difficult, it offers an excellent user interface. So, search for tools with a straightforward user interface, easy deployment, and operation. A centralised visual dashboard that offers insights and statistics about the assets and vulnerabilities found during your scan activity is crucial. Technical and compliance reports should be able to be generated by the platform in a detailed, legible manner.

Because there must be a small percentage of “false positives,” security teams are only interested in addressing verified vulnerabilities. Search for vendors who offer 24/7 customer support. Price is important. Look for vendors who offer reasonable, flexible pricing alternatives that are inside your budget.


According to WPScan, more and more new vulnerabilities have been discovered in recent years. By the year 2020, more than 4200 additional vulnerabilities have been discovered. 729 more vulnerabilities have already been discovered in 2021 alone.

Is the DAST tool OWASP ZAP?

Is the first commonly posed query. Yes, the OWASP ZAP dynamic application security tester is an excellent free and open-source tool. In order to identify any potential vulnerabilities, the OWASP ZAP dynamic application security tester evaluates an application from the outside in.

The platform is one of the more well-liked black-box security testing tools now being actively utilised in the industry, and it is well-known for its penetration testing function.

OWASP ZAP: Is it legal?

As long as you use it to conduct passive scans, the answer is yes, it is perfectly safe and acceptable to use. Active scanning poses a risk because it could change, remove, or add new data.

If you do active scanning on an application to which you do not have authorised access, you may be subject to fines.

Is OWASP ZAP free?

The OWASP ZAP web application scanner is open-source and completely free to use. Its attractiveness among security teams and developers even now can be linked to this aspect, which is one of its defining qualities. Because it is free, the tool isn’t quite perfect. For instance, users of the tool frequently voiced their dissatisfaction with the high rate of false positives found. Use this tool in addition to any of the other tools that are described in this tutorial.

How do I perform a ZAP scan?

Performing a ZAP scan is easy. You only need to take the actions listed below:

  • Open ZAP, then select the “Quick Start” tab from the workspace window.
  • Now click the sizable “Automated Scan” button.
  • A text box labelled “URL to Attack” will be shown.
  • Just paste the URL you want to pretend to be under assault.
  • After pasting, select “Attack” to launch your scan.

5) What does ZAP’s AJAX Spider do?

The Crawljax add-on called Ajax Spider is made for crawlers.

AJAX-written web applications can be crawled by OWASP ZAP with the add-on.

Only when it’s necessary to do scans on AJAX-only applications do developers employ AJAX Spider.

Top 10 Best And Official OWASP ZAP Alternatives In 2023

Top 10 Best And Official OWASP ZAP Alternatives are explained here.

1. Invicti


The Best for Dynamic and Interactive Application Security Testing is Invicti (previously Netsparker) You can examine intricate online apps, services, and APIs for vulnerabilities that might otherwise be simple to overlook with the aid of Invicti.

The platform has a sophisticated web crawler that enables it to find all web assets on your network, even those that are hidden or missing. Due to the combination of dynamic and interactive security testing, it can find more flaws than many of its competitors. It has an easy-to-use visual dashboard that provides security teams with a comprehensive overview of all scan activity, discovered assets, and vulnerabilities. The solution combines behavioural and signature-based scanning to quickly and accurately identify security issues.

Additionally, you receive thorough information on the discovered weakness that you can use to implement the necessary corrective measures. We enjoy Invicti’s “Proof Based Scanning” function because it reduces false positives by verifying all detected vulnerabilities in a read-only, open environment. Using Invicti’s dashboard, it is very simple to manage user rights or automatically build and allocate vulnerabilities to particular security teams.

Invicti smoothly connects with any cutting-edge solutions your business may be using. These consist of external programmes like Jira, GitLab, GitHub, etc. Invicti is moreover particularly helpful if you want to find vulnerabilities early in the SDLC. Because it offers developers useful feedback, the tool helps them create better, more secure scripts with few to no errors. Also check olweb tv alternatives.


  • Sophisticated web crawling
  • Scan using IAST and DAST
  • Detailed information on vulnerabilities found
  • Evidence-based scanning
  • Seamless integrations with external tools


With Invicti, an easy-to-use web application scanner, you can include automated security into each phase of your SDLC. The platform is a great option for programmers who want to write secure code while creating software or who want to identify vulnerabilities early in the SDLC. Invicti, as opposed to OWASP ZAP, uses a combination of dynamic and interactive security testing techniques to swiftly and accurately uncover more vulnerabilities.

2. Acunetix


Acunetix enables you to do lightning-quick scans of intricate online applications, services, and APIs without overtaxing the server. This platform, in contrast to OWASP ZAP, is simple to set up and doesn’t take up much of your time. With only a few clicks, you can deploy and begin scanning to secure all of your web assets. Over 7000 distinct sorts of vulnerabilities can be found using the platform. This is another owasp zap alternatives.

These include XSS, exposed databases, weak passwords, and SQL injections. Since it checks them for false positives before reporting only confirmed vulnerabilities, it is accurate in spotting these flaws as well. Additionally, it automatically categorises vulnerabilities based on how serious a danger they are to your network. Acunetix makes it simpler to scan complex multi-level forms and password-protected regions thanks to its “Advanced Macro Recording” technology.

