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Top 20 Best Financial Podcasts On Spotify

When trying to get rich, it’s easier to sort through many papers and reports. Financial podcasts provide in-depth knowledge of a variety of finance-related topics. They are helpful whether you are an experienced investor or a beginner seller. In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of Spotify podcasts that focus on investing and finance. Let’s learn from each other and make smart choices.

Top 20 Best Financial Podcasts On Spotify

For your financial journey, here is a list of the best podcasts on Spotify to help you understand financial ideas and strategies and get expert advice.

1. Millennial Investing – The Investor’s Podcast Network

Financial Podcasts

A well-known podcast called Millennial Investing by The Investor’s Podcast Network focuses on teaching people about financial management and investment strategies for millennials. It’s one of the best financial podcasts on Spotify. The hosts welcome business leaders and discuss entrepreneurship, stock market investing, and basic money management. Listening to this show gives you good ideas for getting rich, handling your money, and becoming financially independent. This could be one of the best financial podcasts for investing, whether you are an experienced investor looking to learn about investment choices or a beginner who wants to welcome multiple income sources.

2. Financial Feminist

Financial Podcasts

Dunlap is a businessman and business owner who made the Financial Feminist show to support equality between men and women in personal finance and the economy. You can feel “financially confident in a world run by rich white men” when she tells women how to make more money. Through solo shows and interviews with guests, this podcast aims to support equal access to financial resources and opportunities and question male norms, such as the pay gap between men and women, unpaid work, and other differences in money.

3. The Disciplined Investor

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Financial Advisor and Author Andrew Horowitz thoroughly studies the market and anticipated changes. Topics like finance, stocks, market trends, and investment trends are also included here. The host also delves into investment principles, portfolio management, funding, and risk management in detail. They equip listeners, whether seasoned investors or newbies, to make wise financial choices and plan strict investing strategies.

4. The Rich Dad Radio Show

Financial Podcasts

It is highly unlikely that you have not read Rich Dad Poor Dad if you enjoy reading books about finance or self-help. The show, which the best-selling author of this book hosts, offers talks and in-depth views based on Kiyosaki’s experience with personal finance, investment, economics, entrepreneurship, and other market-related topics. Thus, it is one of the best financial podcasts on Spotify. Financial knowledge is very important. This investment-focused podcast stands out because it focuses on financial education and money management strategies, as well as the presence of experts who offer helpful advice on achieving financial independence and wealth creation through investments like real estate investing, stock market investing, and business development.

5. So Money

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“Excellent” is not enough to describe So Money by Farnoosh Torabi. The New York Times and other well-known magazines, like Time, have named this one of the best financial podcasts on Spotify, the best podcast of all time. In addition to several other books on money management, Farnoosh is the author of “When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women.” The podcast, downloaded over 25 million times so far, focuses on motivational money management strategies and stories from business owners, best-selling authors, and financial experts. It stores knowledge about investments, budgeting, saving, getting rich, cryptocurrency, and its effects. It is a must-listen for anyone looking to start a financial journey and improve their skills.

6. We Study Billionaires

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Over 100 million people have downloaded We Study Billionaires, making it one of the most popular financial podcasts on Spotify. It explores the world of investors and business owners who are extremely rich. They look into the lives of billionaires like Ray Dalio, Howard Marks, Warren Buffett, and Charlie Munger and talk to them. They also discuss stock management, financial trends, investment strategies, and concepts. Stock investing, value investing, real estate investing, trend investing, and commodities investing are additional topics covered. Bitcoin Fundamentals looks at how bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, and blockchains work in business. This podcast provides listeners with fresh ideas, concepts, real-world examples, and useful advice to enhance their understanding of the new financial markets.

7. The Smart Passive Income

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The Smart Passive Income podcast focuses on individuals who want to ditch their 9-to-5 jobs and start their businesses as a program that fosters the seeds of entrepreneurship. Flynn, who has started several successful online businesses since 2008, shares strategies for starting an online business, working from home and making passive income. In interviews and solo shows, he talks about what he has learned, how to become an online expert, and how to do well in email marketing, content marketing, and partner marketing. He also talks about how to hire people, build a team, and get visitors from search engines, social media, and other sources. As a businessperson who works from home, this is one of the best financial podcasts on Spotify to help you.

8. Ditch the Suits

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It’s all in the slogan: Start getting more out of your life and money. Ditch the Suits is a show exploring the business and entrepreneurship world. They indeed talk about how the finance industry works. They talk about current economic events, investments, retirement plans, and tax management openly and honestly. Also, they give straightforward financial planning, investments, and tax management advice. This financial show is ideal for Spotify listeners who want to start their own business and are looking for ideas, strategies, and motivation.

9. The Fairer Cents

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It delves into problems like the pay gap between men and women, the wealth gap between races, and systemic hurdles between different groups of people while slapping away sexism. The Fairer Cents show takes you on a trip through two ways of handling money: retiring early and starting your own business. The difficulties faced by women and other underrepresented groups in finance are the main focus of their investigation into personal finances, investing, and pay. In it, they talk about how big social structures and systems affect the financial industry and urge them to eliminate unfair systems and work toward gender equality.

