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Top 26 Lead Generation Companies to Know

Lead Generation Services Providers will be described in this article. Lead generation is a typical problem for both startups and established businesses because it involves luring consumers with marketing materials and assisting them in making a purchase. Do we keep this work entirely in-house or outsource it to lead generation businesses? is one of the most important questions that companies aiming to create leads must answer. Outsourcing lead generation services necessitates a reputational leap of faith in addition to the obvious concerns regarding return on investment. There is always some risk involved when a business invites a third party to speak on its behalf or even use its email address. But, there can also be a significant payoff in the shape of time and money savings, greater sales, and a reduced, more focused workforce.

Top 26 Lead Generation Companies to Know

In this article, you can know about Top 26 Lead Generation Companies to Know here are the details below;

What Is a Lead Generation Company?

Lead generation businesses provide clients with qualified leads (or ways to more readily find qualified leads) that they can then convert into paying customers. They do this by using data and other marketing strategies.

The flexibility to reinvest time and energy into other crucial business activities and more focused sales efforts are just two of the advantages of outsourcing lead generation services. Expense is, of course, a consideration. Depending on the industry, the typical income for those in sales is just north of $100,000, with tech sales frequently coming in closer to the higher end.

As a result, it can occasionally seem enticing to complement lead generation without adding more salaried staff. Time is another factor. Reps may feel they are spending more time on administrative tasks than on deal closing if they are involved in too much research, outreach, coordination, and scheduling.

Businesses that choose to use lead generation services will eventually need to fill their toolkits with the most user-friendly, integration-friendly lead generation software and platforms available, whether as a temporary fix before building out a larger sales team or as strategic rental muscle. In order to strengthen internal operations, we compiled a list of the top third-party services as well as a few renowned platform providers.

Lead Generation Companies to know

Location: Atlanta, Georgia Positions available

Salesloft is not a leader generation benefit per se, but its usefulness, rapid growth, and significant funding make it worth mentioning. Sales professionals have praised the platform’s user-friendly interface (UI), customizability, sales cadence simplification, and A/B possibilities.

1. ZoomInfo


We are recruiting Location: Vancouver, Washington

Being a top source of B2B sales contacts, Zoominfo has solidified its reputation. The subscription-based organisation, which has over 300,000 members, is well recognised for providing access to up-to-date contact information as well as less common information like company headcounts and tech stacks.



Bellevue, Washington is the location.

RocketReach is yet another industry-leading tool for finding contacts and sales prospects. It enables users to look for both personal and business emails and phone numbers using a variety of filters, including name, location, job title, skills, years of experience, employer industry, and revenue, among others. An API, a bulk lookup feature, and a browser plugin are additional features that are readily available. RocketReach highlights its accuracy, reach, and elite clientele as selling features.

3. Lusha


Location: Boston, Massachusetts We are hiring

Another contact-sourcing competitor, Lusha, uses automation, partnerships, and crowdsourcing to develop their B2B contact database. Members of the community upload their contact information, and the business also purchases data licencing from affiliated partners and searches the web for publicly accessible data. Tech giants like Google, Dropbox, and Uber have been among Lusha’s clients. Curious reps can test the free version, which offers five cost-free lookups per month.

4. System1


We are recruiting in Marina del Rey, California

To direct clients towards customers who are prepared to make a purchase, System1 combines advertising and content marketing.The business places advertisements on social media platforms and search engines that point viewers to tailored content on one of System1’s media pages, such as HowStuffWorks, Forkly, and CarsGenius. Then, it transmits user intent data to clients so they can conduct personalised outreach. At the same time, it feeds data back into System1’s machine learning algorithms to continuously improve the ad placement and personalization changes made in the following rounds.


FOLLOW Location: Completely Remote

Several lead-generation services are based on the promise of enormous prospect indexes with millions of prospects. Apollo prides itself on integrating its enormous database directly to your CRM. Apollo’s appeal is mostly due to its integration with popular sales tools like Salesforce, LinkedIn, Marketo, and others. A lead-scoring platform, an analytics package, and adaptable process flows are other features of the engine.