Additionally, it produces great technical and compliance reports that are simple to read even by team members who are not technically savvy. The software easily interfaces with existing CI/CD tracking systems. Additionally, Acunetix enables you to automatically schedule and rank scans at a chosen time and date. Depending on your preferences, full and incremental scans can be set to begin automatically each day or every week.


  • Professional macro recording.
  • Automatic testing for vulnerabilities.
  • Automatic risk-based classification of vulnerabilities
  • Plan and rank the scans.
  • Produce comprehensive technical and compliance reports.


With the help of the potent web application security scanner offered by Acunetix, all web assets on your network can be protected from vulnerabilities. The platform is incredibly simple to use and set up, and it can identify more than 7000 different varieties of vulnerabilities. It’s a fully automated solution that will plan and order scans according to your instructions. It is unquestionably among the best alternatives for OWASP ZAP that we currently have. Contact us for a price estimate. For simple setups and scheduled scanning, go to Acunetix Website’s #3 Burp Suite’s Best.

3. Burp Suite

Burp Suite

With a scanning mechanism that can quickly and easily perform continuous, automated scans across hundreds of applications on your network, Burp Suite is simple to set up and use. You can set up scans to run daily or weekly, depending on your preferences.

Through the use of its Agent-Led scanning function, Burp Suite also allows for concurrent scanning. The platform has a centralised visual dashboard that, in addition to showing important information, lets you control user permissions and email scan reports. Burp Suite’s use of DAST, SAST, IAST, and SCA application security testing methodologies is arguably its most compelling feature. The programme can find serious bugs and report few to no false positives.


  • Use of practically all techniques for application security testing.
  • Concurrent and ongoing scans should be planned.
  • Visual dashboard that is simple.
  • Control user access rights.
  • Burp Suite is a web application security scanner that is enterprise-ready and simple to deploy.
  • It has an easy-to-use dashboard that displays important information and does other useful things.
  • But ultimately, what makes it one of the top OWASP ZAP alternatives on the market today is the mix of many application security testing techniques.
  • Price: $399 for the Professional Edition, with a free plan also available.
  • Enterprise Edition with three Plans: Accelerate Plan ($23550/year), Grow Plan ($11,580/year), and $5595/year for the Starter Plan.

4. Veracode


A robust web application vulnerability scanner from Veracode uses both dynamic and static application security testing techniques to precisely pinpoint issues. Developers that want to include security into every phase of their SDLC should use this tool. Additionally, it works well for doing regular, ongoing scans to find vulnerabilities before an attacker can. Like any respectable application scanners, Veracode has a visual dashboard that clearly displays important parameters. The “Software Composition Analysis” capability of Veracode can be used to pinpoint open-source vulnerabilities with the highest degree of accuracy. This is another owasp zap alternatives. Also check smartsheet.


  • Application security testing using DAST and SAST.
  • Analysis of the software composition.
  • Central dashboard with visuals.
  • Production of thorough reports with crucial insights.


The online application scanner from Veracode has a number of impressive features. Because it combines static and dynamic application security testing, it can accurately discover practically every form of vulnerability. It can be set up to run continuous scans that protect all of your assets around-the-clock, 365 days a year. Contact us for a price estimate.

5. Arachni


Arachni is a fully functional, open-source web application scanner that can precisely find vulnerabilities in the majority of contemporary web applications. It was created using the Ruby framework. It may be used to carry out a number of security evaluations to safeguard web applications.

It can act as a straightforward command-line utility scanner, a high-performance grid of scanners, or a multi-scan, multi-user web collaboration platform, depending on the use case. Additionally supported by the platform are scans for sophisticated web applications that make use of technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, and DOM manipulation.


  • Both free and open-source.
  • Supports complex web application technologies for scanning.
  • Simple to deploy
  • Extremely customised.

Conclusion: Regardless of the framework used to create them, sophisticated online apps may be thoroughly scanned using the free application security scanner Arachni. Results are nearly always reliable. It is unquestionably a good substitute for OWASP ZAP for developers.

  • Cost: Free

6. W3AF


This is another owasp zap alternatives. Best for detecting open-source vulnerabilities. Another open-source web application scanner with a high degree of accuracy is W3AF, which can detect over 200 vulnerabilities.

These comprise both well-known flaws and a few fresh ones that are consistently being found. W3AF builds a framework to assist in finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in your web application utilising a platform created in Python. Both a graphical and console user interface are included with the platform. Using profiles that are pre-defined within W3AF’s system, one can start the scanning process with just a few clicks.


  • Console UI and graphical UI.
  • Discover more than 200 vulnerabilities.
  • Standardised profiles.
  • Created with Python.


W3AF has an amazing graphical and console user interface that makes it easy to execute scans and evaluate important scan results. The platform can detect the most well-known vulnerabilities, including XSS, SQL injections, and configuration errors. It is also proficient at spotting these flaws with accuracy.

