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25 Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Best Google Analytics Alternatives will be described in this article. Beyond Google Analytics, are you looking for an analytics platform? It’s not just you. Perhaps you require more precise analytics information or are weary of the frequent adjustments. Perhaps you simply dislike how complicated it is. The promising news is that there are a tonne of tools with website data that you won’t find in GA that are made to fulfil a specific need, like identifying which companies are visiting your site (Leadfeeder offers this) or keeping track of brand mentions online. I’ve made an effort to indicate which tools are complementary to the platform and which may completely replace it.

  • Identity of website visitors
  • Guide to Identifying Website Visitors
  • Your website’s visitors don’t have to be anonymous.

Is Google analytics GDPR compliant?

We are the ones you need to find. Register for a 14-day free Leadfeeder trial right away. Google Analytics complies with the GDPR. The fact is that Google Analytics, the pioneer of analytics, is NOT GDPR compliant out of the box. More volume for the audience towards the back! This implies that you can be breaking international laws without even being aware of it. This is one of the reasons why many companies are looking into Google Analytics alternatives. I want to discuss how to make GA compliant before we look at the other possibilities. The first (and simplest) method is to merely request consumers’ consent. What kind of consent you must ask for is described by Google here. Another strategy is to keep your data sharing to a minimum and to mostly anonymize it. It’s a bit of a hassle, I’ll admit. Using a Google Analytics substitute that complies with GDPR is, of course, the final option. Is Google Analytics the best available? The average user may not understand all of the terminologies and filter names used by Google Analytics.

Top 25 Best Google Analytics Alternatives To Try in 2023

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Is there anything better than Google Analytics?

But not everyone has the time or the expertise to spend weeks getting familiar with the platform. Additionally, Google Analytics 4 (the latest version of GA) is completely different, meaning you might have to spend months learning how to utilise it before it is retired in a few years. Constant updates: Even if you frequently use GA, it’s possible to have trouble finding menus, stats, and features due to Google’s frequent revisions. In certain cases, data is even deleted with little to no notice. Unwanted information: GA incorporates information from bots and internal users, which can bias your findings. For instance, you might believe a landing page is receiving more traffic than it actually does if your sales team frequently visits it.

Data gaps:

Since you must request permission in order to comply with GDPR, you may not have a complete picture of your data if certain visitors opt not to be monitored.

Inaccurate Data:

Contrary to popular belief, Google Analytics does not monitor every aspect of your website. Many of the figures can be estimates, thus using them to inform important business choices could be dangerous. Lastly, neither WHO visits your site nor which pages they see first are revealed by Google Analytics. These Google Analytics alternatives do not completely replace GA, but they do fill in the gaps in information on the visitors to your site and their actions after they arrive. You can effectively target your leads if you have a deeper grasp of them.

1. Leadfeeder


In order for trade and sales teams to know exactly which firms are visiting their websites, even if the site visitors never fill out a contact form or send an email, we created Leadfeeder, a solution for website visitors and web analytics. Our SaaS solution, at a high level, detects the organisations that visit your website and then locates contact information from specific visitors at that particular company. You can even sync leads to your CRM and see precisely which web pages they’re visiting, enabling you to contact them or use web customization to make a sales pitch that is laser-focused on them. You may begin using Leadfeeder Tracker right now by installing it and connecting it to your Google Analytics account. Better yet, you can import Leadfeeder data to your dashboards if you enjoy using Google Data Studio.

Pricing: There is a free plan available, and monthly payments begin at $139. (Start with a 14-day free trial)

  • G2Crowd rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

2. Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

Google Analytics can be replaced with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite (PPAS), which respects privacy. It is perfect for industries like government, healthcare, or finance that deal with sensitive client data. Check it out if your company is looking for analytics software that complies with privacy regulations. The entire customer journey may be examined with PPAS spanning desktop, mobile, apps, and intranet, including post-sign-in locations.

Only a small number of platforms offer monitoring of guarded areas, and those that do adhere to the highest security guidelines. To utilise PPAS, you don’t need to be an expert. When issues emerge, they provide product training and consultation.

  • Pricing: Core account is free; get in touch for enterprise rates
  • Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5 on G2

3. Smartlook


Smartlook is a technology for tracking user behaviour that keeps track of visitors to websites, mobile apps, and games.

Both quantitative and qualitative analytics are included in Smartlook’s toolkit with powerful (and user-friendly) features. The tool allows for a great amount of visitors because you can filter records to zero in on particular events. It is now a workable solution even for large business companies thanks to the addition of a multi-user workspace and REST API.