6. JumpCrew


We are currently hiring in Nashville, Tennessee

For its clients, JumpCrew strives to boost brand recognition, lead generation, and revenue. SEO, website design, paid search, and paid social services are some of its marketing strategies. For instance, the well-known manufacturer of beauty sponges Beautyblender employed JumpCrew to raise e-commerce revenue by 263%.

7. LeadPages


Minneapolis, Minnesota is the location.

Old-school lead-capture website design meets the more recent frontiers of no-code and targeted data transfer with Lead pages. The platform enables its user base, which is primarily made up of freelancers and small businesses, to create expert-looking landing pages and home pages that direct data to a variety of supported platform integrations in analytics, customer relationship management, email marketing, e-commerce, and other areas.

In order to increase site-based lead conversion, a conversion toolkit enables users to add pop-ups, alert bars, and checkout forms to their pages. A resources library also offers webinars, podcasts, tutorials, and other media.

8. Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics

Atlanta, Georgia

Every business wants to know who is visiting their website in order to target leads who might be interested. Nonetheless, nobody should violate any privacy laws during the process. Lead Forensics uses a technique called reverse IP tracking to identify which companies are visiting clients’ websites without using individual user-tracking. In essence, it looks up the company that owns an IP address by querying the DNS linked with that IP address. After that, it searches a database for contact information related to that company, which is subsequently forwarded to the client. Lead Forensics is Hiring | Browse 0 Jobs



Solana Beach, California

CIENCE, one of the nation’s fastest-growing sales and marketing firms, offers inbound and outbound sales development assistance as well as sales data solutions. CIENCE researchers search firmographic data, social behaviour data, tech stack information, and more to create targeted lead lists, using natural language processing to help them dig beyond demographic essentials.

Tens of millions of current entries are said to be stored in the company’s database. Uber, Square, SAP, and Microsoft are a few of the notable clients. CIENCE is Hiring | Browse 0 Jobs RELATED Do You Need In-House Marketers, Freelancers, an Ad Agency, or All 3?

10. LeadGenius


Berkeley, California

For a clientele that has included Snowflake, eBay, and DoorDash, LeadGenius blends artificial intelligence and human assistance to create demand and build leads.

Researchers confirm the data and support email outreach initiatives as the company’s crawler mines the web for lead-friendly material.

11. Belkins


Namely, Dover, Delaware

Possibly its appointment-setting services are what make this B2B lead generation company most well-known.

After learning about a client’s business and campaign model, creating consumer profiles, and launching personalised outreach, Belkins representatives schedule each call or in-person encounter they produce and provide reps with any pertinent information.

12. Callbox


Encino, California

To further tailor outreach, Callbox matches customers with consultants who have experience in their business. Although technology takes centre stage, the company also provides services in the areas of telecommunications, healthcare, advertising, human resources, finance, manufacturing, and distribution.

The business stresses its multi-channel strategy, luring prospects through email, cold calls, social media, SEO, landing pages, and webinars. Moreover, Callbox provides clients with a Hubspot-connected contact management platform that enables them to monitor the lead pipeline in real-time.

13. ON24


San Francisco, California

The fact that ON24’s webinar-based strategy fits with both the experiential marketing fad and the pandemic-forced virtualization of everything demonstrates its foresight more than any apparent bandwagoning.

Users of ON24 can hold virtual events and webinars, which can generate a lot of so-called behavioural data, such as levels of receptivity, interest, and engagement. These types of data are usually tougher to measure and more difficult to find than demographic data.

14. CloudTask


Miami Beach, Florida

Customer success, customer service, and sales are all strengthened by CloudTask. Customers can choose between full-fledged sales, sales chat, and sales administration teams with this B2B agency or traditional lead generation help.Apollo, Chorus, Aircall, and HubSpot are some of the company’s sales partners. Also check IT Management Software For Your Business

15. Fluent


Location: New York, New York

Although Fluent advertises its own CRM and programmatic marketing capabilities, its unique network of lead-generation websites is the core of the business. These websites, according to the business, draw in about 1 million visitors per day, creating a wealth of data in part due to opt-in surveys conducted on these properties. The websites can be used as springboards for advertising initiatives to further generate leads in addition to gathering targeted data.

