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15 Hidden Call Recorder Apps For Android & iOS

This post will explain Hidden Call Recorder Apps For Android & iOS Devices: Though we all have the right to privacy, sometimes situations may need more severe actions. For example, keep track of your children’s activities and locations as a parent. Can you record phone calls and listen to them later? It also allows you to judge if they are being honest and loyal. You may use a call recording app to anonymously record all phone calls and listen to them online or offline. Install the App on the target mobile device, register, and you’ll be able to retrieve recorded calls from the website.

15 Hidden Call Recorder Apps For Android & iOS

In this article, you can know about Hidden Call Recorder Apps For Android & iOS here are the details below;

Several hidden call recorder apps are on the market, making it challenging to choose one. The Best Hidden Call Recorder apps are listed here, along with their features and website URLs. These call tracker applications allow you to spy on someone while they are unaware. All services have a free trial period or a money-back guarantee.

Why should you use Hidden Call Recorder Apps?

There are many reasons you should use a hidden call recorder apps. For example, suppose a client placed an order, and you need to include their billing information. The transaction will no longer be completed, and phoning them again to request their details will negatively impact their minds. In such cases, a phone call recorder app comes in helpful. Hidden call recorder apps record all incoming and outgoing phone calls. It is essential for enterprises. For example, you may use recorded conversations to educate your employees by describing good and bad call handling approaches. A phone call recorder app might be a great teaching tool for your company to use to enhance the performance of new and current staff.

The Hidden call recorder apps might be used to resolve disputes. They work as evidence; you no longer have to depend on your memory to recall everything. They may be used to confirm facts, addresses, order details, etc. Furthermore, if your staff knows you are monitoring their phone conversations, they are more likely to perform well. So, if the above points caught your attention and you’re seeking the best-hidden call recorder software, stay reading till the conclusion.

What are Hidden Call Recorder Apps?

Hidden call recorder apps record calls and see activities on different messaging apps, enabling GPS location tracking and other functions. These call recorder apps are difficult to detect and include powerful spying features such as checking phone records, collecting nearby audio, etc. The hidden call recorder app also helps you record calls without showing notifications or icons on the screen. Apps may be hidden from the App drawer but not from the Settings Apps list. These applications are excellent for parental control.

Is using Hidden Call Recorder Apps safe?

Using hidden call recorder Apps from the Google Play store is safe. Before installing the hidden call recorder app, you should read the user reviews. It will help you determine if the software is helpful to you or not. Also check photomosh review

Best Hidden Call Recorder Apps for 2022

In addition to many other features, Android’s best hidden call recorder applications have built-in functionality for recording phone logs. Hidden call recorders are available for Android and iOS smartphones, allowing you to pick which contacts you want to record calls for while ignoring the others.



If you want to know who your ex is talking to on the phone but don’t want to alert their suspicions, XNSPY may assist. You will notice that their chat log opens as soon as you access the website, so you can speak to them about your requirements right away, and they can determine which features will benefit you the most. You may either start using them immediately or see their live demo to better understand how they function.

Hidden Call Recorder Apps for both iPhone and Android can help you monitor contacts and GPS position, as well as surround recording, so you can decide whether your kid is where they claim to be in real time. You will also get quick notifications.

Website  Android Tracker  iPhone Tracker

2. HoverWatch


Hoverwatch is a strong spying app that allows you to follow your partner, children, or workers’ SMS, calls, and messages. The hoverwatch’s invisibility function keeps it entirely hidden from the user, even if your children are familiar with their gadgets. Because many parents are worried about their children’s safety from cyberbullying and spending time on suspicious websites, it is one of the most acceptable options. It saves the whole schedule, including appointments, plans, and reminders. It is among the most reliable Hidden call recorder apps.


Hoverwatch is the best-kept hidden call recorder app, allowing you to remotely record all incoming and outgoing calls on the monitored device.

