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HRIS Systems 10 Best in 2022

Your internal HR operations will be more efficient if you find the best Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for your company. These strong technologies aid in the streamlining of routine procedures and the reduction of administrative burdens such as data entry. The best HRIS for your company will be determined by your current pain points and the dynamics of your personnel.

This article will assist you in comparing and evaluating the top HRIS systems currently available. I’ll go over the benefits of each HR software package and how they can benefit your company.

Criteria for Comparing Human Resources Software

What features am I searching for in software for my list of the finest HRIS systems? What exactly are the components of a human resources information system that I’m looking for? The following is a list of my evaluation criteria:

Is the user interface (UI) neat and appealing?

Is it simple to understand and master? Is there good tech assistance, user help, tutorials, and training at the company?

Functionality & Features:

Customizable dashboard – Can you quickly organise and rearrange the human resources dashboard to meet your demands and best interests?

Features for Payroll — Can the software manage full-time, contract, and part-time payroll?
Is it capable of calculating taxes and deductions as required?

Learning/Development – Does the HRIS provide an onboarding and/or ongoing development platform to help current employees improve their skills?

Recruiting and Onboarding — Is there a tool for recruiters in the HR system, such as an application monitoring system? Is there a way to make onboarding new employees easier?

Reporting and Analytics – Does the programme provide HR-specific data analysis as well as actionable insights to aid decision-making?

Integrations: Is it simple to link to other HR software? Do you have any pre-built integrations?

Value for money: Is the pricing reasonable in relation to the features, capabilities, and use case? Is your price straightforward, transparent, and adaptable?

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The Best HRIS System Overviews

1. Best for creating custom HR processes and workflows is an HRIS platform that uses drag-and-drop technology to allow HR teams to personalise and execute all of their HR operations and workflows. The programme also comes with a number of HR-specific templates to help you get started.

With embedded forms that automatically record all important contact details, the solution helps hiring managers to keep track of their recruitment pipelines and track applications. Team members can update the status of candidates’ applications as they progress through the hiring process, providing a real-time source of truth for all open positions. also comes with an onboarding template that covers all of the employee training sessions and reading materials that newbies will require during their first weeks on the job. No-code automations are also used in the onboarding template to alert appropriate team members of their tasks in order to properly welcome the new hire. The vacation tracker, which allows employees to schedule vacation time, is another wonderful tool.

2. Sapling Best HRIS for a distributed workforce

Sapling is a people operations platform designed for mid-market enterprises with many locations throughout the world. Onboarding, offboarding, and leveraging people data across current systems may all be automated with this solution.

Sapling helps users to create automated recruitment and onboarding operations. People workflows can be automatically assigned by HR team members based on their location, department, and employment status.

Team members can use the application to save and manage employee information as well as construct color-coded org charts to represent different departments or teams. Individual profiles with personalised prompts can also be created by end-users to support your company’s culture.

Sapling has native interfaces with a number of different applications, including applicant tracking systems, payroll software, time tracking software, and more. For further integration options, the tool also provides an API and webhooks.

Sapling’s onboarding module starts at $4.92 per user per month, and the full core HRIS experience starts at $6.99 per user per month for 100 users.

3. intelliHR Best HR software for performance & people analytics

intelliHR is a people management and analytics platform that allows businesses to consolidate performance management, employee engagement, basic HR operations, and data analytics for their employees. HR and managers can use intelliHR’s best-practice tools to align, manage, and enable a people and culture plan inside a larger business strategy.

The automation of previously manual HR activities, like as onboarding and compliance management, while capturing crucial people and performance data that isn’t generally visible, is where intelliHR brings significant value. This information gives HR managers a thorough understanding of concerns and opportunities that they may utilise to make better decisions.

IntelliHR’s built-in people analytics is one of the biggest differentiators. Through a variety of easy-to-use interactive dashboards, employers can get a firsthand picture of their people’s happiness, engagement, and well-being, capturing data across training investment, team sentiment, attrition, performance, and employee satisfaction. Managers can use the analytics tool to stay on top of their teams by using elements such as goals, feedback, and regular check-ins.

With an award-winning customer support team with experience in HR and change management, intelliHR has an industry-leading NPS of 61. To ensure that the product is released smoothly and with a high adoption rate, the team employs design thinking workshops that are personalised to each customer.

4. Eddy Best for easy customized onboarding

Eddy is an all-in-one HR Suite for small businesses that automates time-consuming HR tasks and enhances employee satisfaction. Eddy, founded in 2017 by Travis Hansen, a former professional basketball player turned entrepreneur, has developed quickly thanks to its simple yet powerful product, excellent customer service, and concentration on companies with deskless workforces.

Businesses may use Eddy to hire, onboard, manage, and pay employees with just one piece of software. Job posting administration, candidate tracking, and a full-fledged applicant tracking system are all key elements (ATS). HR managers may use the onboarding system to generate bespoke onboarding packages, assign assignments, and gather digital signatures quickly.

Users can browse company directories and save critical personnel documentation, performance notes, and training and certifications in employee profiles, which is a core component of Eddy. You may also use Eddy’s full-service payroll system to manage payroll procedures, including numerous pay periods and end-of-year W-2 preparation, filing, and distribution, as well as develop unique PTO policies and approve or refuse requests.

5. Zenefits Best HRIS system for benefits management and group insurance

By combining fundamental HR activities with payroll, benefits, and time-off tracking all in one system, the Zenefits platform helps to reduce common HR concerns. Offer letters, background checks, e-signing digital papers, and employee self-onboarding are all part of their automated onboarding process. Modules for salary administration, performance management, and numerous in-depth employee engagement tools are also accessible in their higher service tiers.

