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How To Fix McDonald’s App Stuck On Old Order? Best Ways

Is the McDonald’s app stuck on old order? Need help keeping track of your order or making changes to it? You can fix this problem by reading this guide more. McDonald’s is a fast food company that sells burgers, fries, and other items. The brand is known in many countries worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of stores in just one country. The name is well known, and people think of it first when they want to eat burgers or other fast food. It has a store where you can pick up your order or order food. Some users, however, need help to track their current orders because the McDonald’s app is stuck on old orders for them. How to fix “McDonald’s app stuck on old order” is shown in this guide.

How To Fix McDonald’s App Stuck On Old Order? Best Ways

Close the app and launch it again to fix the “McDonald’s app stuck on old order” problem. Take your device off of your home internet and then put it back on. Attempt to switch between your internet connections. The “McDonald’s app stuck on old order” problem can also be fixed by clearing the app files and loading the most recent version of the app. The app is typically stuck on an older order when it fails to update or reflect the changes made to the order. This often happens when the internet could be stronger, more steady, and faster. App caches that are broken and older versions of the app are also possible causes when the app gets stuck on old orders and fails to reflect the changes; even a short-term glitch can occasionally cause this problem.

Troubleshoot Internet Problems

  • Test the speed of the internet connection you already have.
  • Connect to your ISP if the speed is slow.
  • Turn off your computer and wait a few minutes. After that, turn it back on and join your device.
  • Leave your computer alone for four to five minutes after unplugging it. Plug the cords and wires back in and turn it back on.
  • You can switch between different types of internet (for example, from Wi-Fi to cell data and back again).

Clear Mcdonald’s App Cache


  • Go to the “Apps” option in Settings.
  • Click “Manage Apps.”
  • Look for “McDonald’s” and tap it.
  • Press “Clear data.”
  • The second time, choose “Clear cache” after “Clear all records.”

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • Click “Settings.”
  • Just scroll down and tap “McDonald’s.”
  • Press “Offload App” or “Delete App.”
  • Install the app again.

Reinstall/Update Mcdonald’s App

  • Find the app on your device and delete it.
  • Search for “McDonald’s” in the App or Play Store.
  • Launch the program after installation.

Final Thoughts:

If something else is needed, visit and talk to customer service. We hope this guide was useful. Let us know how this guide works for you! Thank you!


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