10. Invest Like the Best

Financial Podcasts

Invest Like the Best delves into the lives of some of the world’s best investors and business leaders. They talk about their ideas, experiences with the stock market and investment, and workplace viewpoints. Each episode features knowledgeable professionals who educate listeners on various topics, including venture capital, private equity, bitcoin, hedge funds, behavioral finance, and public markets. Listening to this program lets you learn from the most knowledgeable about investment strategies. You will also find new investment possibilities.

11. Odd Lots

Odd When you trade, “lots” are orders that aren’t the usual size, usually less than 100 shares or not a multiple of 100. This show, hosted by a pair of journalists from Bloomberg, explores the worlds of finance, economics, business, and the stock market. The hosts get down to business with experts and insiders to get a deep look at current events and trends and how the global economy and financial and investment markets work. This podcast is one of the best financial podcasts about the stock market on Spotify because it covers a broad range of fields in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

12. The Stacking Benjamins Show

The Stacking Benjamins Show is a show that is funny, unprofessional, lighthearted, and friendly while providing a sea of knowledge. They think that people can learn about money without having to stress out. There are funny lines at the show’s beginning, like “broadcasting live from Joe’s mom’s basement.” The show’s fun comes hand in hand with a wide range of business and financial topics split into multiple parts of 10 to 15 minutes, earning it the title of Best Personal Finance Podcast from and recognition from Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Fast Company. The show also interviews writers, business and finance experts, and well-known people.

13. Afford Anything

A long time ago, did you want to buy something? But every time you finally decide to buy it, you can’t because of money problems. People say that you can afford some things but not all of them. On Afford Anything, financial experts, teachers, researchers, scientists, and writers discuss and respond to personal finance, entrepreneurship, real estate investment, financial freedom, and personal growth questions. Paula teaches people how to take charge of their financial future and make better choices with their money, time, and energy allocation. She also tells listeners to build wealth and make silent income streams.

14. The Ramsey Show

The Dave Ramsey Show has helped many people and families get out of debt and become financially free and secure. This show, which has millions of daily listeners, is one of the most awaited financial podcasts on Spotify. It discusses various topics, including finances, budgets, saves, investments, retirement planning, wealth management, and debt management. In addition, Dave tells his listeners to get rid of their bills and supports a cash-based budgeting system, good money management, not spending too much, and staying on track with their finances.

15. How to Money

The How to Money show offers knowledge, useful tools, and impartial, practical advice on money management, debt repayment, and do-it-yourself investing to help the average person build wealth. The hosts also talk about real-life events and show how they used financial ideas and strategies they made. Financial managers, investment advisers, and tax pros are among the experts interviewed in finance and learning.

16. Choose FI

You can get the Choose FI (Financial Independence) podcast here. It’s about getting rich and retiring early! The show is set up like an interview, and the hosts discuss economic and financial issues. They also talk about becoming financially independent, building passive income streams through online businesses, eliminating bills and responsibilities, and being free to travel the world.

17. Money Guy Show

The Money Guy Show is put together by financial planners, experts, and wealth managers. Brian is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Public Accountant. Hanson is the same thing but different. With their knowledgeable and helpful content, the hosts help listeners make important financial choices that will help them manage their money and reach their financial goals. They also help listeners close to retirement and those just getting started with their finances by making long-term plans and building a strong financial base.

18. The Clark Howard Podcast

The Clark Howard Podcast, whose tagline is “Save more and spend less,” discusses personal finance goals and provides advice on budgeting and saving, consumer protection, credit management, and retirement planning to assist everyone in achieving financial freedom. They focus on business and customer topics like how to buy a car, finance a home, and pick an insurance plan after interviewing experts in the fields. The show that more than a million people listen to every month is a good resource for anyone wanting to learn more about money and make better decisions.

19. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I Will Teach You To Be Rich is a great podcast hosted by the author of the same-titled book. It’s all about learning from real-life, unfiltered stories. For example, one episode is about a couple already $400,000 in debt and can’t say no to their kids. Another is about how a YouTuber’s $450,000-a-year salary affects her relationship. Sethi helps you understand the psychology behind money and gives you an unusual way of thinking about it, like spending a lot on things you love and not spending much on things you don’t. You’ll learn many more ideas like these by listening to his show.

20. Bankless

The Bankless Podcast explores how banking and finance will change in the years to come. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and its protocols, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain technology, crypto finance and coins, token economics, decentralized apps (dApps), investing, and trade are some of the areas where the hosts hunt and educate at an in-depth level. This podcast is intended to educate listeners straight from the experts about how the crypto environment is changing and how it might affect conventional financial systems. If you’re interested in learning about the changing nature of finance, this is one of the best financial podcasts on Spotify.

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The money market changes all the time, and learning never ends. These financial podcasts on Spotify about money serve a purpose and educate people about money. We hope you like what we chose. Leave the name of your favorite financial podcasts on Spotify in the comments if you think we missed it. Thanks a lot.


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