Zenefits’ benefits management capabilities are where they really excel. You can compare numerous health plans in their Zenefits Health Insurance Marketplace to locate the best solution for your company. When you’re ready, you can obtain a group insurance quote from one of their licenced insurance brokers, who will also assist you with the administration of your benefits plan — a service that’s included for free regardless of which pricing plan you choose. If you already work with an insurance broker, you may have them integrated into your platform for an additional monthly price of $5 USD per employee every month. Another cool feature to add is that, depending on how your system is set up, employees can use their Zenefits commuter benefits card to pay for UberPOOL rides.

Zenefits works with 45+ apps, including Google Suite, Office 356, Slack, Salesforce, Expensify, Bonusly, BetterWorks, Zapier, and more.

The Essentials package from Zenefits starts at $8 USD per employee per month. Add-ons for comprehensive payroll services ($6 USD/employee/month), HR and payroll advice services ($8 USD/employee/month), and the insurance broker option mentioned above are all available for an additional price. A 14-day free trial and a free demo are also available.

6. Cezanne Best HR software for global, multi-lingual organizations

Cezanne HR is a cloud-based human resources software system utilised in more than 100 countries. People management, onboarding, and employee lifecycle support, easy employee self-service capabilities, absence management, time tracking, and recruitment tools, including an applicant tracking system, are all part of their entire platform (ATS). Check-ins, 360-degree feedback, and multi-stage goal planning are all part of their sophisticated performance management module, which promotes ongoing performance development. They also include built-in tools for visualising your talent pools, mapping out career development programmes, and assisting with succession planning.

This platform is ideal for multinational corporations because it has global features at its core, such as country-specific compliance information, regional configuration options, and the ability to use numerous currencies. It also includes free language translations from English to Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Turkish, and Romanian to assist developing businesses with standardising their HR portal operations in new countries. Because Cezanne HR’s design team is based in the United Kingdom, you can rest certain that their system is GDPR compliant (UK & EEA).

Although Cezanne HR does not feature payroll services, it does interact with common payroll systems and organise data in the way required by your payroll team. Single sign-on (SSO) is supported, and the system interfaces with other solution partners in areas like as pay planning, employee engagement, cost management, and learning management.

7. Oyster Best platform for international recruiting and payroll management

Oyster is a powerful HR platform for any company looking to find and hire people all over the world. Their system is utilised effectively in over 180 countries and has built-in capabilities for managing international tax and employment regulations, as well as compliance guardrails for local labour laws to guarantee your firm has the legal protection it needs when operating in a new country.

Their digital hiring tools make it simple to hire contractors in any of their 180+ supported countries. A built-in contractor misclassification evaluation tool can assist you decide whether to hire a new employee or hire a contractor to replace a vacant position. There’s also an employment cost calculator that can calculate the cost of recruiting a new employee in any country, including all needed taxes and government payments, as well as the Oyster flat-fee, which varies depending on the country you’re hiring in.

Their Oyster Academy is a valuable resource for firms new to the international work-from-anywhere scene, including training courses on how to prepare for distributed work and how to establish a company culture in a distributed work environment.

Oyster Health is an add-on that allows you to acquire health insurance coverage for your whole worldwide workforce under a single company plan.

Oyster starts at $399 USD per employee per month. They also provide a free Lite plan for up to two contractors, which is an excellent option for anyone starting a global business from the ground up. There is also a free demo available.

8. Bob Best HRIS system for employee engagement

Say hello to Bob, an HRIS platform that aims to boost employee engagement and connect people all around the world to your company’s culture. Their user interface has a social media-like aspect to it, which encourages employees to interact with one another. Employees may view vital details about colleagues from the main homepage, such as work anniversaries, birthdays, and other facts, to enable them form deeper relationships than shared work responsibilities — an important element for encouraging engagement in today’s work-from-anywhere environment.

Employee data management and HR analytics, culture tools, time and attendance tracking capabilities, digital onboarding tools, and a document hub with DocuSign integrated in are just a few of the features included in the platform. Bob also keeps track of where his employees are (whether they’re working remotely, in the office, ill, or on vacation), which is an important tool for organisations with scattered or hybrid workforces.

Bob connects to over 40 popular apps, including numerous applicant tracking systems, Google Suite, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zapier, and more. They also have a mobile app with all of the features.

9. Homebase Best HRIS tool for employee scheduling & time/clock records

Homebase is a cloud-based time clock and timesheet software that lets you log hours from anywhere and save time when it comes to payroll preparation. Their free apps allow your entire team to stay connected and coordinated, even if they are working remotely.

The fact that they provide a freemium subscription option helped them score well in the Value for Money category. The free tool allows you to schedule and track time for an unlimited number of employees at a single location.

One criticism is that the programme is designed for businesses with several employees working on staggered schedules or shifts. It might not be ideal for people who are self-employed or work on a Monday-to-Friday basis.

10. Built For Teams Best HRIS for ease of use & quick onboarding

Built for Teams is a modern, easy-to-use HR solution for human resources and workforce planning that features an interactive, dynamic, and collaborative design to assist your company in hiring, retaining, managing, and analysing its employees.

Built for Teams is extremely user-friendly. In fact, according to customer ratings across many platforms, they’ve been voted “Best Ease of Use” multiple times. This tool received a high score in the usability category of the above evaluation criteria as a result of this consensus.

The synchronisation to Outlook can be a little glitchy, and the calendar programme can be a little hard and awkward to manage, especially when you’re first getting used to the software.


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