  • You may listen to call audio in the panel or download it to your PC.
  • You may see all of the websites visited by the target device’s Android user.
  • All of their chat text messages and SMS may be seen online.
  • The app can take screenshots of target Android devices and save them in the user panel.
  • The sim card tracker may assist you in keeping track of the target device’s location and any calls or SMS messages sent or received.

Plan prices start at $49.99 per device.


3. CocoSpy


Cocospy is an excellent choice if you want to secretly keep track of phone records while considering using it to spy on your ex and rely on parental control features. They provide some of the best call tracker services in the business, so you can trace all calls made and received, and the information will be shown in a web-based dashboard.

You may also check all the popular contacts on the target device to discover who the target individual has spoken with the most. It is among the best hidden call recorder apps that will also record call frequency, time stamps, call length, and more, so you can have a solid sense of the details involved in the calls made on target advice.

Apart from tracking phone calls, it is also helpful for monitoring text messages, the position of the mobile phone, and what they are doing online. You can trace every call made, and their premium service will cost $9.99 monthly. In addition, they are compatible with both iOS and Android.


4. FamiSafe – Parental Control App

FamiSafe – Parental Control App

FamiSafe is your most trusted Screen Time & Location Tracker parental control app, with features such as kids’ screen time control and location tracking, TikTok history check, activity report, website filtering, game/porn blocking, suspicious photos & text detection on social media apps such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others. With the newest FamiSafe 6.0 Version, you can protect your family’s online safety and have a good time together! It is the most popular among the Hidden call recorder apps.

Google Play  App Store

5. MobileSpy


The next hidden call recorder apps on our list is excellent for advancement features like real-time access to microphones and cameras. It is suitable not just for companies and schools but also for people who wish to follow a target user, such as an ex or a kid, and for getting a complete call history of the target device in general.

This hidden call recorder app can monitor all information and track the GPS location. You may also use their camera and microphone; a significant benefit is that the software is undetected and invisible.

It has various features, like scheduling limits and an app blocker, which is ideal if you are concerned about your child’s online safety. With over 42 unique features and compatibility with iOS and Android, we believe you will significantly benefit from this call recorder app.

Website Google Play

6. mSpy


mSpy is among the best hidden call recorder apps that allows you to watch your children’s devices remotely. In addition, it will enable you to see all of their communications easily. It is one of the top location tracking apps mainly intended for parents to better monitor children’s device use.

You may see incoming and outgoing calls and SMS/messages, including iMessage. This tool allows you to monitor the position using GPS and Geo-fencing. You may also use the mSpy app to see the history, WiFi network, and incoming and outgoing messages.


  • It allows you to get updates on their locations, for example, within a particular time frame.
  • mSpy is an excellent remote screen recorder and keylogger.
  • You may use this parental control tool to read incoming or outgoing text messages.
  • It gives you quick access to other important information on your children’s phones.
  • You can determine whether or not your child’s phone’s battery is dead.
  • It features advanced social media monitoring.
  • It also enables you to see deleted messages and photographs.


Chrome Web Store

Phones supported: Android, iPhone, and iPad

Free Trial: 7-day trial period

Refund Policy: 14-day money-back guarantee

7. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder allows for selective recording and saving of calls and the addition of shared notes. The automatically hidden call recorder app may be synchronized to Google Drive and allows you to change the audio formats or bitrates of the recordings. Automatic Call Recorder supports advanced formats such as enhanced audio closing, WMV, and AMR. Also check 9gag alternatives.


Automatic Call Recorder has the following features:

  • For showing call information, use the call summary option.
  • Various call recording default settings
  • Improved sound quality with auto-on speaker mode
  • Inbox with expandable call storage for saving calls
  • Updated bug fixes and a premium user interface

Downloads: More than 100 million

Google Play

App Store

User Rating: 3.8 stars

Supported Android Version: 6.18.3

Required Download Space: 4.7MB

Automatic Call Recorder Price: Automatic Call Recorder is available in both a free and a paid version. The Pro edition has advanced features that may be accessed through in-app purchases. In addition, it contains features such as automatically recording calls from a specific contact on the cloud. You can consider it in the list of Hidden call recorder apps.