  • Pricing: A free plan is offered.
  • Starting price of $39 per month

4. Woopra


Woopra offers website analytics based on touchpoints, such as live chat interactions or user behaviour following welcome emails. As a result, tracking and integrating data across many platforms and properties becomes simpler. Utilizing data-driven analytics, the technology monitors clients as they move through the customer experience.

Pricing: Startup Plans begin at $349 per month, with a free plan available for up to 500K actions.

5. GoSquared


Real-time tracking of website visits and campaign data points is done by GoSquared. It can display visitors’ traffic sources as well as the pages they are now browsing. This makes it simpler to divide your audience into segments and interact with customers during the entire buying process. With live chat, team inboxes, and integrated CRM, the platform also facilitates the majority of the sales process. Also check streamlikers alternatives

  • Plans begin at £9 per month.

6. FoxMetrics


This is another google analytics alternatives. FoxMetrics is a data visualisation and segmentation analytics software for digital marketing and personalisation. It makes it easier to collect, enhance, and visualise data so you can make better use of it rather than just gathering more of it. Sessions, users, page views, custom events, and more are all covered in reports.

Pricing: Paid subscriptions begin at $399 per month; free for the first 100K activities per month.

7. Mixpanel


Using a combination of A/B testing, event-tracking, and user behaviour analytics, marketing and sales teams of product-based enterprises (including virtual products) use Mixpanel to improve their sales funnel. Their interactive reporting tool makes it simple to gather information on product usage metrics and quickly create stunning reports.

  • Pricing: A free plan is offered, while monthly growth options begin at $25.

8. Heap


For their websites, mobile applications, and Cloud services, Heap was created to make it simple for people with less IT experience to access powerful analytics. All user interactions are automatically tracked, and setup is quick. When you wish to look at how a change affected your website or app, it also provides retroactive analytics.

Pricing: Free plan is offered; get in touch for paid plan costs.

Simplified Web analytics

Sometimes the basics are all that’s required for people and small enterprises. Website owners can monitor only the most important indicators with the help of tools like StatCounter and Clicky, which provide simplified Google Analytics alternatives.

9. Statcounter


Basic site analytics and metrics on web page views, sessions, site visits, and new visitors are provided by Statcounter through a user-friendly interface. For as many as 500 page views, this entry-level dashboard is free. Advanced paid services from Statcounter include reports for bounce rate, conversion rate, and paid traffic. Also check newtoki

Pricing: Free plans are offered; based on page views, paid options begin at $9 per month.

10. Clicky


An alternative to flash-based real-time analytics is Clicky. The application has a surprising number of additional capabilities, such as heat mapping and uptime monitoring, in addition to all the fundamental analytics, such as site referrers and visits. This is another google analytics alternatives.

Pricing: There is a free plan available, and monthly payments begin at $9.99.

11. Matomo


Matomo is a testing and analytics tool with a focus on privacy. A/B testing, keyword tracking, video and audio analytics, goals and campaigns, and online form audits are just a few of the features. Free on-premise hosting or a premium Cloud-based subscription service are your two options. If you host it on your servers, there is no cost.

12. Oribi


Google Analytics is intended to be replaced by Oribi, a tool. It offers trends and actionable insights in a single report. You can set up goals without adding any code, track all links and events by default, and get information on how to increase conversion rates. Plans begin at $540 per month (paid annually), with cost determined by the number of visits.

SEO Analytics

SEOanalytics tools assist you improve how your site and content rank, as opposed to analytics tools that concentrate on site traffic and behaviour. It seems natural that the tools are packed with analytics because search engine optimization is a data-heavy procedure.

13. Serpstat


Serpstat is a comprehensive SEO tool that analyses organic searches, keywords, the effectiveness of your content and your competitors’ material from an SEO perspective. Additionally, it provides competition analysis, keyword research, backlink monitoring, and on-page audits. Also check ymovies

14. SE Rankings

SE Rankings

Many of SE Ranking’s features are shared with those of Serpstat, but it is slightly less expensive. The pricing discrepancy has two basic causes. The first is the volume of data you can monitor. With Serpstat, for instance, you can audit 2.5 million pages and track 7500 keywords for $499 per month. With SE Ranking, you may audit 450 pages and track 5000 keywords for $71 each month. The second issue is that SE Ranking lacks Serpstat’s extensive keyword database. Scaling is made simpler by the tool’s availability of many personal and company plans.