Cost: Free

7. Qualys WAS

Qualys WAS

Best for automatically cataloguing web assets. Qualys is a great cloud-based application scanner that can find vulnerabilities like SQL injections, XSS, weak passwords, and more to secure all of your web assets. The platform scans every area of your network to find any kind of asset, even one that is hidden or gone.

Complicated, authenticated, and progressive scans are supported by the platform. Through programmatic scanning of SOAP and REST API services, Qualys can also check for vulnerabilities in IoT services and mobile APIs. The technology is also quite good at identifying malware infections. Behavioral analysis may be used to find and report zero-day security threats. It produces reports that are thorough and simple to read.


  • Complete network discovery in its entirety.
  • Applications for automatic catalogues.
  • Supports complex, progressive, and authenticated scans.
  • Supports mobile API scanning for IoT services.


Qualys is a simple cloud-based application security scanning tool. It looks into every crevice of your network to safeguard any valuables it could be hiding. The platform provides complex, authenticated, and progressive scanning. But what really sets it apart is its capacity to scan mobile APIs and IoT applications for security flaws. Contact us for a price estimate.

URL: Qualys WAS

8. Fortify On-Demand

Fortify On-Demand

For many Application Security Testing services, Fortify On-Demand is best. Fortify Micro Focus On Demand A cloud-based service called Fortify On-Demand enables you to protect all kinds of apps against security flaws. A few vendors offer static, dynamic, interactive, and mobile application security testing.

A machine learning framework that can automatically check vulnerabilities for false positives is also included in the software. This capable application security provider may be most effective for developers. It enables programmers to include security into each phase of the creation of their product. They are supported by it with perceptive remarks that can produce safe codes.


  • Initial security evaluation
  • Automatic vulnerability verification
  • Making thorough reports


On-Demand stands out since it is one of the few businesses that offers its clients access to a range of security testing methods. The technology is ideal for developers since it lets them to find and patch vulnerabilities during the whole software development process.

Its immediate response is also useful in motivating programmers to write secure code that virtually eliminates vulnerabilities. For a cost estimate, get in touch with us. Micro Focus’s On-Website Demand’s Fortification HCL AppScan is ranked #9 for open-source, static, dynamic, and interactive application security testing. This is another owasp zap alternatives.

9. HCL AppScan

HCL AppScan

Through HCL AppScan, a variety of tools that are all geared toward finding and fixing vulnerabilities are accessible. It satisfies all company requirements and standards by offering tools that enable open-source, static, dynamic, and interactive application security testing. Because of this, programmers can use the tool to make secure apps. In-depth reports are used to relay its findings to the security and development teams. The reports contain useful information that explains the seriousness of a danger that has been found and the best ways to deal with it before an attacker may exploit it. Also check instagram video downloader


  • Continual automated scan.
  • Complete network asset discovery
  • Making thorough reports.
  • A straightforward visual dashboard.

Conclusion: Given its wider range of security testing features, HCL AppScan is unquestionably a better option than OWASP ZAP. It can recognise security risks with speed, accuracy, and effectiveness, monitor them, and take relevant action. HCL AppScan satisfies all security requirements that businesses and developers can have. For a cost estimate, get in touch with us. The website for HCL AppScan. This is another owasp zap alternatives.

10. Checkmarx


Checkmarx enables developers to integrate automated application security into their development processes. Tens of thousands of scans each day can be performed by the computer to precisely pinpoint vulnerabilities.

In fact, developers can create automated scans with a single click after installing Checkmarx. Additionally, Checkmarx gives developers risk insights far earlier in the process, allowing them to make necessary adjustments before the software is ready for deployment. You also get extensive metrics and analytics that are all shown on a visual dashboard to track the susceptibility of your application.


  • Effortless integration with CI/CD.
  • Execute routine, automatic scans.
  • Give rapid risk analysis.
  • visual dashboard in the centre.


The checkmarx solution was developed with the needs and requirements of developers in mind. The technology allows for automatic software scanning even while it is still being created. As a result, it can accurately identify vulnerabilities and fix them without obstructing progress. Only software engineers should use this, according to us. For a cost estimate, get in touch with us.


Without a doubt, the best platform for free, open-source vulnerability management solutions is OWASP ZAP. It has a reasonable user interface and does a respectable job of identifying both known and undiscovered vulnerabilities. Unquestionably, it ranks among the more popular open-source dynamic application security testing solutions. It does, however, have a number of drawbacks. For some users, its deployment might be challenging. Furthermore, the fact that it reports far too many false positives is not helpful. Therefore, it is better to be aware of solutions that can compensate for OWASP ZAP’s obvious shortcomings.

We hope to achieve exactly what we set out to do by offering 10 solutions that we believe are some of the best OWASP ZAP alternatives available right now. As for our recommendation, if you’re looking for a powerful web application scanner that combines a dynamic and interactive approach to scanning and essentially eliminates false positives, look no further than Invicti. You can also think about Acunetix, which is easy to set up and use and does a great job reducing false positives.


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