8. TheTruthSpy


TheTruthSpy is among the most reliable hidden call recorder apps, great for viewing data on the target mobile device. This hidden call recorder app may be used for GPS tracking, message and call spying, and social media monitoring. This spy call recorder runs in the background of your phone and allows you to track your children, spouse, or workers.


  • SMS spy to check the texts exchanged so far
  • Track call records and information on outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Option to record calls for later listening.
  • Background voice recording is used to capture activities in the background.
  • Tracking surfing history and pages visited.
  • It is simple to record calls on Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other platforms.
  • Hidden keylogger to record hidden keystrokes


Supported Android Version: 9.20

Required Download Space: 9.5 MB

9. eyeZy



This hidden call recorder app allows you to record and listen in on all important incoming and outgoing calls. You can install this call recorder app on iOS and Android in just three simple steps. Choose your membership, install eyeZy, and gather the information.

Apart from recording conversations, this platform can also show you what’s going on with Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, and other apps, as well as the specific GPS location of the person you’re trying to track. It is the world’s most powerful phone monitoring application.


  • WiFi-based local sync
  • Keylogger
  • Social Media Networks Monitoring
  • Screen Capture
  • Messages by Text
  • Deleted Text Messages
  • Emails
  • GPS Locations
  • Video Recordings and many more.

App Store

Note:  eyeZy subscription Payment will be charged to the user’s iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase; if auto-renew is not turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period, the subscription will automatically renew; after purchase, the user can manage their subscriptions and turn off auto-renew by going to their Account Settings; any unused part of the free trial will be lost when the user buys a subscription. It is among the best Hidden call recorder apps to use in 2022.

10. uMobix


If you want to keep an eye on what your kids are doing, uMobix is excellent because you can do it in real-time and see what they are doing as they are doing it. They have advanced features, and both iOS and Android can use them. You can use more than 30 different apps to keep an eye on what’s going on and keep an eye on both outgoing and incoming calls. You can consider it among the best Hidden call recorder apps.

They have call durations, timestamps, and information about the caller, so you can keep track of everything they are doing online without them knowing. You can try them out for free, and their prices start at just $29.99 a month, which is a great deal. In addition, you won’t have to go anywhere else to use this tool, so you can do everything you need to do in one place.

Website  Android Tracker  iPhone Tracker

11. Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice is among the best call recorder apps for automatically recording voicemails and screening spam calls. The iPhone call recording app is easy to use and adaptable, allowing it to connect to various ring groups and multi-level auto attendants. It is among the best Hidden call recorder apps you should consider.


  • Examining voicemails, messages, and phone calls
  • Diagnostics and identifiers
  • Data on user content and use
  • History of location and searches
  • Downloads totaled 26,270.

Website  Google Play  App Store

User Rating: 4.2

Versions of iOS 20.16 and above

Download Space Required: 34MB, although this varies per device.

12. iPadio


The ipadio app allows you to record up to 60 minutes of high-quality audio before adding titles, descriptions, images, and geo-location before it is instantly uploaded to your account or cross-posted to your Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Posterous, Blogger, Live Spaces, or LiveJournal accounts. You may also use our in-app editing suite to remove sections of your recording. Each audio clip also has its own set of embed codes, which you can get from your online ipadio account, allowing you to post your recording on your website. It is among the best Hidden call recorder apps for iOS users.

App Store


  • There is an option for embedding recordings.
  • User access control allows people to contribute comments to recordings.
  • Audios may be streamed live.
  • Up to three minutes of high-quality video recording
  • Adding broadcast descriptions, tags, images, and titles is simple.

iPadio Price: The iPadio secret recording app for iPhone is free.

13. TapeaCall


TapeACall is an Android and iPhone automated call recorder ideal for recording outgoing and incoming calls and sharing them through email. You may use this hidden call recorder app to create unique labels for your recordings and merge calls as needed. Furthermore, recordings stored in the app may be transferred to Google Drive, Ever-note, and Dropbox.