15. SEMrush


Many of the capabilities that other SEO tools have are also available in SEMrush. On the brand monitoring front, it does more than merely keep track of backlinks, though. Additionally, it offers built-in advertising research to assist you in comprehending the advertising plans and budgets of your rivals. Although expensive, it provides a wealth of information.

16. Ahrefs


Ahrefs provides site owners with an analytics dashboard view of their SEO performance with domain authority, organic keywords, etc., similar to other SEO tools. The SEO software is well renowned for its huge backlink bank, thorough crawling, and keyword research capabilities.

Brand Performance Analytics

There are other places to learn about your business than your website and social media profiles. How is your brand seen by the general public? Brand performance tools can be useful in this situation. They monitor the debate surrounding your material as well as how it is disseminated.

17. Mention


Mention searches the internet for mentions of your brand or products (as well as those of your rivals). It makes thorough reports of how your business is doing online by using AI to separate out positive and negative references. Campaigns, brand awareness, and consumer interaction may all be tracked using this information. This is another google analytics alternatives.

18. Chartbeat


Chartbeat keeps track of how well your content is performing on your website, gives you real-time analytics, and enables you to monitor social media mentions. With clients including the Washington Post, ESPN, and The Atlantic, it is designed for the publishing sector.

Full marketing suites

Tools that track and make use of marketing and sales data are integrated into all-in-one suites that incorporate analytics. They frequently place a greater emphasis on consumer behaviour and leads rather than giving a complete view of your website’s or SEO success.

19. HubSpot


HubSpot can handle a lot of your marketing demands if you’re looking for a one-stop shop. Site and SEO analytics are just two of the many features offered by HubSpot’s marketing platform. From the beginning to the end of a marketing campaign’s lifespan, HubSpot offers assistance. Campaign effectiveness and conversion monitoring are two of the analytics it uses.

This is another google analytics alternatives. Pricing: They offer several free tools in addition to paid plans for their marketing platform, which start at €41/mo. Notably, HubSpot does not inform you of the companies that are viewing your website. To complete your marketing to sales funnel, add Leadfeeder to your marketing stack.

20. Optimizely


Web testing, analytics, and the ability to customise the web experience for site visitors are all included in the powerful platform Optimizely. Server-side experimentation, a comparable platform geared toward product and app developers, is another service provided by Optimizely.

21. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics

The Adobe Experience Cloud suite for enterprise-level businesses includes Adobe Analytics. Real-time user activity and campaign performance data are tracked by Adobe Analytics for your website, mobile app, and brand channels. The remaining components of the suite make use of this information to produce personalised site and campaign-level experiences, including specialised landing pages or product suggestions.

22. Fathom


Without having to rely on intrusive monitoring techniques or third-party data collecting, Fathom gives you insights into how visitors interact with your website so you can determine what is and isn’t working. This is another google analytics alternatives.

23. Plausible


You might also want to use plausible, another site analytics tool. They are enabling everyone with a website to gather and analyse their own data without worrying about it being used against them thanks to the open-source project.

24. Kissmetrics


With the help of Kissmetrics, a cutting-edge analytics platform, you can make decisions in real-time based on actual user behaviour. From visitors’ visits to your website to their interactions with your product or service, Kissmetrics allows you to track every part of your users’ experience. You can learn which marketing strategies generate the most quality leads, what types of content best appeal to your target audience, and what aspects of your product or service are generating the most revenue for your company.

25. Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics

A straightforward Google Analytics substitute is Simple Analytics. You can quickly monitor how many people are visiting your website, where they are coming from, and what they do once they get there with just one dashboard. Without placing any cookies or tracking pixels on your website, Simple Analytics maintains track of every visitor’s IP address, browser, and operating system. As a result, you receive all of the data that Google Analytics does without having to worry about your personal information being compromised or a tonne of unnecessary code making your website slower. This is another google analytics alternatives.

Where are a number of Google Analytics alternatives to try

These Google Analytics alternatives offer a wide range of data beyond what Google Analytics provides out of the box, whether you’re attempting to construct a low-cost marketing automation stack or trying to gather personalised information about who is visiting your website. Even better, many of the tools allow you to test them out without having to pay for the complete platform. Uncertain about where to begin? Make a list of the things about GA you don’t like and what you’d prefer in a replacement, then use the list above to determine which services could be most useful to you.


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