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Online Recruiting Software 10 Best in 2022

It is not easy to find the perfect people for your company. It’s a multi-step procedure that necessitates speed and efficiency in order to find the best applicants before they’re taken by a competitor.

There are a lot of different recruitment software platforms to select from, and finding the appropriate one when you already have a lot on your plate can be difficult. To save you time, I’ve put up a list of the top 10 best recruiting software alternatives for talent acquisition teams, including with explanations of major features and how they might help you enhance your productivity.

With so many variables to consider, it all boils down to identifying your pinch points and where you require the most assistance. My mission is to assist talent and recruitment professionals in being more effective, strategic, and successful in their work.

What Are the Benefits of Using Recruitment Software?

The following features may be included in recruitment software:

  • Creating a career website or job board
  • System for tracking applicants
  • Candidate selection
  • Ranking and sorting for competent applicants using artificial intelligence
  • Controlling the interview process
  • Templates and instructions for hiring
  • Existing employment boards are integrated and supported.
  • Tools for internal review and evaluation
  • Marketing for recruitment through a variety of channels
  • Using social media or messaging for social recruiting
  • Automating the recruiting process
  • Integrations of two-way human resource software
  • Interviews on video

Different programme has different features, strengths, and shortcomings, which are all discussed in my top recruitment platform software recommendations below.

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The 10 Best Recruiting Software Overviews

Here’s a quick rundown of each of the top 10 online recruiting and hiring tools.

1. Pinpoint Best for in-house talent acquisition and people teams

Pinpoint is an applicant tracking system for internal talent acquisition and people management teams, not for recruiting agencies. Pinpoint is a powerful tool that is yet simple to use, thanks to its straightforward design and user experience. Recruiters and hiring managers can be rapidly onboarded and up and running, with further support from their customer service staff as needed. Pinpoint’s key ATS and recruitment CRM capabilities include multi-posting to several job boards and social media advertising, infinite customised workflows, automation, interview scheduling, and employee onboarding. Single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and tools to help manage compliance with local legislation like the GDPR / CCPA are among the data protection and security features. Pinpoint has a bespoke careers website, blind screening to help decrease unconscious bias, candidate scorecards for capturing quick and objective hiring manager input, and a reporting package that includes a custom report builder.
Pinpoint has native interfaces with hundreds of different platforms, as well as a Zapier integration with over 3,000 other tools. Pinpoint starts at $600 per month if paid annually. They provide tailored demos as well as a demo video on demand.

2. Manatal Best AI tools and social media recruitment

Manatal is an award-winning applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruitment solution that includes features such as intelligent candidate sourcing, AI-powered recommendations, customizable career landing pages with application forms, and project management tools such as task tracking and collaboration. Manatal has paid and unpaid connections to thousands of major and specialty job posting outlets.

Manatal provides advanced social media recruitment tools such as a Chrome plugin for importing LinkedIn profiles and quick job post social sharing directly from your career page to Facebook, WhatsApp, Wechat, and Line. In the event that you receive identical applications from two separate sources, they also feature a duplicate monitoring system and a combine profiles option.

Outlook, Office 365, G Suite, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Wechat, and Line are all compatible with Manatal. Their custom plan subscription includes Zapier integration and API access.

3. Best for customizability and scalability

HR managers can use the pre-built templates on to create a recruiting tool that is tailored to their team’s needs. Users have influence over how the platform serves them because practically every component of it is configurable. HR managers may eliminate a lot of the time-consuming manual labour by using no-code automations. HR managers can automate these activities rather than manually changing statuses and sending email reminders.

Choose from a large number of HR-specific templates. Then tailor the platform to your needs using the 20+ drag-and-drop columns, hundreds of third-party apps, and handy widgets. In-app updates allow you to keep all of your comments in one place, saving you time searching through email threads for information.

While does offer a freemium version of their platform, the higher paid plans unlock automations, integrations, multi-source dashboards, and guest account access, bringing the platform to life.

Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, Google Calendar, OneDrive, LinkedIn, and, most recently, Adobe Creative Cloud are all integrated into this platform. There’s also an API for any tool that doesn’t have a pre-built integration.

4. Recooty Best recruitment software for ease of use

Recooty is a cutting-edge recruiting platform that makes it simple to find, engage, and employ top people. Over 5000 companies, including Uber, American Hospital, Sendlane, and Trello, use them to find and track talent.

Recooty is a one-stop shop for posting jobs, reviewing applications, scheduling interviews, and hiring. To contact qualified individuals throughout the web, you can use job board integration, a branded careers page, and social media hiring. Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, Facebook, Glassdoor, Google for Jobs, and other notable job boards work with Recooty.

5. Workable Best recruiting software for small businesses

Workable has approximately 20,000 clients who use the recruiting platform for talent sourcing, applicant evaluation, and automated HR procedures since its launch in 2021.
Forbes, Soho House, Sephora, and Joey Restaurants are among the companies that use Workable. Workable also includes a mobile app, thousands of hiring templates, and video interview integration.

Workable is an excellent recruitment tool for small enterprises and start-ups because it charges per job posting rather than by user or month. You’re just paying for one instance if it takes two or three months to discover the ideal applicant. They also provide you with one free job posting and access to over 200 job sites, which may be all you need.

Workable requires location field data for job requisition forms, and if your organisation is entirely remote, you may run into complications (AKA no physical location). In fact, the requisition forms may benefit from some customizability improvements across the board to better meet different types of employment needs.