  • Outgoing calls may be quickly recorded.
  • Call merging is an option.
  • Making three-way calls module
  • Recordings with transcriptions are unlimited.
  • Support for several languages

User Rating: 4.2

Website  Google Play  App Store

14. Record My Call

Record My Call

Record My Call (RMC) is a free call recording app that records both outgoing and incoming calls. In addition to functioning in a discreet mode, the automatically disguised call recorder may monitor calls or texts in stealth mode. The Android hidden call recorder provides call reviews with a four-digit password to secure these data. It is in the list of best Hidden call recorder apps.

Google Play


  • Making home folders for saving files and updating them as needed
  • Continuous recording with the ability to play it in the background
  • Channel with variable bitrate and sampling rate
  • Multiplying audio input for better sound
  • Filters for automated call recording are also provided.

RMC Price: The RMC hidden call recorder app is free.

15. KidsGuard


The KidsGuard phone tracking app enables you to easily follow the activity of your children, workers, or partners. One of the most excellent Hidden Call Recorder applications allows you to view phone data from any location. You may create geofences and get real-time notifications when your target device enters or exits the region. It will enable you to record all calls on your targeted smartphone. In addition, it offers several spy tools for various devices and applications. It is consider the best Hidden call recorder apps for parents.

Website Google Play


  • Record the caller’s and the receiver’s voices.
  • You may track your target device’s real-time GPS location.
  • You may remotely grab screenshots using this cheaters spyware app.
  • The data sync occurs in real-time, using either a 3G/4G network or Wi-Fi.
  • It provides email and chats help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Supported Devices: Android, iOS, and Windows phones are all supported.

Money-back guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

Price: Pricing begins at $19.95 per month.

FAQ – Hidden Call Recorder Apps

How can I secretly record iPhone calls?

Hidden call recorder apps allow you to secretly record calls without informing the target that they are being watched. These spy call recorders are simple to use, password-protected and may be used to monitor texts, social networking sites, and website visits history.

Is there any hidden WhatsApp call recorder?

Yes, many Hidden call recorder apps like Cube Call Recorder can record your WhatsApp calls. This Android call recorder app is free to download.

How to record phone calls using Google Voice?

After login into your Google Voice account and going to the Settings page, you may record your phone calls. First, select ‘Calls’ and then, in the pop-up, click ‘allow call recording.’ Finally, just press 4 to begin recording and 4 again to stop it. It is among the best Hidden call recorder apps to use.

Is hidden call recorder apps legal in India?

In India, tapping conversations through any third-party site is unlawful, and only the government is now permitted to do so. Even Nevertheless, these government agencies must follow all legal procedures before proceeding with call recording.

What is the top hidden call recorder apps without displaying an icon?

Some of the most excellent Hidden call recorder apps without an icon include Automatic Call Recorder by RSA, Blackbox Call Recorder, Cube Call Recorder, Boldbeast Call Recorder, and Otter Voice Notes.

What are Android free hidden spy call recorders?

Sec-Voice Recorder, TheTruthSpy, RMC, iPadio, and TTSPY are some free hidden spy call recorders for Android.

Which are the best Android and iOS Call Recording apps?

Aside from Hidden call recorder apps, there are many Automatic Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone that you can get from Google Play and the App Store. EyeZy, mSpy, uMobix, XNSPY, CocoSpy, Mobilespy, Automatic Call Recorder by RSA, Blackbox Call Recorder, Just Press Record, Auto Call Recorder, CallX, ACR, Boldbeast Call Recorder, TapeACallPro, Cube ACR, Rev Call Recorder, Keku, and many more are among the best call recorder apps to try in 2022. It is entirely up to you to choose which hidden call recorder app best meets your needs.

Final Words

Parents often use hidden call recorders for Android and iOS to protect their children from online bullying. Unfortunately, people are also spying on their relationships if there is any sign of cheating. With GPS-enabled hidden call recorder apps, business owners may follow their workers’ conversations and location. It is often done when the owner wants to secure the security of company transactions.


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