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How To Fix Hogwarts Legacy Ghosting Problem? Best Fixes

Hogwarts Legacy has established a presence in the game store with captivating gameplay reminiscent of Harry Potter. The game is gaining popularity daily due to incorporating the Harry Potter series’ narrative. Thousands of players believe in the game’s concept and enjoy playing it. However, some players need help finding guides to resolve the issues they are facing with the game. The Ghosting Issues players face in Hogwarts Legacy have recently begun to be reported. We are aware that some of you may be unaware of this error. This guide will assist them in resolving the issue because there are a lot of users who are experiencing it.

Hogwarts Legacy Ghosting Problem Causes

We will provide an explanation of the Hogwarts Legacy Ghosting Issue for those who are unfamiliar with it. It results from a delay between the camera’s movement and the image’s display. It results in graphics reminiscent of indistinct images, which is extremely exasperating. A lot of users in Hogwarts Legacy are facing the same issue. You may face issues with the game for various reasons, as listed below. Please give them a read; they are listed below.

  • You are not employing a monitor with a high refresh rate for playback.
  • Your television has a variety of graphical settings.
  • Changes have been implemented to the game’s graphics settings.

How To Fix Hogwarts Legacy Ghosting Problem? Best Fixes

Refrain from fretting if you also face the Ghosting Issue in Hogwarts Legacy. We will detail the methods to resolve the issue without any hassle. Let’s start with that.

Change Anti-aliasing Settings

You should change the Anti-aliasing settings to resolve the issue. One of the reasons you might face the issue is this. Hogwarts Legacy Ghosting issues will start if you accidentally set the incorrect anti-aliasing settings in the game. Check whether the issue has been resolved before changing the default setting. You can also experiment to determine which anti-aliasing setting best suits you for the game.


Turn Off DLSS

It is also possible that the DLSS will result in gameplay issues. Turning off the DLSS will resolve the Hogwarts Legacy ghosting issues. The DLSS enhances the game’s graphics performance. However, conflicts between the components or a delay in enhancing performance may also result in issues. We suggest you turn it off to see if the issue persists.

Check The Refresh Rate Of The Monitor

Hogwarts Legacy Ghosting issues will arise if you use a monitor or television with a refresh rate that exceeds the game’s. Visuals with a higher refresh rate have not been implemented in the game. Therefore, this will result in ghosting issues with the Hogwarts Legacy game. Check the TV refresh rate, lower it, and try running the game afterward. The issue is likely to be resolved after doing this.

Turn Off Performance Mode

Well, the performance mode you use on the console might also cause Hogwarts Legacy ghosting issues. Also, you should turn off the console performance mode to resolve the issue. If the problem is resolved after turning off the performance mode, then there were a few conflicts between the game’s graphics and your console. If the problem is still not resolved, try out the next method.

Change Video Settings

Another method to solve the ghosting issue is to adjust the video settings. You must turn off the high contrast option in the game’s video settings, as numerous players have resolved this issue. You’ve to do this setting in the game. To do this in the game, you’ve to follow the listed steps below.

  • Launch the game and get into the mission.
  • Now, pause the game.
  • Head to the Settings.
  • Scroll down and search for the Accessibility menu.
  • There, you will discover the option of High Contrast. Please turn it off.


Was Hogwarts Legacy Supposed To Be Multiplayer?

No, the Hogwarts Legacy was a one-player game from its development. However, there are reports that the developers will shortly introduce the multiplayer function.

How Many Hours Is Hogwarts Legacy?

If you play the game diligently and complete the missions routinely, it will take you around 30 hours to complete.

Is Hogwarts Legacy A AAA Game?

Certainly, the Hogwarts Legacy is an AAA game based on the Harry Potter series.

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Many players are seeking guides to resolve the Ghosting Issues in the Hogwarts Legacy. This is a very aggravating issue that will cause problems in the players’ game. Additionally, we have explained how the issue can be resolved and listed the reasons for its occurrence. We trust that this will help resolve the issue. This concludes the guide.


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