16. Intelligent Demand

Intelligent Demand

Denver, Colorado

Despite also providing sales enablement, client nurturing, and creative strategy, Intelligent Demand is likely best known for its account-based marketing services.

The business provides comprehensive B2B and B2C lead generation services, including paid search and direct mail outreach. Intelligent Demand is Hiring | Browse 0 Jobs RELATED 11 Sales Automation Tools You Should Know

17. DJM Global

DJM Global

Austin, Texas

Oracle, VMWare, PayPal, eBay, and IBM are just a few of the notable IT giants with a presence in the Silicon Hills that DJM Global has executed sales and marketing growth campaigns for. Lead development (improving clients’ digital profiles and growing a client’s current prospect list — or creating a new one entirely) and appointment setting are services that are offered.

19. Launch Leads

Launch Leads

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Software, big data consulting, healthcare, and other specialist industries are all catered to by Launch Leads. Enterprise retail (Nike, Walmart) and technology clients have both been well-known. The company guarantees targeted lists, not firehouse volume, as well as the resuscitation of dead leads and, when accessible, a robust trade-show presence. Our internal data platform controls everything and monitors options depending on things like email opens, the time of day, previous outreach attempts, and more.

20. Rev


Location: San Diego, California

Lead generation businesses typically fall into either the service or platform categories. In other words, customers either hire a new tool to help or outsource a piece of lead generation. Rev has a tendency to blur the lines between things. The company’s sales platform collects data to build the perfect customer profile, which employs artificial intelligence to change and improve over time. Rev uses that flexible profile to source and order prospects. Google, Salesforce, IBM, and Adobe are a few of the notable customers.

21. demandDrive


Waltham, Massachusetts is the location. DemandDrive has assisted businesses in the development of their outbound sales operations in the fields of healthcare, edtech, and cybersecurity. For businesses just getting started with sales, this tech-focused generation company also provides inbound development and a temp-to-hire pipeline. Yet, outbound is where it excels, since it guarantees a higher threshold for qualified leads than competing outsourcing firms.

22. Leadium


Las Vegas, Nevada

For a customer list that includes direct-to-consumer wine brand OneHope and data infrastructure leader Segment, Leadium claims to have generated more than 10 million unique leads. In-house strategists collaborate with clients to define their ideal customer fit and quality lead. Deep psychographic, technical, and other non-demographic detail is included in customer data, all of which is verified by devoted researchers.

23. Martal Group

Martal Group

Oakville, Ontario

In order to save expenses, companies that assist businesses with outsourcing lead generation may outsource themselves. On the other hand, Martal Group cites the fact that all of its employees are based in North America as evidence of its at-attention availability.

The company, which has a 50 million-strong contact database, focuses on software, IoT, and other tech companies. It places a lot of emphasis on intent data, a statistic that, among other things, examines digital behaviour to identify prospects who are probably about to make a purchase. In addition to others, the agency has agreements with Pinterest, Samsung, and Honeywell.

24. Leadfeeder


Helsinki, Finland

By effectively casting a light on who is visiting your website, Leadfeeder promises fresh sales potential. Its GDPR-compliant software provides users with otherwise anonymous information, such as whose companies are visiting their websites and how they got there. This is in addition to the company’s own database of contact information, all of which can be imported into widely used CRMs, email marketing services, and analytics dashboards. Leadfeeder is Hiring | Browse 0 Related Jobs Selecting the Best Technology for Your Sales Stack. Also check Business Funding 

25. Cleverly


Los Angeles, California is the location. Cleverly’s LinkedIn lead generation service is its most well-liked product. cleverly zeroes in on a client’s ideal prospects using data from thousands of LinkedIn B2B campaigns.

When a lead replies and it’s time to complete the transaction, Cleverly creates unique outreach messages and alerts the client. According to the business, it has acquired LinkedIn leads for more than 5,000 customers.

26. Intelemark


Appointment setup, lead generation, customer reactivation, crisis telemarketing, and database cleanup are just a few of the B2B services that Intelemark offers. According to the business, qualified lead generation has increased by an average of 40%, while activity at the top of the sales pipeline has increased by 30% to 70%.


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