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Top 10 Best Image Viewer Software For Mac In 2022

Since people prefer to take and upload photos of every event in their lives, everyone requires a simple photo viewer. This calls for the usage of a trusted tool for looking through the photos. The default programmes frequently lack the functionalities you require. We require a third-party photo viewer for our Mac because of this. The best image viewers to replace your default software are compiled in this blog post.

It’s useful to use an image viewer to see and edit your photos. The apps listed below each have a unique set of features and functionalities. This article will assist you in choosing the most sophisticated image viewer for your requirements, whether you simply want to examine images, perform bulk photo editing, or work with different image kinds.

Top 10 Mac Image Viewer software

1. Movavi’s Picverse Photo Editor

Movavi’s Picverse Photo Editor

Movavi’s Photo Viewer is a great option for photographers that value productivity, efficiency, and speed. You can easily look up and find photos taken on a particular day, in a particular location, or with a particular tag. With more than 100 filters and effects, this batch picture editing application is bilingual and features an easy-to-use interface.

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2. XnView MP

XnView MP

A fantastic yet simple picture editor and viewer for Mac, XnView MP supports a wide variety of file formats, including DNG, HEIC, and OpenEXR. It can export photographs in more than 70 different file kinds and read more than 500 distinct picture files. Thumbnail View, Fullscreen View, and Filmstrip View are all options for viewing images with this Mac image software.

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3. Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge

For Mac, Adobe Bridge is an advanced image viewer that enables you to view, arrange, and edit photos. Additionally, it may be used for a variety of activities, such as filters to find the exact photographs, a complex metadata search, and more. One advantage Adobe Bridge has over other photo viewer programmes is that it works with other Adobe Creative Cloud tools, making it possible to edit and enhance photos quickly. For instance, you can open an image immediately from the Bridge in Photoshop if you use it to edit your photos after a session.

Download From Here

4. Nomacs


Although its name might make you think otherwise, this programme is compatible with Macs. If you’re looking for a free, open-source, lightweight Mac image viewer, Nomacs is a good choice. The most common image formats, including PSD and raw photos, are supported. Among other things, you can use filters to find particular files, browse folders, and view thumbnails.

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5. Apollo One

Apollo One

The easy-to-use toolbar in Anogeissus’ Apollo One for photographers enables you to make quick adjustments and edits as well as instantly view unprocessed images. With the ability to see EXIF information and rate photos on a scale of one to five stars, this image viewer for Mac can assist you in selecting the best images.

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6. ACDSee


Your photos are organised for you by ACDSee Photo Studio. Without having to import them, you can quickly sort and search images using filters, categories, tags, colour labels, and more.

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7. qView


The free and open source programme qView is a straightforward photo viewer with few extra features. It lacks fancy features, which is exactly the point, in contrast to the other photo viewers on our list. You will be able to fully concentrate on the image because there won’t be anything on your screen other than it and the qView toolbar. This quick Mac image viewer software lets you examine and switch between photographs.

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8. Lyn


Another top-notch photo viewer for macOS is Lyn. It aims to provide photographers, web designers, and graphic artists using macOS with a quick, effective, and aesthetically pleasing replacement for the built-in picture viewer. It’s possible that Lyn’s support for non-destructive editing will spark your interest. This enables you to edit and enhance an image while preserving the original.

Download From Here

9. Phiewer


For Mac, Phiewer is a great folder-based image reader that works with a variety of file formats, including TIFF, HEIC, and HEIF. You may view the EXIF metadata for any image and rotate or switch to full-screen mode by using one of the several keyboard shortcuts.

Download From Here

10. Photo Mechanic

Photo Mechanic

One of the best apps for seeing numerous photos quickly on a Mac is Photo Mechanic. You’ll be pleased with how much your workflow as a photographer is streamlined. You can save time by using PM to swiftly retrieve photographs from your memory card. You can choose the best photos from a session immediately away and start deleting rejected ones right away.

Download From Here


Particularly when it comes to computer software meant to make our lives easier, we live in a world of abundance. A Photo Viewer programme is not covered by this rule. When it comes to picking the best Photo Viewer for Mac, there are simply too many options. In terms of functionality and a well-rounded user experience, each has something special to offer.


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