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How To Fix LG Monitor That Has No Sound Issue?

Are you a victim of the LG monitor with no sound issue and trying to find out how to fix it? You’re in the right place if you said yes. Today, we’ll talk about a step-by-step guide on how to fix an LG monitor with no sound. You can use this guide to fix problems with your LG monitor with no sound, but it will also work for monitors from Benq, HP, Dell, or ViewSonic.

Why Is There No Sound From The LG Monitor?

There could be more than one reason why there is no sound from your LG monitor. Some of these need to be corrected: audio settings, broken cords, out-of-date audio drivers, and hardware failure. What’s going on might also be caused by headphones or speakers directly linked to your LG monitor.

How To Fix LG Monitor That Has No Sound Issue?

Check Audio Setting 

If you set the monitor to mute, the LG monitor sound might not work right. To check that, do these things. Type sndvol.exe into the Run box and press enter. If the sound is unmuted, there will be a red circle that you can click to unmute it.

Examine Cables & Connections 

Make sure that both ends of all the cords are firmly put in. If you find a weak link, ensure it’s set up correctly. See if there is any damage you can see; if there is, try to fix it. If not, replace it.

Ensure LG Monitor Has Built-In Speakers

You may experience a problem because your LG monitor won’t play any audio if it doesn’t have a built-in speaker. That can be checked by going to LG’s website and looking for information about the monitor. You can also read the user guide to find out more.

Set Audio Device

Check to see if your monitor is set as the main audio device. To set it, right-click the speaker icon, choose Sounds, and then choose the Playback tab. No, your audio device is not set as the default. You can change your device settings if you can’t see any changes. To save the changes, select the monitor device, click the “set default” button, press the “OK” button, and then click “apply.”

Update Or Reinstall Audio Drivers

Your audio driver needs to be updated. If your sound driver and graphics card driver need to be updated, it can cause your LG monitor to have no sound as an update. It’s easy to find the download page on your device after searching for PC type + driver on any search engine. After changing the drivers, turn your device back on.

Verify If The Output Port Works Properly

Try changing the output port to see if the problem can be fixed if nothing else works.

Connect The LG Monitor To Another PC

Try connecting your LG monitor to a different PC. Check to see if there is a problem with the monitor.

Seek Official Assistance 

If you still need help after following the above guide, call LG customer service or talk to a professional who can fix monitors. To set up a fix, go to


It can be annoying to adjust to an LG Monitor that doesn’t make any sound, but you can fix the problem by following the right repair steps. This article discusses ways to fix an LG monitor with no sound, such as checking the audio settings, the cords, etc. Be careful with each step, and if you still need help fixing the problem, feel free to call LG Customer Support for help from a professional.


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