Workable integrates with BambooHR, ADP Marketplace, Sapling, HRCloud, LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook, Monster, Stack Overflow Talent, Nexxt, ZipRecruiter, PreferHired, GreatPeople, G Suite, Microsoft platforms, Zoom, Geektastic, RightHire, myInterview, VidCruiting, Checkr, Ref App, Tableau, Workday, Oracle HCM, and hundreds of other options.
Additional connections are available through Zapier for a fee.

6. Jobvite Talemetry Best recruiting workflow automation

Talemetry by Jobvite is an enterprise-grade recruitment marketing platform that includes CRM, job posting, and career site functionality. It includes an analytics component that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to assist you in sifting through massive volumes of data related to candidate sourcing, relationship nurturing, and conversions. Jobvite Talemetry may also help you improve your career website by providing customised content and job recommendations to job searchers.

Because of its hiring workflow automations, Jobvite is the perfect option for you if you’re seeking for recruiting software that can save you time. Keyword/skill searching, resume sorting, experience quantification/qualification, and candidate re-engagement are all chores that AI-powered automations may aid with.

Codility, Canvas, ADP Workforce Now, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other productivity applications are all integrated with Jobvite Talemetry.

7. Lever Best for streamlined recruitment CRM and ATS capabilities

LeverTRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) programme that also includes an applicant tracking system (ATS). In this approach, it assists hiring managers in identifying applicants and maintaining relationships with them throughout the recruitment process, from initial communications through continued networking until (ideally) interviewing and an offer letter. Netflix, Atlassian, and KPMG are among the companies that use LeverTRM’s recruiting platform.

LeverTRM allows you to gather applicants from a variety of web sources to create a pool of qualified prospects for immediate or future consideration. Then, customised email, LinkedIn, or social media outreach templates begin the relationship-building process, while conversion analysis data tracks each campaign’s success or failure.

Because it is geared for high-volume hiring, LeverTRM is an excellent recruitment software if you frequently hire a big number of applications at once. It allows you to see and evaluate all prospects in one place, as well as send introduction emails without having to leave the window. It provides scalable automation for archiving, emailing, and tagging candidates.

Zoom, ADP, Google Meet, DocuSign, and other business and productivity applications are all integrated into LeverTRM.

8. BambooHR Best for managing employee life cycles

BambooHR is a comprehensive HR platform that can handle everything from candidate recruitment through employee onboarding, compensation tracking, and employee satisfaction surveys. With their advantage subscription tier, which ranges from $8-9/user/month, their recruiting system unlocks its best features (onboarding, training tracking, and ATS).

BambooHR may scale from a basic recruiting solution to a full HRIS suite with full-picture support for the entire employee lifecycle (at an additional expense). Everything from time tracking and payroll systems to employee involvement and performance reviews can be unlocked for a fee. Even if you don’t think you’ll need those features right now, BambooHR may place you in a position where future feature scaling is a snap.

BambooHR does not have as many job board partners as some of the other companies on this list. If you choose quality over quantity, they usually deliver. BambooHR, on the other hand, may fall short if you want a broader or more creative/niche reach. This is easily overcomeable with a little extra copying and pasting on your part; it will simply take a little longer.

With their mid-tier subscription package, you may access the BambooHR integrations and apps marketplace, which includes add-ons for Northpass, Lucidchart, GoodHire, Okta, Lattice, Greenhouse Software, 15Five, JazzHR, Netsuite, Slack, Swipeclock, BreezyHR, and a growing list of additional options. With a subscription account on Zapier, you can connect to hundreds more.

9. Sage HR Best custom application scorecards

Sage HR (previously CakeHR) is a cloud-based human resources management application that includes modules for core HR, leave management, performance management, scheduling and timesheets, and cost monitoring. They also have a recruitment module, which I’ll be focusing on in this article.

Candidate tracking and screening, drag-and-drop pipeline workflows, a landing page builder for job posts, calendar syncing for interview scheduling, and employee referral programme templates are all included in their end-to-end recruitment solution.

If you want to optimise your hiring process with the help of bespoke application/interview scorecards, Sage HR is a superb recruiting software for you. Hiring managers can ask their own questions about a candidate’s work experience, professional motives, and preferred work culture, and then rate their answers with a thumbs-up or -down. There is also a section for freeform notes, which can be useful for more detailed observations.

10. JazzHR Best for collaborative hiring

JazzHR is a candidate sourcing, employer branding, interviews & evaluations, compliance & reporting, and collaborative hiring software that has won awards. You’ll need to subscribe to their enterprise plan ($359/month) to obtain access to all of these features. Companies like TED, Lootcrate, and Clearly use them for recruitment campaigns.

JazzHR allows you to create and personalise a careers page with over a dozen pre-built themes and white label branding. If you already have a careers page on your website, you may connect it to JazzHR and proceed from there. They also assist you in locating talent via social media, including methods for collecting referrals from your fans. Then, to follow up with anyone who sticks out, use branded messaging templates and automated communication methods.

JazzHR also has collaborative hiring capabilities, which is the most recent recruitment buzzword that I truly believe in. The bottom line is that hiring requires involvement from many members of your organisation, from department heads to HR personnel to hiring managers. So why not employ technologies that facilitates communication throughout the employment process? With real-time input options, shared calendars, in-app chats, and task tracking, JazHR accomplishes this.


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